Essay on Should Wisconsin Drug Test Welfare / Food Stamp Recipients?

Essay on Should Wisconsin Drug Test Welfare / Food Stamp Recipients?

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Should Wisconsin Drug Test Welfare/Food Stamp Recipients?
Should Wisconsin drug test welfare/food stamp recipients? Welfare drug testing seems to be a low point of conversation for those in our generation because it is difficult to relate to. However it is an important and growing issue for all citizens of our country and like many other things we will inherit this issue from our parents when we become contributing adults. This is why I believe it is very important to focus on and understand this issue and what actions should be taken to insure that your parents and what will one day be your tax money is only given to those in need of assistance and used for that purpose, that people on welfare are not receiving any special privileges and there is some sort of deterrent preventing drug addicts from applying for or receiving welfare money as well rewarding responsible recipients for responsible behavior.
Imagine this, you work hard, everyday. Go to work, come home and care for your family day after day. You fulfill each and everyone one of your civic duties one of which is to pay taxes. According to the average American pays between 10-35% of their income to marginal income taxes. Somewhere between 9 and 13 percent of taxes paid by US citizens goes toward welfare and other safety net programs in order to help families in hardship says The concordian suggests that welfare is a social contract between those who give, and those who receive. Many Americans support and understand the need for welfare and willingly support it under the impression their hard earned money is going toward families in need of food, shelter and clothing, NOT to parents with drug addictions or habits. Nearly 20% of welfare recipients h...

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...drugs, what would you say?
This is a difficult topic to rap up with a bow, but I’ll do my best. Welfare is meant for those in great need of financial assistance. It is not meant to be splurged in any way and ESPECIALLY not illegally. There is an uncountable number of reasons why continuing to not drug test welfare recipients is not the right way to go for our state and our country. It offers privileges to the recipients that job holders do not have, it does not hold recipients responsible and it allows a possibility that hard earned tax dollars are being used to illegally buy drugs. Drug testing recipients may not be a perfect solution but at this point it is the best solution. It is time for a change to be made and as with many things the system is flawed, the system needs reform in order to insure justice, equality and trust among those giving and those receiving.

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