Short Story : ' The Test ' Essay

Short Story : ' The Test ' Essay

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Theme and stereotype
Thesis statement
The short story the Test and the frill both deal with the theme of how by human human being have predictive and stereotype other individuals and groups that is based on ignorance and limited educational experience . The driving instructor in the short story the Test is a stereotype of typical old fashioned Archie Bunker who is stubborn in his old fashioned views on race and sex . who has a old fashioned attitudes . The driving instructor is a stereotype of a white man who believes that whites are more educated and knowledgeable than African Americans . The example is that he did not have any faith in the African american girl and he rejected her down for a driving test just because she was African american . The theme of the short story the Test is that human beings should be treated as individuals and we should not judge individuals by the color of their skin or their religion but instead by the content of their character .

In relation to the short story the test the short story the Frill also deals with the theme of how as human beings we need to stop stereotyping and making broad generalizations of different groups . The rich woman in the Frill is a stereotype of a typical rich woman who is arrogant and boastful and who is only out for money . The rich woman stereotypes chinese people like the tailor as just being out for money when the taliro asks her for a coffin for his dead brothers son . This showed the type of propaganda that was be used by evil demagogues in history like Hitler when Demagogues like him put the Jews into categories and labeled them as greedy businessmen . Could you not imagine the type of fear this put into the h...

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...two kidnappers planned to have the father pay them in return for the boy Johnny but the kidnappers ended up having to give the boy up to the father and pay the father. Both the short stories the Necklace and the Ransom of Red Chief are examples of their are unexpected event and occurrences in stories . Irony is also something that human beings experience every day in the real world . An example is in the political word because politicians say unexpected things . This is also true because sometimes even though elections are supposed to turn out a certain way and a certain candidate is supposed to win sometimes the opposite candidate wins . It is also true that the political world is ironic because sometimes politicians that seem completely scrupulous and and incorruptible turn out to be complete crocks which was the case with are former governor John Rowland .

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