Should Immigration Be Legal For Illegal Immigration? Essay

Should Immigration Be Legal For Illegal Immigration? Essay

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standard of living. Also this would reduce drastic worker influx since business owners can’t replace workers easily because another one is cheaper.
Next, would be employment-based immigration, which can be directly pointed at having legitimate channels for Mexican workers to work in the United States and be protected. These worker programs would allow foreign-born workers to enter the country safely and legally; this would already reduce illegal immigration rates since a lot of immigration is because of job opportunities to support the workers family. Also it would reduce the amount of lives lost to smuggling to illegal crossing of the borders. The Bishops specially point to a work visa employment system.

“The U.S. employment-based immigration system should be reformed to feature both permanent and, with appropriate protections, temporary visa programs for laborers. A system that is transparent and that protects the rights of workers should be formulated. Visa costs of the program should remain affordable for all who wish to participate. Reform in worker programs must be coupled with a broad-based legalization program.”

With immigrants legally working within the system it allows them to emerge further into their communities since they wouldn’t have a sense of hiding themselves. This can bring a positive connotation to the workers since they are more involved. Also they would receive the benefits of a legal worker, which include work place protection. The United States government has implemented an immigration program in the past called Bracero program. This program was originally used to give wartime relief for the United States during WW2. This was an agricultural temporary-worker program which ended because evidence of wides...

... middle of paper ... from every corner of the world. This had led to a new diversity that the church hadn’t seen or had to deal directly with especially in their part of the globe.
“So many different parts of the United States has challenged us as a Church to a profound conversion so that we can become truly a sacrament of unity. We reject the anti-immigrant stance that has become popular in different parts of our country, and the nativism, ethnocentricity, and racism that continue to reassert themselves in our communities. We are challenged to get beyond ethnic communities living side by side within our own parishes without any connection with each other. We are challenged to become an evangelizing Church open to interreligious dialogue and willing to proclaim the Gospel to those who wish to hear it.”
This anti-immigrant stance became manifested in current day politics when the

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