Essay On Australia A Classless Society

The myth that Australia is a classless society is still, till this day, circulating. With education opportunities differing, depending on your status in society and socioeconomic background, not all Australians share the same opportunity of education. Whether being a middle class citizen or an “elite” or from working class, all education opportunities offered, will be influenced by your financial status and hierarchy in society.
“As a child who had dropped in from a parallel universe of purchased educational opportunity and order, I had no idea why such difference existed, nor of its consequences” (Ford 2012). Wealth and status play a major role in power and with power comes great opportunities. For example; a family that comes from a rural or remote area, will not have the same resources as one who lives in a more suburban area, where resources are in arms reach. Someone who lives in rural areas,
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Schools in all regions differ from one another, from lack of resources to the level of education being received “You swim like a public school boy” (Arvanitakis 2009). Education opportunities are provided to schools from certain areas and status in society, and those who are privileged and wealthy tend to go the best schooling and receive the best education due to their parents or families wealth. This determines where the child would receive schooling and what type. The wealthier Australians use their wealth to their advantage and know they have the power to choose whatever school they desire. “If your parents could afford to send you to a private school – which are much better funded than poorer public schools – chances are that you would have access to better resources than at a public school” (Arvanitakis 2009). Status and schooling can determine your outcome and status in society and without wealth, you can be deprived of proper
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