Drug Abuse in the NFL

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Drug Abuse in the NFL It's nothing new for the National Football League's players to be abusing anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Drug abuse in the league has recently focused around recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol. The newest drug being abused is painkillers. The commissioner and his personal need to change their policies. Will they wait until many more players start to die before they tighten up their drug policies? The National Football League (NFL) can stop most of these drug problems by having more random drug tests given, enforcing stricter punishments when players are caught using drugs, and requiring every team to educate its players annually on the effects and consequences of all drugs. The number of players abusing drugs in the NFL is increasing every year (www.cbs.sportsline.com). This is concerning because it seems like more and more players each year get caught either using drugs, or being involved in some kind of drug activity. The only drug being used that is on the decline is anabolic steroids. This decline is due to several players in the 1970's and 80's dying before they could see their kids make it to high school. The first player to publicly come clean about being addicted to drugs was Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson. He was a Dallas Cowboys linebacker who played in three Super Bowls. He told the world about his addiction in 1981. He claims that a player using cocaine and marijuana was very uncommon at his rookie season. The more he played, the more drugs he began to take. He claims that since he came clean, the problems have been getting worse. More and more players keep doing drugs even after they hear of players having drug problems. If these... ... middle of paper ... ...uck, Ray. "For NFL's invincible warriors, drug use can be a fatal flaw." 14 Sep 2000. 23 July 1998 Duca, Ron Del. "The NFL's Drug and Anabolic Steroid Policies:" 16 Sep 2000. 18 Oct. 1999 Glazer, Jay. "Finding the Right RX." 11 Nov. 2000. 24 Oct. 1999 King, Peter. "Bitter Pill."Sports Illustrated 27 May 1996: 24-31. Nattiv, Aurciia, and James C. Puffer. "Lifestyles and Health Risks of Collegiate Athletes." Journal of Family Practice. Santa Monica Family Physicians (1991). Mobley, John. Personal Interview. 6 Nov. 2000. "NFL Drug Policy." 9 March 1998. 16 Sep. 2000 Price, S. L. "Flying High Only Weeks Ago." Sports Illustrated 27 March 1995: 48-52. Taylor, William N. Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete. San Diego: Press Pacifica. 1982. Williams, David "Webster Suspended for Alleged Drug Use." Sports Illustrated 14 April 1997: 60-68.
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