Social Class, Social Mobility And Education Essay

Social Class, Social Mobility And Education Essay

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Before we attempt to discuss the link between social class, social mobility and education, it is important to remind ourselves what it is we mean by each of them. With social mobility we mean that a lower class has the opportunity to “…move up the social ladder” (Allen, 2013) to a higher class. Then with social class it can be seen to mean the different opportunities available to different types of people (Davidson, 2011), which can also be seen to mean the division of society based on social and economic status (Business, 2015). Education can have different meanings for different people, for teachers it is about the intrinsic value, but students and their parents may feel it is to ready them for life and for the pursuit of their chosen career (Allen, 2013).
When discussing social class, it can be wondered whether we are stuck within the class we are in or if there is a freeness for social mobility. This can be a tricky question to answer, especially when you bring education into the picture; this is because children of different social classes can and are able to receive different type of education –at the same levels. A hypothesis by CTC asked for, “…social backgrounds and other characteristic of the selected children.” (Halpin and Troyna, 1994) This helps inform us that schools are looking for certain types of social classes, however they also ask for characteristics so that they can look for potential candidates of social mobility. For instance, a child from a working class – or even middle class family, will attend state run schools, however those of middle class are more likely to attend grammar schools than that of working class, as they will have access to education and tutoring outside of school. Additionally, children of...

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...ools and have an impact in order to raise attainment standards through the use of the curriculum, attainment targets, tests and examinations and finally Ofsted inspections. This therefore shows the Labour government’s involvement within schools and their attainment, but also indicates that attainment is a big issue within schools and therefore can have an impact on social class and social mobility.
Regardless of the social class of a family, this class will always have an influence on the dynamics of the home, however social institutions such as schools – on all levels, speculate that they are indifferent to any membership of class; this because schools base their students into classes of ability rather than social class which is what most sociologists say as they tend to fail to find proof that schools discriminate against class within their practices (Lareau, 1989).

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