Comparing The Necklace And Guy De Maupassant's The Jewel

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755 words

It is said that “everything that shines isn't gold.” A difficult situation can result a vast illusion that is not what one thought it would be, which leads to disappointment and despair. Just like Guy De Maupassant stories, “The Necklace” and “The Jewel.” In the first story, the protagonist, Mathilde Loisel’s need for materialistic fulfillment causes her hard labor which ends her natural beauty. In the second story, the husband Monsieur Latin ends up living a dreadful life due to the passing of his wife and her admiration for jewels. “The Necklace” and “The Jewel” both share many similarities such as the unconditional love each husband haves toward their wife, the necessity each wife haves towards materialistic greed, the beautiful allurement …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the similarities between guy de maupassant's "the necklace" and "the jewel." the two stories share many similarities such as the unconditional love each husband has toward their wife, the necessity each wife has towards materialistic greed, and the tragic outcome each protagonist faced.
  • Analyzes how loisel's deep sadness of being born in a family of clerks and not being married by any rich and distinguished man made her feel less than what she deserves.
  • Analyzes how the husband in "the necklace" tries to satisfy his wife in every way. he surprises her with a ticket to the ball, gives her his savings, and suggests her to borrow necklaces.
  • Analyzes how the lifestyle both women want ends up in disaster, while the other in hard labor. in "the necklace", the wife loses her friend's expensive necklace and dies of inflammation.
  • Compares how in "the necklace" the husband and wife struggle to pay off the huge dept., resulting in finding out their hard work was all for nothing as soon as the wife discovered the borrowed jewel were fake and worth very little.
  • Compares how loisel from "the necklace" was embarrassed of facing the fact that she was unable to afford jewelry, while the other protagonist, happy and loving towards her husband, started buying more and more ornaments as she continued going to the opera with her friends.
  • Analyzes how the unexpected differences and similarities between "the necklace" and 'the jewels' were alluring from beginning to end. the jewelry they obtained were items they were not able to afford, which led each individual to pay for their wife's mistake.

Knowing how she feels he surprises her with a ticket to the ball. He gives her his savings in order for her to buy a new gown. Though he was unable to get her any jewels he suggests her to tell her rich friend to let her borrow a necklaces in order to see his wife happy. On the contrary, the husband from "The Jewel" does not fully satisfy his wife in the way that she wanted. He dreads going out to the opera while his wife loves it. He was also unable to buy her luxurious jewels so she pleases herself with false jewels and ornaments. Though both men adore and love their wife, one tries harder than the other, even though neither one can afford paying the objects the ladies truly desire. Furthermore, the lifestyle both women want ends up in disaster however, one ends in death while the other in hard labor. In "The Necklace", the wife ends up losing her friend’s expensive necklace which causes her to work hard to earn enough money to pay of a new one. Due to all the work she loses her beauty. In contrast, whereas in "The Jewels" the constant attendance of the opera house during the winter causes her to die of inflammation which resulted a deep sorrow towards the husband. Both wife’s lived life differently. Both tries to find the best way to fulfill their desire for the good

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