The Social Networking Sites ( Snss ) Essay

The Social Networking Sites ( Snss ) Essay

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Social networking sites (SNSs) have become a huge phenomenon of the 21st century, which is especially popular among young people. During the last decade, SNSs have evolved into platforms with practically an unlimited number of uses, including socialisation, sharing, collaboration, networking, and education. Although all of these uses interrelate in many ways, I will focus mainly on the most recent and global use of SNSs, which can be stated as “educational purposes” (Celik, Yurt, & Sahin, 2015, p. 899). However, there are not much research on that particular topic of the use of the most prominent SNSs, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, or Vkontakte, in education in general. I find it highly necessary to bring up this issue in the context of higher education because in recent times universities worldwide have been teaching a generation of digital students, who are completely comfortable with emerging technologies. Therefore, the old educational methods can be no longer reliable and productive in a fast-changing world. Based on the above, I do believe I can engage in the academic discussion as a master’s student majoring in Digital Learning, who has been using SNSs for educational purposes for the last five years. I understand the importance and future possibilities of SNSs in higher education and I am keen to analyse this particular teaching-learning process comprehensively.
In my essay, firstly, I will define social networking sites (SNSs) as a modern educational tool and gather the main academic insights on its successful adoption around the world. Secondly, I will critically analyse the limitations derived from recent available research. And finally, I will conclude by providing critical expectation on...

... middle of paper ...

...lementation of Twitter in educational contexts (Evans, 2014). Although the author employs the quantitative method which, in my opinion, could be a questionable approach, I do recognise the solid ground for Twitter usage to have a positive impact on students’ general engagement. It is interesting to note that Evans (2014) proposes twitting to be strictly professional with no interpersonal relationships between the students and their tutors. My question is the following: How could he prove it to be the case without the evidential base, such as the evaluation of quality and meaningfulness of tweets? At any hand, according to my research, this is the highest number of participating students in a sample so far; therefore, these findings may remain primal towards Twitter usability in higher education unless a bigger sample with other reliable approaches proves it wrong.

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