Social Media And Child Welfare Organizations Essay

Social Media And Child Welfare Organizations Essay

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Group and Recruit Members
First, this group will consist of at least five members and no more than fifteen members or else it will become too impersonal. Different ways to announce this group will be to use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, announce on The Lighthouses’ website (the sponsored agency), and varies adoption blogs. Another way to get the word out about this group is through the use of referrals. Networking with local adoption agencies, child welfare organizations, school counselors, other social work coworkers, acquaintances or past classmates to let them know about the group, its purposes, and to encourage to spread the word themselves. I will also create brochures, flyers, and business cards to give to community businesses in the Kansas City area such as doctors’ offices, libraries, hospitals, high schools, recreational centers, malls, movie theaters, dentist offices, preschools, churches etc. It is important to think of young women and where they would go for fun or daily activities they might enjoy or have to go to, for example the doctors. Another way to annou...

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