Social Work On Interpersonal Communication Essay

Social Work On Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Social Work in Interpersonal Communication
Social work is a profession full of great, ambitious, caring people that help others with individual problems and community-wide. Social workers are highly trained and experienced professionals. Only people who have obtained a bachelor 's, master’s or doctorate degree and completed a certain amount of hours in the field of social work are considered actual professional social workers. Social workers help individuals, families, or groups bring back or build up their social skills and work to create better social environments. (National Association of Social Workers) Social workers are effective in using interpersonal skills in the workplace and when working with clients in many ways because they are trained to communicate with others in professional settings with care and consideration of the client.
Communication Skills: Social workers spend a vast majority of their time communicating in many different ways and styles with many diverse groups of people. It is of the utmost importance to be clear and transparent about what services social workers can provide when working in this field. This means telling clients what is possible and what it not, even though the client may not enjoy or appreciate what the social worker has to say. Telling clients you cannot do something or it is impossible can be hard because social workers have grown to care about their client and only want to do what is best for them. Social workers will be required to provide accurate and detailed reports of all meetings and transgressions with clients. (Simmons)
Verbal Communication: Verbal communication is not just about what is said, but about how it is said. When talking with clients social workers are always aware ...

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...s, organizations, and communities.” If social workers did not involve the people in the client 's life or even the one they are having problems with the client 's case may never get solved. Human relationship is important in any respect. It is a social worker’s job to get clients relationships back on track.
In order to be a successful and professional social worker interpersonal skills are a necessity, such as general communication, active listening, problem-solving, self-awareness, organization, respect of diversity and most importantly an understanding of human relationships. Social workers are vital to people getting back on their feet, so without them many woukld be lost as to how to deal with certain problems or situations. The takeaway of this essay is that without social workers who would help people gain the social skills to function in mainstream society?

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