Social And Cultural Factors Affecting Individual Lives Essays

Social And Cultural Factors Affecting Individual Lives Essays

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Having a sound knowledge and awareness on the impact of social and cultural variables is imperative for understanding the complexities surrounding human behaviors. Culture, which is primarily used to refer to the way of life of a people, inevitably influences individuals’ lives through language, dress, food, worldviews, institutions, art, material objects, beliefs, values, and attitudes. Similarly, social issues affecting individual lives may be influenced by economic, political, and environmental factors. Accordingly, as a mental health professional I believe it is essential for to develop an awareness of all the intricate factors which may have an invariable effect on the individuals I work with and will assist me in developing appropriate approaches for helping them understand and cope with their psychological distress. Social and cultural factors ultimately impacts the way individuals view and respond to the counseling process as well. In the paragraphs that follow, I will review academic work I have completed during my 2 year Masters in counseling psychology program to address the competency at hand.
In my Critical annotation of the book, “Counseling for Social Justice (2nd ed.)” I reflected on social justice and counseling ethics. Individuals of lower socioeconomic status experience higher rates of morbidity and mortality in almost all disease categories when compared to those of higher socioeconomic status. It is largely thought that being poor may increase individuals’ psychological distress which in itself may affect their earning potential, thus increasing their ability to remain in their impoverished state. Symptoms of oppositional defiant and conduct disorder have been found to be positively correlated to higher level...

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...ciousness are thought to play an essential role.
Similarly, in my Scholarly paper entitled “The importance of multicultural competencies in the delivery of effective counseling services” I discussed the characteristics described as being essential for being culturally competent “in order to effectively and ethically work with different cultural groups” (Castillo, Brossart, Reyes, Conoley & Phoummarath, 2007). Firstly, beliefs and attitudes infer the counselor’s ability to move beyond cultural unawareness for safeguarding that their personal biases, values or problems will not affect their ability to work with culturally diverse clients (Corey, 2013). In the same way, culturally skilled counselors are cognizant of the fact that “cultural self-awareness and sensitivity to one’s own cultural heritage” plays an integral role in the helping process (Corey, 2013, p. 25).

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