Not For Sale: The Sexual Exploitation of America’s Children

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The value of a woman as a mother, wife, sister, daughter or aunt has been replaced for sexual please. Greed and perversion disguised as men chose to debase America’s women and children for their own selfish gain. Child sexual exploitation is the most hidden form of child abuse in the U.S. and North America today. It is the nation’s least recognized epidemic. The overwhelming majority of children forced to sell their bodies on the street are girls. Young boys face hardship and abuse as well, but they often fend for themselves to survive. The girls, on the other hand, inevitably fall victim to pimps and organized trafficking networks. (Sher, pg. V)
Domestic sex trafficking is the vile new innovative business model used in the sex industry to promote prostitution. The myth about sex trafficking is that it is a foreign not a domestic problem. Sex trafficking is a very lucrative business. The “John’s” create a demand and the “pimps” provide the supply. Child abuse, child neglect, pornography, pedophilia and prostitution are all links in the chains that enslaves America’s children for the pleasure of adults.
Trafficking is the recruitment, harboring, transportation and provision of a person for the purpose of commercial sex. American trafficking victims are estimated to be between 100,000 and 300,000. Most of these are from the million are so children that are thrown out of their home or they have run away usually to escape abuse and/or sexual violence. (Shelley, pg. 230) The law says that a person under the age of 18 has to have been defrauded, forced or coerced into the sex trade against their will. Sex trafficking venues are wide and vast. Victims of sex trafficking can be found in brothels, strip clubs, esc...

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...ution than what is seen. There is a hidden side of this sex industry that objectifies America’s youth. The pimps target vulnerable people that have been abused and then use violence, threats, lies, false promises, debt bondage, or other forms of control and manipulation to keep them victims. (Polaris) The Johns with their lust and perversions continues to feed the greed of the soul devouring sex industry. Both of which, often escape any punishment or consequences for their deeds. The prostitute is once again left alone to bare the blame, shame and pain of it all. “What other victim in society do we lock up?” (Sher, pg. 240) American sex trade is a part of our economic system that degrades and devours the mother’s of our country. The time is now to remove the scales from our eyes and raise up our swords against any who plot genocide by the killing of our girls.