Essay about Short Story : A Long Time Ago

Essay about Short Story : A Long Time Ago

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Many chilling stories happened a long time ago. Not this one. This one took place just over a year ago. Doubt my story? Don’t. I’m the one who was in it… I remember clear as yesterday the new, sleek white touring bus whirring into a deserted parking lot. A 30-year-old tower shot up from the ground. It was mustard-yellow, dirty and the off-white gutters were smothered in mucky mildew. Ivy crept along one wall, and the moon was a crescent. When I was younger, I had a nightmare about a hotel. Every time, even when I was older, I would make sure no room looked like the one in my room. And I would always, always refuse to sleep by the window and the radiator. We were loading off of the bus. We would only stay in this hotel for part of our choir tour. One night, if we were lucky. I had trouble finding my bag. Once I got to the black and white houndstooth carry-on, I was the last one in that deserted parking lot. A dull light glowed by the entrance, and the neon headlights of cars danced on the dark pavement road as they wooshed by. Moths fluttered to the closest light, and crickets chirped. But I still had a bad feeling about this place.

My mom was a chaperone, so I kissed her goodnight. All was well. Well, unless you count the creepy old woman glaring at me from the welcome desk. She wasn’t really that welcoming. I pushed the up button on the elevator, and a tattooed man in a black, torn wrestler’s tank-top smiled at me. He was missing several teeth. Piercing were lobed in his ear, nose, eyebrow, lip, and basically everywhere possible. The majority of his hair was a dark buzz-cut, but the center was gelled up in black oily spikes. We got in the elevator, and it rumbled up to the second story. I read my key-card. I would be in room 22...

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...el again, similar but worse than the time before when only I could know what was happening. The girl wanted all of us now. The lights turned off, the air grew chill, the phones rang, classical music switched on, the radiator made noise, and the little girl was coming out from behind the curtain. Slowly she emerged. My friends’ eyes were wide. “You were right!” one shouted. One threw up. Her knife was glittering in the moonlight. She raised it and I felt the suspense dragging me down. I felt the icy cold blade hit my stomach and felt a warm sensation. Blackness. That’s all I saw. Pure plain blackness.
Later that day, I woke up in a hospital surrounded by my family and friends. After that, my friends and I would investigate the blood on the wall, and the claw marks in the closet and the bodies. Our bodies. Before we part, I have one message for you: I’m coming for you.

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