Essay On Social Justice Advocacy

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Social justice advocacy has served as organized efforts with the intended purpose to encourage public attitudes, form strategies, laws to create a more socially just society, led by the vision of human rights. The main purpose for these efforts is to provide awareness of socio-economic inequalities, protection of social rights, as well as racial identity, experiences of oppression and spiritualty. Social justice advocacy and social justice counseling play a very important role in today’s society and are mutually being utilized in the counseling world. Activism will always be needed and has been perceived to be one of the most powerful tools for initiating social change. What movements can we do to change the world and make a difference?…show more content…
(Hays & Erford, 2014 p 59). In the counseling world in order to effectively work with clients from diverse background and cultures, it is important to provide a culturally safe environment and promote equality to all persons. Our main focus should be those that have already experienced discrimination due to their race/ethnicity, gender, age or economic status. Our efforts and “Beliefs that all people should have the right to equitable treatment and fair allocation of societal resources, the goal of social justice counseling is to establish an equal distribution of power and resources through advocacy to ensure that all people have the tools and resources for a “good life.” (Hays & Erford, 2014 p 59). The Multicultural and social justice counseling competencies (MSJCC) has implemented and created several competencies useful for the counseling profession. These competencies work as the foundation for something positive if properly implemented. It allows the counselor to address issues of power, privilege, and oppression and how each day the client is faced with a variety of worries that require the counselor to intervene and recommend the proper interventions needed in order for the client to move…show more content…
By practicing social advocacy and supporting change we have the opportunity to influence social policy, especially within our government and help promote equality, social justice, and ultimately end social injustice. Advocacy gives people the opportunity to learn and become more aware of their own rights and the opportunity to exercise those rights and have a voice on decision that concern their lives. In conclusion, social advocacy and social justice counseling and social injustice will always be related. Advocacy promotes change, change will always be needed for the purpose of eliminating social injustice. Social justice counseling will always fight towards a fair distribution of resources for those that are disadvantaged and deserve fair treatment. Everyone matters and deserves equitable treatment and social
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