Social, Sexual, And Sexual Behavior Essay

Social, Sexual, And Sexual Behavior Essay

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Social and sexual relationships are fundamentally essential to human life. The myth whether or not older people are rarely sexual or rarely engage in sexual behavior is more of a myth. Every human being on earth is unique, and people experience similarities in life, but overall people age differently. Men and women have varying sexual behaviors and with age, the need and want for coitus decreases, but intimacy is still present. There are several factors that go into how sexual active an older person is. It is impossible to make a generalized statement to the large senior age group about sexual behavior. There is a need for more scientific research on elderly sexual relationships to further show the role sexual behavior plays in life. In assisted living faculties and nursing homes, elderly people can still engage in sexual activities, although, it is critical to take into account one’s current mental and emotional state. Internally and externally the human body is always changing, and the more a person ages, the more changes they will see.

As time goes on, women have lower levels of estrogen and progestin as they age. During menopause, a woman’s ovaries age which causes them to be less receptive to pituitary hormones. Menopause also has some negative side effects varying from woman to woman. Vaginal dryness, lessened elasticity, and a drop in estrogen levels have a direct impact in how sexually active a woman is compared to her sexual activity levels as a twenty-year-old. The vagina also becomes less acidic as a women ages, therefore, makes them prone to more infections as opposed to when they are younger. Aging does not necessarily mean old people do not engage in sexual behavior. Instead, there are more road blocks which can res...

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...mpossible. Instead, sexuality in the elderly age group varies from age, gender, health status, and physical wellness. Aging can look and feel differently from person to person. Internally, changes take place that affect how pleasurable sexual activity is and how often it can take place. Sexual behavior in the elderly is a controversial subject, especially when it comes to nursing homes and retirement living facilities. Mental capabilities can be compromised when someone has a mental illness like dementia or Alzheimer which has a direct effect on whether or not someone is able to give consent. As time goes on, researchers and scientists are realizing the lack in knowledge about the elderly population. Even with the shortage of research and evidence, there is enough to show that the elderly age group continue to engage in sexual behaviors even as their age progresses.

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