Violence in Sports

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Violence in Sports With the increase in society taking a stance against violence, sports has become an area where some feel that the violent acts such as the hitting and fighting that occurs should be eliminated. It is very difficult to change the way that a game is played because people have been playing it that way for years. The violence in sports needs to be eliminated because of the extreme cases that continue to haunt many of the leagues and the players themselves. There are many theories to why there is so much violence in sports today and one of them is because the athletes today are able to get away with more when they are young. An example would be if a high profile high school athlete who had a scholarship to a big time school were to get in trouble maybe it would be hidden a lot more. Where as if another non-athlete had done the same thing there would be more of a price to pay. So from an early age these athletes learn that they are more important then other students or people. When they get to the college or pro level and someone tells them what to do they don't know how to handle it in the correct manor. Many professional athletes have been looked upon as a problem before they become pro because of certain violence problems they have had in the past. And in many cases it has hurt player in where they are drafted and the money that they make. Others theories have to do with what each sport allows to occur. In a sport such as hockey, where people are expected to hit and check each other as hard as they can into the boards, sooner or later a fight will break out. Many people who follow hockey watch it just for the fights and when a fight occurs they cheer on their favorite player in the fight. Playe... ... middle of paper ... ...that occurs it is losing their appeal. The management of all the leagues, teams, and player have to take a look at who and what they want to represent and be represented by. The image is something the management have to control and if they don't make more restrictions on the players and change the fact that a lot of players are seen as criminals then it will have a huge effect on the image of sports. And all the players that arent out there committing crimes and are doing the right thing they themselves need to get upset by the fact that others are giving their sport a bad name. So the players who care need to speak up and save their sports images before its too late. Kids out there already see enough violence in the streets and on t.v. Sports use to be a way to escape all of that and unless things change sports are going to be just like everything else.
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