Should A Totally Ban Alcohol On Campus? Essay

Should A Totally Ban Alcohol On Campus? Essay

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Should IPU totally ban alcohol on campus? Some student finds it is hard to answer that question, and most of male student would answer “it does depend on the situation and the mood bro.”. It is not a secret that alcoholic drinks could make a person feel better and more relax especially for a man, if he experiencing depression or stress males often hangout with their friend to overcome their struggle, even I used to drink alcohol sometimes whenever I had problems with my school life, relationship or if I fell under pressure. Even though alcoholic drinks can have some temporary stress relieving benefit, alcohol has plenty of bad side effects for individual and their social environment. Most Universities ban alcoholic drinking on their campuses, but some campus still allow student to drink alcohol in designated areas or for certain events, like our beloved IPU campus for example. Beside the fact that IPU already provide events (e.g. Ball party) that allow student to drink certain amount of alcohol, it is still common for students to break the rules by drink alcohols in the dormitories. Therefore this essay will cover the pro’s and con’s that will be discussed about this topic.
Although this may be true, some people will still argue that alcoholic drinks are not always a bad thing, especially if you are a teenager that wants to experience a little bit of danger and living to the fullest, as the Americans say live wild and free. Most of the new students in college feel that they are free from their parents; they can do anything want to do without worrying about the watchful eyes of their parents. The feelings of excitement that drive teenagers to try new things and experiment, for example drinking alcohol. Nowadays young people often ...

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...ed to alcohol. The lack of control due to anger management could be problematic to oneself and could endangered other people around him or her, especially in cases when living with loved one or dorm mates/ roommates because it could lead to disputes the two parties (e.g. A fight between student.
In conclusion and as can be seen, there are both the pro’s and con’s to the argument for this topic issue. The pro arguments is that the benefit of drinking alcohol for certain people or in this case teenagers, for them drinking alcohol could make them feels better, relieving themselves from stress and also as a temporary getaway from reality. In contrast from that opinion, drinking alcoholic drinking has too many bad effect rather than benefits toward a person social life even to serious health diseases. Therefore I am in agreement with IPU to totally ban alcohol on campus.

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