The Indulgence of the Disney Coorporation

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The idealistic childhood memory every child thinks back to is their first trip to Disney World, “The Happiest Place on Earth, “according to Walt Disney. The ideal place where everything is magical and fairytales do exist. Disney World has become America’s most popular attraction since 1923. Whether it’s through one of Disney’s theme park, 227 radio stations, six motion studio pictures, three cruise lines, or its theatrical production companies, Disney Corporations culture monopoly has gone unnoticed by Americans. Americans are indulged by Disney’s childhood fantasies with the image every princess has a prince, and will live happily ever after in a magic kingdom. Although it all seems innocent Disney’s Corporation has America indulged with its theme parks, merchandise, films, and cruise lines. The industry rapidly establishes consumerism in Americans. For instance, Disney since the age of three drives children to own collections of films and merchandise in order to fulfill satisfaction in the idealistic fairytale living. Americans do not realize these material goods are not necessarily important, instead, it becomes a routine of material objects to have a sense of completeness; these buying habits are perpetual. America is now defined as materialistic rather than over-consumption. People deliberately purchase material goods constantly and frequently without needing it. Shopping has become a lifestyle, there is no appreciation or sense of value to what we own, and instead it is depicted and seen as a “retail therapy.” The consumption of materialistic goods is what makes America feel happy and complete. In today’s culture, consumerism is what defines it. Americans perplex the difference between wants and needs. Retailers constan... ... middle of paper ... ...ed to increase their debt with compulsive shopping behavior demonstrating why there is no value toward the money earned as well as why consumerism is very materialistic. As of today, many Americans will continue to bypass the greediness many industries like Disney promote. In fact, with the national debt, many shoppers will continue to simply lounge around in the shopping centers purchasing their wants. After all, individuals cannot resist the stores latest hottest trends and spatial designs. In other words, our society will continue to be hungry for material satisfaction. Consumerism has replaced society’s sense of desires for life’s necessities with insatiable search for commodities, because consumerism is based on purchasing new goods without the attention to its needs, advertisements will continue to expand resulting in materialism as a major life philosophy.

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