Essay on The Slavery Of The Slave Trade

Essay on The Slavery Of The Slave Trade

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Before Catwoman, Nubia, Storm, and Vixen, there was Torchy Brown, Patty-Jo ‘N’ Ginger, and Candy that displayed Black femininity in the comic world. Historically, caricatures showed Black female bodies as slaves, whipped, hung, and sold. These caricatures fabricated a racial and sexual stereotype of Black women, while other images drew awareness of a bias attitude. In 1792, Scottish cartoonist Isaac Cruikshank drew The Abolition of the Slave Trade illustrating a nude African female slave being pulled up by a rope on a pulley by her ankle as her bare-breasted body and buttocks holstered up in the air exposing her private parts because she refused to dance for the ship’s captain John Kimber. The illustration depicts a female slave holding her face in agony, shame, and fear as she awaits her inevitable plight. The ship’s captain is smiling with a whip in his hand, while three more female slaves are sitting on the other side of the ship watching the fate of the hanging African woman. This illustration is reportedly an anti-slave trade cartoon showing the humiliation and racial discrimination against African women on a slave ship. This essay will expand upon the racial, gender, and sexual issue of comics; it also provides an understanding of the idea of the mythical Africa.
Early European travelogues of Englishman Richard Ligon describes mythical African women with monstrous laboring beasts, unwomanly, savagery of blackness and seductive (Morgan, 1997). Cartoon conglomerates such as Warner Brothers and Universal Studios has continued depict the Black woman as beastly in the 1940’s cartoons, Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs, Goldilocks and the Jivin’ Bears, and Scub me Mama with a Boogie Beat. These cartoons characterized Black wom...

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...her to create these characters of Black women?
In order to understand how Ormes challenged sexism, racism, and social change, I have found it necessary to explore Critical Race Feminism (CRF) to interpret Ormes’ artwork. Critical Race Feminism explores the Black female perspectives not focused in the Black male’s critical race theory or the White feminist theory (Berry, 2010). In other words, I will examine how did Ormes’ characters transcend the misrepresented and misunderstood images of Black women that were fabricated by the white society? My hope is that this essay will open the dialogue about the intersectionality of race, gender, and sexuality in the comic field (Crenshaw, 1997). So, how is Jackie Ormes? More importantly, what influence a Black girl who grew up under Jim Crow laws to create black female characters and become the first Black female cartoonists?

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