Should Children Vaccinated As A Newborn? Essay example

Should Children Vaccinated As A Newborn? Essay example

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Parents have a complex decision to make whether or not to have their child vaccinated as a newborn. Many doctors make it sound like there is no option when it comes to vaccinations. Be knowledgable and take charge of your child 's health and every encounter with the doctor. There are many health benefits to not vaccinating newborns. However, there are risks to vaccinating a newborn. The world continues to see vaccinating newborns as a controversial issue. Vaccinations should not be given to newborns because it puts them at risk for numerous health problems but many will disagree.
(paragraph in the process) how vaccines came to be
-Children now get 21 required vaccines with our infant mortality rate at 34th in the world compared to in 1960 no vaccines were mandated with our infants mortality rate 12th. CITE
-"a high statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates" (Hum Exp Toxicol).
People do not realize how important it is for a newborn 's body to build up immunity before being vaccinated. The first one to two years of a child 's life is the most crucial time of growth for their immune system, nervous system, and brain. When a child relieves a vaccination their immune system cannot distinguish between harmful and harmless substances. This is setting the immune system up for chronic failure. Often times parents do not even realize what they are allowing to be injected into there newborn baby 's body from a vaccination. In the article "The Thinking Parent 's Guide to Vaccines," written by Kresha Faber, she tells her own story when her first child was born. She had her child vaccinated with every single shot according to the doctor 's recommended schedule, until...

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...ets that disease.
Vaccine requirements differ in every country. This supports evidence as to why the United States has one of the highest infant deaths. In an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola, a New York Times bestselling author finds following shocking statistics. "The United States requires infants to receive 26 vaccines (the most in the world) yet more than 6 U.S. infants die per every 1,000 live births. In contrast, Sweden and Japan administer 12 vaccines to infants, the least amount, and report less than 3 deaths per 1,000 live births."

CONCLUSION: Parents have a decision to make: will you vaccinate your newborn? Remember, there are many other ways to reduce disease and boost a child 's immune system like breastfeeding, nutritious diet, and having a loving and stress free home environment. Be aware of the options when deciding if and when to vaccinate a child.

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