Should Condoms Be Given in Schools Essay

Should Condoms Be Given in Schools Essay

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Each year there are many unwanted babies born, or even worse aborted in this country. Many which are born to young people with little or no education about condom use and sex. With a little education about condom use and safe sex many of these unnecessary pregnancies could be prevented. Many parents do not educate their children about sex; therefore the burden usually falls on the schools. Condoms should definitely be readily available in the school system, along with a Sex Education program that includes how and why to use condoms properly.
Some of us have the memory of the day your mom or dad finally had that embarrassing conversation of the “birds and the bees.”Trying your hardest to pay attention to the subject at hand; but the constant thoughts of the word sex and your parent being in the same room are surely distracting. You may have not known it at the time, but you were truly lucky if your parents manned though the embarrassment and actually discussed the matter with you. Unfortunately, many kids do not get this awkward, but valuable conversation about sex. So if sex is not discussed at home, where are we to learn? The answer is; from our just as stupid friends who did not have a clue either! Thank goodness for Sex Education in schools.
Sex Education programs in the public school system is a vital tool for young people. The programs in the past primarily taught to abstain from sex, teaching students that sex is only ok when you are married. What good is a Sex Education class, if you can’t talk about the actual act itself and how to do it safely? A waste of time and a waste of tax payer dollars that’s what it is. Abstinence should be included in the programs, but the main thing these kids need to be learning ...

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...vacy condoms should given in a non see through bag. Student that feel the process is hassle free are more likely to return. This in turn results in safer sex practices
Let’s face it the way the world is today with an already overpopulated planet, every effort needs to go to slowing it down a little. Young people are going to mischievous and get in to some trouble from time to time. The trouble of a pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease should not be one. When kids are not at home they are primarily in school. It only makes sense that education about sex, and condoms should be a part of the school system. It only makes sense that education about sex be included, and just as important as their academic education. If the critics would just look at the benefits of having condoms in schools and stop over analyzing these programs would be an even greater success.

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