The Sex Trafficking Of Minors Essay

The Sex Trafficking Of Minors Essay

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On October 6, 2016 “Carl Ferrer, chief executive of advertising website, was arrested on Thursday on criminal charges, including pimping, as authorities investigate the company which has been accused of facilitating sex trafficking of minors” (Levine, 2016). Carl Ferrer, who is 55 and was charged with the exploitation of minors in sex trafficking, prostitution, and pimping by soliciting a customer-base audience who were able to profit off of the sex scandal of minors. Two founders of were also apprehended as part of the three-year investigation. was the leading marketplace for escort ads. “Ferrer is not accused of running a brothel or sending a few prostitutes out to earn him money. His alleged reach is larger and more sinister. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, his company was responsible for 2,900 instances of suspected child sex trafficking since 2012 in California alone”(Ryan, 2016). The charges accuse profiting off of the exploitation and solicitation of minors in sex acts through ads on the internet. “Backpage accepted at least $2 million a month between October 2014 and May 2015 in payments from people posting adult ads in California, including payments for postings that featured minors” (Vasel, 2016). A 15-year old witness who was part of the case describes how Backpage provided the ads for solicitation into prostitution. In this case, the un-named minor indicated that at the age of 13, she was forced into prostitution. The 15-year old minor also specified that Backpage did profit off of men, women, and minors who were trying to earn or forced into the lewd activities. Backpage is said to have earned revenue in the millions of dol...

... middle of paper ... think it Backpage and had a strong system of IT reps to investigate ads they could of prevented such ads from being on their sites. This has been a three year investigation and Backpage did not see anything wrong with the issues. Maybe they should have hired a better legal team to look into such matters to comply with law and business. “Some say Section 230 has been stretched too far. Mississippi lawyer Leslie Roussell – who lost a case over the sale of a recalled product on eBay – said he strongly believes in the free flow of information online. But, he said, when free speech gets to the point it harms other people, it is no longer free speech” (Levine, Cooke, 2016). I have to agree with Roussell, this has harmed women and children that were forced into sex trafficking and prostitution. There needs to be some accountability and responsibility from Backpage.

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