Social Inequality And Gender Inequality Essay

Social Inequality And Gender Inequality Essay

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some credits requirements, I have always wanted to further inform and educate myself on social inequality. One branch of social inequality that was always vibrant in my life was when it came to employment. As much as our society believes and fights for gender inequality and fairness, it is still an issue that has yet to be resolved or disappear. This being said, how come only the inequalities are heavily leaning towards the female gender? What opportunities or education are women being held back in?
One of the popular common environments with inequality is said to be that any job that is dominated by men. This sort of environment creates rife with frat boy nepotism where women are sometimes not taken as seriously. Frat boy nepotism in the sense that in this situation, males within themselves are given preferential treatment, favoritism based upon their relationship, their “manly relationship” for lack of a better word rather than an objective evaluation of ability. Another domain with employment inequality is the front lines. Some women aren’t allowed to fight on the front lines in some countries. Levels of inequality and issues arising from these have been the subject of much research.
Before engaging in this discussion of employment inequality, the origins must be understood. During earlier days, people were all sharing a common social standing but as the world evolved, society became more and more complex and the male gender was seen to be elevating higher than the female gender. Before modern days, men hunted while women stayed at home and took care of the housework. As societies evolved and things changed, the division of labour took place leading to job specialization and stratification. People began to value certain job...

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...time at home. Most fathers, in contrast, manage to go through parenthood without needing any time off or any harm to their careers.
Another reason leading to gender inequality in the employment field is often the one mostly overheard in offices: “women are not the primary bread winner and the men are therefore men deserve the higher pay rate not the women”. However, what if the woman is a single mother or divorced or simply an independent woman hoping to pay her bills with that job. These situations are sometimes not taken into consideration when pay rates are decided in such fields. These gender wage gaps are not about men choosing to work more than women, comparing men and women who all work full time, men nearly always earn more than women. Studies have shown that it has close to nothing to do with average differential occupational choices between men and women.

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