The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause

The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause

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The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause
This Book seems to be quite current; however I would say that it more than likely took place during the 90's. There are many facts supporting my conclusion such as their knowledge of Cancer, the type of cars driven, the public transportation, and the descriptions of the buildings and stores in their town! The setting is important because Simon is from a different time. So the differences in their characteristics and manners are really what give this book an edge that appealed to me! Plus I really don't think this story would have been as interesting as it is if the characters were in a different time. Silver Kiss could have been set in any mid- sized town in America. The story gives me the impression that the town they are in isn't quite as small as Amboy, mainly because it has a huge hospital and a Public Bus.
The reason this story is such a great book is the way Klause wrote it. She told the book using first person point of view for both Simon and Zoë. This may sound confusing but it actually helped in expressing the details. In using this technique Klause was able to actually tell two different stories in this book. At first the book talks of Zoë's life and all of her hardships, and then she told of Simon's issues. But the best thing Klause did was to infuse these two stories in this book. It gave the two main characters more in common, and helped show similarities in the main characters personalities!

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Zoë is lost when her mother is slowly dying from cancer. On top of that her father is having trouble coping with the whole situation, so he is basically non-existent, and her best fiend Lorraine is moving to Oregon. She is very lonely. So when Simon comes into her life she welcomes the company! Simon is a Vampire, who is originally from around Bristol, England in the year 1651. He was unwillingly turned into a vampire by, unknown to him at the time, his older brother. After he realizes what he has been turned into, he takes of after his brother, and is trying to kill him for revenge, for not only him, but his mother. Simon and Zoë share a unique bond, a bond that is formed because they both have problems with death. Over the course of this story the two begin to fall in love. The two of them are the protagonist, because they are trying to stop the killer, or antagonist, Christopher. Christopher is Simon's evil brother. He, unlike Simon, enjoys killing. Most of his victims are women, he tricks into believing he is a young lost boy that needs to be comforted.
Zoë is all alone, her family is falling apart and her best friend is moving to Oregon! She is very lonely, but at the same time trying to act like, an adult. One night she is frightened when she runs into a beautiful boy in the park. They are both intrigued by the reaction they got when their eyes met. A few days later, when there is a killing in town and Simon sees Zoë across the street, he can't help, but comfort her.
Zoë is interested in the sweet beautiful boy, until she comes up on him in an alley, eating a bird, with blood on his face. That night Simon goes to Zoë's' house, and explains the whole story. At first she is skeptical, but then Simon shows her a picture of his whole family, including Christopher. Once she knows she is surprisingly accepting. They both spend time together; learning what is means to be alive. They also begin to come to terms with what they were dealt. Simon helps Zoë realize that her mom will be in a better place when she passes. Her mother didn't choose to leave and if she could she would definitely stay. At the same time Zoë shows Simon the joy's of life! When Zoë finally comes to terms with the fact that dying is only the beginning, she courageously volunteers to help Simon kill Christopher. While Simon is off coming up with a plan Zoë is healing the relationship between herself and Loraine. They both realize they were having trouble communicating with each other. They were afraid to talk about their many problems. When Lorraine leaves Zoë's' dad even comes into her bedroom and they to have a little heart to heart. They even agree to go to counseling! She then waits for Simon, scared to death! Finally Simon appears in mist form, surprising her! They have everything ready, they use Zoë as bait! The plan gets botched when some neighborhood bullies show up! Together Simon and Zoë put an end to Christopher and the killings. Simon and Zoë then scatter Simons' "native soil," everywhere and wait together, holding hands, for the sun to rise. When the sun does appear, Simon evaporates into nothingness!
This story represents many ideas to me. The main one would be that event though death is horrible it must happen! It doesn't mean that the person that passed away left, on their own accord. There is also the idea that friends come in many different people. This book was the perfect, if somewhat exaggerated, example of how people touch each others lives. Sometimes it may come from an unexpected source, but they still touch you. Then there is also the idea that their re other people going through similar obstacles in life, and that if you let them they can help you get through it. This story was not shaped by the theme. I think it was purely accidental. These ideas don't seem preachy to me because they are very subtly put in the story! Bonds can be forms with those you would least expect, if you just give it a chance!
The vocabulary is acceptable to the characters. It may even be what shows the characters personalities. I thought the vocab was at the right level! It wasn't hard for me to understand this story. Klause uses long simple sentences, with realistic dialog! The book's title comes from one of the times Simon kissed/ bit Zoë. Klause described the kiss as a sharp, sleek, razor sharp silver kiss. Klause has done a great job of showing me how to write a book in the first person, from two different people. Then taking these two stories and merge them into one great story!
I think Klause is very interested in the bonds that can form, and turn absolute strangers into the best of friends. She continually shows what this bond did for the morale of the characters.
The Silver Kiss is a great book. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in fantasies. I choose this book because I love reading about mystically things. I also choose this because Annette Curtis Klause is on of my favorite authors! I have read her other books and loved them, so I expected the same from this book and I wasn't disappointed! Klause, Annette Curtis. The Silver Kiss. New York: Random House, 1999.
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