The Influence of Internet and Children

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Internet and Children

The invention of the Internet has been dated back to the late 1950’s to the 1970s. Decades later the invention of the Internet would revolutionize education and how we use it not just in The United States, but also the world. “Findings indicated that children who used the Internet more had higher scores on standardized tests of reading achievement and higher grade point averages 6 months, 1 year, and 16 months later than did children who used the Internet less”(Internet Use and Child Development). As a child growing up in the 21st century it’s a blessing and a privilege to be able to have access to the Internet. The Internet provides a great variety of information and vital communicating tool. The Internet is beneficial to children across the world and will continue to be for generations.

The Internet is an access to an effective reality, which adapts to the way learning is achieved. It promotes individual learning for the user to explore and research within an environment consisting a variety of information. “More than 50% of the students believe that the Internet has a special learning role.” (The Contribution Of The Internet into Learning). The roles the 50% of students see the Internet does for there learning are, improving academic performance, increases their motivation to learn, enhances critical thinking, and fulfill learners’ interests and needs more essentially and effectively than existed educational system. Learners aren’t passive receivers of information but yet active explorers. They are constantly involved in learning process due to the effective reality requiring the use of learner’s emotional, social, and intellectual abilitie...

... middle of paper ... at its last need for accompanying measures introduce children to the Internet and computers. All these measure must be on going, targeting current users, focusing on the newer users, and consider chancing the faces of the Internet in a positive manner.

All in all, the Internet is beneficial to our youth in today’s society. The children are able to grasp information faster, seek satisfaction, get advice, get help for their schoolwork and enjoy watching movies online. The Internet can will continue to be safe for children to continue to enjoy the usage of the Internet for years to come. With the way technology is going the next generation of children will have it easier to access the Internet than young children of this generation.
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