The Problems with the Welfare System

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As the common phrase goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Change in the welfare system is a must now more than ever because the government is in such a bad economic state, and it must and should be ensured that the tax payers know exactly where their money is going once those welfare checks are administered. Drug testing is a top priority in welfare reform and it should be; tax payers’ money should not be used for the purchase of illegal substances. The state of Texas and the United States face problems with misuse of welfare funds and there must be a change in the system in order to combat this. The purpose of welfare is to aid those that are in financial need to purchase the essentials required for survival. Individuals receiving welfare should subject to a drug test at any moment to ensure that the assistance they are getting is not misused. There are a number of reasons why the recipients should take a drug test and these are the top three: ensuring that tax payers money is not misused, reduce drug use, and to be fair to the working citizens of America.
The ultimate goal with distributing welfare is that it is used for essential needs not for drugs; the tax payers do not work to have their hard earned money spent on drugs. Having these welfare recipients submit to a drug test would also cost the tax payers but only if the test comes back negative. When the recipients take the test they pay for it and are reimbursed if it comes back negative but if it comes back positive there is no refund and they are automatically removed from the program for a year. This ensures that the welfare recipients are not using their government issued checks for drugs and will ease the minds of the tax payers. Ensuring that tax payers’ mon...

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... a change, “state and local structures interact to define the meaning of reform” (Harvey 4). These reasons for welfare reform are the beginning for change and they will conquer the negative thoughts of those opposed in order to create an America where things are finally done the right way.

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