Essay on The Silent Sickness: Ovarian Cancer

Essay on The Silent Sickness: Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer happens in about 22, 240 women each year, and about 14,230 will die of this cancer (American Cancer Society, 2013). It is considered the ninth most common cancer that women can have.
There is a higher chance of getting ovarian cancer if you are middle-aged or older. If you have a close family member, who have ovarian cancer then you have a higher chance of getting this cancer. Most cases of ovarian cancer are when the mutation gene is inherited by a close family member.
There are multiple signs to be aware of; if there is a chance you could have it. These symptoms are bloating, abdominal pain, difficult time eating food, and having to urinate frequently. The other signs that could help determine if you have it are fatigue, stomach ache, back pain, pain during intercourse, and abdominal swelling.
There are multiple types of ovarian cancer and some are more severe than others. Type 1 is when the cancer is confined in only the ovaries. Within this type, there are three more. T1a is when the cancer is only in one of the ovaries, but isn’t on the outside. T1b is the exact same thing as T1a but the cancer is in both ovaries. T1c is a little different than the two types before. This type is either on the outside or is in the fluid from the pelvis.
Type 2 is when the cancer is growing into the pelvis tissue. T2a is when it has spread to the uterus but isn’t in the fluid coming from the pelvis. T2b is when the cancer is in the pelvic tissue next to the fallopian tubes. T2c is when the cancer is in the uterus, fallopian tubes, and pelvic tissues, as well as in the fluid taken from the pelvis.
Type 3 is when the cancer has spread to the abdominal lining outside the pelvis. T3a is when the metastases cannot be seen exc...

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