Single Sex Schooling Education And Its Counterpart Co Educational Schooling

Single Sex Schooling Education And Its Counterpart Co Educational Schooling

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Single-sex schooling education, and its counterpart co-educational schooling education, are two types of educational setting where male and female students attend either separate-gender schools or mix-gender schools. Before the 19th century, single-sex schooling was commonly constructed due to various traditional or religious background. Especially before the Reformation, education, as a crucial aspect of civilization, was catered for men and privileged classes as the women had few rights to receive education. After Reformation, co-education was introduced to preach the bible to all the boys and girls and then during the 19th century, increasing amounts of co-educational schools were set up in the western Europe and colonial areas. Nowadays, co-educational schooling become the mainstream of educational setting all of the globe. Conversely, there were only a limited number of countries where the percent of single-sex schools exceeded 10 percent: such as Belgium, Chile, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and many Muslim majority countries as well (Riordan 2011).
The educational system of Hong Kong stemmed from the British system due to historic origin, which almost one-tenth of the public schools were in single-sex setting (Wong, Lam & Ho, 2002). Up to 9th June 2016, there were 387 co-educational middle schools, 31 boy’s schools and 41 girl’s schools in Hong Kong.

Contextual and societal issues
Single-sex schooling has leaped into the breach and becomes increasingly prevailed across the globe in recent years. At least in the United States, the Feminist Majority Foundation (2011) estimated that there are thousands of single-sex educational setting in classes or schools in the ye...

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...mance as the highest-priority and thus the most important criterion of school effectiveness. However, the public may be misled therefore. One has to caution that single-sex schools in Hong Kong usually have a long history and good reputation, which gather students who have good academic ability already. It means that students who are predicted to have good academic grade in single-sex schools would achieve a similar effect even though in co-educational schools, since there are pre-existing differences between students in the different types of school in Hong Kong.
Besides, different outcomes caused by types of school need to be explored in other various aspects as well. Because the roles of school in cultivating youth should not only relate to academic achievements but ignore the students’ comprehensive abilities, which seems more important for their future lives.

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