Sixteen Will Get You Twenty Essay

Sixteen Will Get You Twenty Essay

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What is the meaning of the word relationship? Relationship is simply defined as a bond or a connection people have between each other, whether it is emotional or professional. They come in many different forms such as teacher-student relationships, best friends, lovers, etc. Although, all relationships have not been accepted into society by everyone. There are certain relationships that are considered morally wrong by citizens and the government. For example, gay marriages and sexual relationships between an adult and a minor are forbidden by law in certain places. Statutory rape laws are discriminatory to boys and patronizing to girls because the men who violate these laws sometimes receive extreme or excessive punishments from the courts, are portrayed as predators of young women, and the girls are looked at as weak and incapable of consenting to sex.
When someone who is eighteen years or older has sexual intercourse with a minor it is considered rape regardless to if the sex is consensual or not. In most cases, but not all, the male is the adult and the female is the minor. In different places, the law varies. For instance, in some counties, if the difference in age is not at least five years, the court will not even bring the case to trial. But all of the laws everywhere are bias towards men. There is even a saying that says “sixteen will get you twenty.” “Sixteen” is the age of the girl, and “twenty” represents the amount of years a man would be sentenced to serve in jail if he was to have sexual intercourse with her.
Most states require that anyone convicted of a sex crime must register as a sexual offender in the National Sex Offender Registry. Registering in the sex offender registry could potentially be detrimental to...

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...he “victims” of these rapes, should not all be looked upon as weak and helpless because, in a lot of cases, the sex is consensual.

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