The Six Box Organizational Model Essay

The Six Box Organizational Model Essay

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An organization is set up to generate the results and behaviors that it is currently producing in order to change the unwanted behavior or results management must make changes to the organization’s system. To properly evaluate the Fleet department, management will need to utilize systems theory by individually examining all subsystems include personnel, department structure, equipment etc. while establishing how each component affects the department or system as a whole (Caldwell, 2012). We will also be using the six box organizational model that was created by Marvin Weisord. The Six Box Organizational Model contains six-variables they include purpose, structure, rewards, helpful mechanisms, relationships and leadership (Stahl, 1997). The first step in the six-box model is purpose, which is referring to what the business does or produces (Burke, 1992). For Entergy the purpose is to keep the lights on for the fleet department it is to keep the trucks and equipment, safe and operational. This is actually a problem that Fleet encounters because we continue to hire clerical personnel, but we are not adding to our mechanical work force even as their workload has doubled. The second step in the six box organizational model is structure, which is referring to how the work is divided up (Palmer, Dunford, & Akin, 2009). This is a major problem for fleet beginning with the way the organizational chart is set up, the way work is divided up and assigned, and people being in positions that do not correspond with their skill level or knowledge. These are only a few of the structural issues that Fleet is facing and due to the length of this paper only a small portion of the organizational chart will be covered in this paper. The third...

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...el I leader it has caused employees to feel dissatisfaction, anxiety and has produced a higher stress level in employees (Clawson, 2012).
The last step in the diagnosis of the problem is to test the organization and see how ready they are for change. This can easily be done by having them complete a simple survey by Andrea Sodano called Readiness to change Checklist (Palmer et al., 2009). This type of readiness for change is important because it provides a clear indicator of the possible outcome of the change and allows Entergy to identify key areas where further action may be needed (Palmer et al., 2009). It is important to perform this step so that you can determine whether the department is ready for change and if they are not ready, it allows management to make the necessary adjustments so that they will be ready when the implementation of the change is begun.

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