Essay on Should College Be A Good Incentive?

Essay on Should College Be A Good Incentive?

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Many institutions tend to diversify their campuses, but it is hard for them to accommodate with everyone. They often try to create awareness amongst their students to advice and persuade them to respect one another and except their difference too. Recent years, having diverse student body became a good way that colleges to praise themselves in order to attract new students. It became a good incentive that many colleges are competing against each other in order to make their campuses more tolerant. Even though diversity and accepting difference is widely recognized in many institutions, but every college has its own ways of applying these values. However, I disagreed with student for asking the college to modify its policy of requiring freshmen and sophomores to live in campus because it is disrespect to historical values of the college, and it can also cause a slippery slope where everyone will demand a change.
The student is selfishly criticizing the college and made it that they did something unheard to college life. The college made its rules in order to give its students a better...

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