Should schools segregate classes by gender?

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Parents choose which school they want their child to go, not only to get a good education but also to be in a safe place. (1) The topic of segregating classes by gender has been discussed for a long time and a lot of research has been done. (2) Schools should not be segregated by gender because kids need to be prepared for the real-world. (3) Young adults need to have an understanding of equality, not just about race, but about gender as well. (4) Also, money is always an issue for families and private, gender- segregated schools require a lot of money for tuition and “valuable” education. (5) According to Leonardo Sax, the founder of the National Association for Single-Sex Public Education, “...whenever girls and boys are together, their behavior inevitably reflects the larger society in which they live” (Stanberry, 3). (1) It is a part of nature for girls and boys to socialize and get prepared for the real-world and develop skills to interact with another gender. (2) In the real-world it is conventional for both genders to work together and communicate everyday. (3) According with the journal “Forbes”, when students are separated by gender, they miss an opportunity of working together with different perspectives and developing their own, new, and unique thoughts as well as ideas (Saunders, 1). (4) Advocates often argue for schools to be a reflection of a ‘real’ world to prepare young adults for the future (Jackson, Ivinson, 15). (5) When both genders learn together, they learn from one another and benefit from absorbing various learning styles (Saunders, 4). (6) Diane Ravitch asserted,“The American tradition favors pluralism, diversity and choice. There should be coed schools for those who want them and single-sex schools fo... ... middle of paper ... ...ity which allows parents to save money on school bus fees by choosing a good school closer to their home.(3) In England a private or sex-segregated school is located in a private sector or on the edge of a city (Jackson, Ivinson, 5). (4) Not only a long distance to school is a drawback, but also money for uniforms (if required) and equipment needed to properly and worthily represent the school a child is studying at to keep up higher ranking for school prestige. (5) To keep the profit of establishing a single-sex school the owner is required to ask students pay a big amount of fees which is not worth for parents. (6) Classrooms should not be segregated by gender to promote good preparation for real-world. Stimulate youth to support and promote equality for an everyday life. Money are an issue for parents to profit tuition and “valuable” education for their children.

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