Statutory Rape Essay

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Statutory Rape Laws Even though it is not possible for someone other than the two people who were in the situation to know what really happened, the penalties for statutory rape should be dependent upon the individual case because it would protect the kids’ futures and help keep a balance between the serious and the less invasive crimes. In the United States 1.3 women are raped every minute, 78 rapes each hour, 1,872 rapes each day, and the total devastating, number of 683,280 rapes each year. This crime is being committed throughout the country with only few penalties. The fact that only 16% of rapes are reported to the police is a contradiction to whether the crime ended in death. The consequences should differ depending how the vicum turned out to be. The ending result could be that it was consensual with the influence of alcohol, or it could end in death from the vicum, even if one of the two people were to be charged with the crime it should be decided on both people involved. ( The definition of Statutory Rape; sexual intercourse by an adult with a per...

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