Shopping Is An American Pastime For Teens And Young Adults Essay

Shopping Is An American Pastime For Teens And Young Adults Essay

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Shopping is an american pastime for most teens and young adults. They enjoy going to the mall with their friends, and window shopping; going from stores to store and seeing stuff they like. However what makes them buy stuff? one may ask.Shopping is a part of everyday life from simply buying gas to buy new clothes. so what makes people buy? Some store like GameStop and Footlocker had have research such thing, shoppers habits and what make them buy more in order for them to implement new tactics and increase their profitability.
Gamestop like many others use tactics to attract customers into their stores. As one walks forward towards the store, the store 's window display become visible. a stack of the latest video game console stand out by the window, and a numerous amount of advertisements. As a person get closer the whole store become visible from the outside. Another tactic that gamestop uses is that Gamestop positions console that customer can come in and use in front of the two big windows so that teens are tempted to come in a play.Thus attracting a grand majority of people to the store. Once inside the store one can see all the video game neatly shelved around the store’s walls in a organize categorize matter so the customer can easily find what they are looking for. In the middle of the store there are about three to four different square shelves that showcase things with a big discount sings or items on sale or percent off sings. This tends to attract people that want to get a bargain and once inside they tend to buy something that is not for sale. One more thing that this store does to make people buy more, is to position it’s cash register at the back of the store, in this way the customer has to see the whole stor...

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...alk in the store. However shopping is in majority a female thing that why malls tend to have a lot of female oriented store. female seem to be targeted a lot as stated in the essay The
Signs of Shopping by Anne Norton “The practice of shopping is, however, more than instructive. It has long
been the occasion for women to escape the confines of their homes and
enjoy the companionship of other women.” this saids that shopping is a woman activity they enjoy shopping it what they do.
To sum it all up shopping is one thing that the american people do, it is part of their human life it is all around them and as long analyzing humans continue to have buy profits companies will continue to do it. we could try to change our habit in order to not fall in their marketing tactic but they will continue to research and adapt you will sooner or later will fall in their tactics.

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