Should Space Be Colonized? Essay

Should Space Be Colonized? Essay

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Day by day, Earth’s population is getting larger, resources are becoming scarcer, and the thought of colonizing space has come to mind. However, is this such as good idea? Billions of dollars will need to make this one of a kind expedition, and willing volunteers will be needed. However, who will dare to go on an adventure like this? How will we do it? If we make the trip, will the money be worth it? Furthermore, should we even make this voyage to space?
Personally, I think the trip to space is not worth it. We’ve destroyed Earth beyond our imaginations could ever take us, and taken this world although it’s not rightfully ours. If we colonize space, we will only do what we’ve done to Earth: eradicate it like we have done to Earth. Resources are running low, but the answer to the problem may be a matter of global distribution. We are able to produce enough food for the entire world, but much are wasted, so many still starve, and some to death. The alarming side of humans were revealed when World War II (and earlier) started. Torture and abuse were hurtled upon innocent lives and many harmless people suffered and died. As of 2006, Paris, France, had a population density of 21,000 people per kilometer2. If everyone lived similar to this, we wouldn’t have the problem of living space. How is Earth rightfully ours? It isn’t. It belongs to all living creatures on this planet, yet we have the mind to abuse animals and use them for testing of cleaning products. Is this what we – what you want to happen to a possible space colonization?
One of the many reasons why humans want to colonize space is because of extinction. Yet, the cause of humans going extinct of humans ourselves, not Earth itself. Greenhouse gasses pollute the planet, globa...

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...s is obvious, because we will only destroy space like we’ve done to Earth. Do you want to see space be demolished like Earth? By polluting, creating global warming and wasting resources, space will only be diminished, even if we don’t mean to. Yes, the increasing population, limited resources, possible extinction and the fight for land will still exist, but there are answers to our problems. If we value nature and animals like the Native Americans once had, the problem of limited resources can be solved. We cannot stop an asteroid colliding with Earth or anything that’ll lead to extinction, but the dinosaurs have died, so there is the possibility that we will too. The reason why we have the thought of colonized space is global warming, wasted resources, and limitation of land, but we are the cause of it, and we will only devastate space like we have done to Earth.

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