Small Businesses And Large Businesses Essay

Small Businesses And Large Businesses Essay

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Although small businesses do not make a lot of major deals with large investors, most small businesses create profit revenue greater than large corporations. Small business creators are very brave considering only ten percent of small businesses survive. Unfortunately, some communities do not support local small businesses; they only support the large brand name and force small businesses to die out. Since small businesses will not have a name brand known around the world, many people from communities will not support them because they are not known on a national scale. “This, in turn will affect the local economy and drive capital out of their local economy. On average, for every one hundred dollars spent in an economy, if spent on a small business within a community, sixty five to seventy of those dollars are returned to the community. On the other end of the spectrum, when one hundred dollars is spent at a large corporation, since they have a national scale the money has to go through, only forty to forty five of those dollars are returned to the community in which they were spent” (Grenek Interview). If you want a community to survive, small businesses are to be supported. Likewise, if you want small businesses in your community to protect your economy, the government and banks should make it easier for small businesses to begin and take a risk on a business just as the person is willing to take the risk on the small business. Small businesses should be focused on to develop in all markets since they employ most of the job market, create most of the revenue for local and global economies and can adapt quickly to any market they are located in.
Since olden times, Americans have visualized small business as an equalizi...

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...firms” (Zoltan 41). Small businesses have a greater rate of adaptability and it is because of how the financing is setup and how quickly they can hire new employees.
Small businesses are very important to local and global economies throughout the world. “A small business is any establishment with less than 250 employees in the United States” (Blackford 1). Small businesses began in the United States and began to expand east and have now made it globally as a way to produce revenue for any area. The world needs to support more local small businesses if it wants the economy to become more stable. Small businesses are the most important to any economy because they provide most of the employment of the job force, create the most revenue for the local and global economies of the world and they can adapt quickly to help aid the company and area financially as needed.

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