The Silent Scream of Loneliness, Drugs, and Pain in Wrestling Essay

The Silent Scream of Loneliness, Drugs, and Pain in Wrestling Essay

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Wrestlers would be away from their family for the majority of the year. They would only return home when and if they were injured. Former wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper has been mentally affected by everything at once .According to Piper, "I experienced what we in the profession call the silent scream” (Behind Fun Façade…). The silence scream involves loneliness, drugs and pain. It has been overwhelming for wrestlers, mentally and physically to be able to accept everything that was going on in and out of the ring. The amount of pain that the wrestlers were in physically affected them mentally.
Being on the road so much made not only made the wrestlers physically drained, but mentally as well. The wrestlers had become socially affected by this traumatic way of living. Rowdy Roddy Piper explains the struggle of what the wrestlers went through throughout his narration:
You're in your hotel room.You're banged up, numb and alone. You don't want to go downstairs to the bar or restaurant. The walls are breathing. You don't want to talk. Panic sets in and you start weeping. It's something all of us go through.(Behind Fun Façade…)
There wrestlers such as Piper who realized how this was destroying him mentally. The mental abuse was sometime caused by the physical damage in that took place while wrestling in the ring.
Former heavyweight champion, Chris Benoit was known to be one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s best wrestlers to ever step in the ring. Chris appeared to be smaller than what a champion is known to look like. In order to prove he was champion like material he had to constantly work and strive for that position. Benoit took steroids in order to have a large physique. His use of steroids caused a change in behavior. He began ...

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... of their wrestlers. The people in charge of the industry not caring only caused the death rate to increase.
The more deaths that were taken place within the industry, the more the industry kept being looked at by the media. The media began to get ahold of medical reports from doctors stating the cause of deaths and how many wrestlers have died from it. Swartz stated “ at least 65 wrestlers died in that time, 25 from heart attacks or other coronary problems -- an extraordinarily high rate for people that young, medical officials say”(Behind fun façade…). Once this all became public to the world wrestling promoters and those who were in high position of power began to take action. It took a high number of tragedies for the company to realize the difference between right from wrong and to understand that the wrestlers are human being as well and do also have a health

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