Social Aspects Of Orang Asli And Kadazan People Essay

Social Aspects Of Orang Asli And Kadazan People Essay

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In this section of the document, the challenges faced in social aspects of Orang Asli and Kadazan people will be elaborated. The sub-aspects that will be explained in detail are the challenges in education, technology, and modernization of the two groups of indigenous people.
3.1. Social Challenges of Orang Asli
Below are the list of challenges in the social aspect of Orang Asli, divided into different sub-sections such as challenges in education, challenges in technology, and challenges in modernization. Each sub-section will further be divided and elaborated as needed.
3.1.1. Challenges in Education
Education is one of the crucial components for people to stay out of poverty, especially for the Orang Asli community in Malaysia. The problem is that the children of Orang Asli are left behind in terms of literacy and other academic matters. In addition to it, the dropout rate of the Orang Asli students is also relatively high. In order to decrease the dropout rate of Orang Asli children and increase their level of literacy, many policies have been implemented. For example, allowances, transportation, and accommodation are provided to the Orang Asli students.
Table 1: Enrollment of Orang Asli Students, 2000 - 2006
(Source: JHEOA, 2007)
Nevertheless, there are many issues and challenges regarding the education matter. Below are some of the most limiting problems and challenges which the community are facing for their academic lives.
Lack of Basic Necessities
The Orang Asli children are not able to afford a high performance in ...

... middle of paper ...

...institutions, working for think-tank companies, and becoming leaders for different types of organizations. Education is not a problem for the natives in Sabah and Sarawak, especially for Kadazan community.
As their economic rights are as strong as those of Malay people, the Kadazan community is able to sustain their own families with enough income. Being able to sustain their own families means that they have more time and resources left to spend on different new technologies from urban society. Access to information becomes significantly easier because of the adoption rate on internet.
Modernization has also affected the Kadazan community, as the fast and easy access to information exposes the people with concepts and lifestyles from different countries around the world, including those coming from developed countries such as United States of America and England.

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