The Reformation

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The Reformation Religion played a very crucial part in education both in the conduct of the institutions and in the curriculum. Bible reading and prayer remained a major part of school well into the national period, when control of education was drifting away from sectarian authorities. A debate was brought to local school boards by modern American delegate authorities, so the government allowed private individuals and residues groups to establish schools of their own. This happened because the government failed to support schools with tax revenues. Because of the governments failure numerous religious sects demanded the freedom to educate their children in their own way. The desire for greater religious freedom was contributed to the separation of church and state. This argument of the separation of church and state has been going on for quite some time. Early efforts to reform the church started in the 1300's at Oxford University. John Wycliff stirred up controversy in teaching the freedom of religious conscience of the individual believer, who stood in faith directly before God in 1370. Wycliff's followers, contemptuously called "Lollards," preached reform in England. Also, Wycliff's movement made much of the bible available to the masses in its English translation from the Vulgate. This gave the people a more personal relationship with God because they could educate themselves by reading the word. The church did not like this nor did they like Wycliff's movement. Wycliff's Lollard movement was eventually suppressed but so was the intellectual ferment of Oxford University where his teachings had been widely accepted. In 1409 the institutional church was trying to unify a... ... middle of paper ... ...nowball affect and truly inspired many to follow in his footsteps. His strong beliefs in education, and in a right to have a personal relationship with God inspired others to think for themselves. This movement was the start of education as we know it today. If it wasn't for the Reformation the church would have stayed in power, and the only education we would have known would have been a false one. Education has come along way. Boys and girls of all races, cultures and status have the opportunity of a full education. Education is no longer just for the elite. Scholarships, Pell, Tap, and loans are now some ways that help to provide a means for those who cannot afford to pay on their own. These aids are making it easier and more attainable for people of all walks of life to get an education. This movement cleared the path for a promising future.
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