Service Improvement And Development Of A Recovery Orientated System Of Care

Service Improvement And Development Of A Recovery Orientated System Of Care

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Service improvement
The Recovery Philosophy is a set of 10 Quality principles to enable the person and services to work together when the choice to seek help has been taken. (Government et al 2014) These principles are measured at all levels from provider to national audit. This document followed the publication of, A framework for Action (Scotland 2009) where the 4 areas for action were identified. Also that year it was highlighted Scotland’s relationship with alcohol required changes, with findings that the average man and woman were exceeding recommended guidelines on a weekly basis (Scottish Government 2009).
Recovery is the sequence of progress where a person with addictions is central, with individual care tailored to their needs. Substance misuse is a preventable problem which, if not treated will develop and become chronic. The model of Promoting Recovery and Developing a Recovery-Orientated System of Care (Scotland 2014), highlights 6 hallmarks to emancipate the person to make changes, giving value to the person and important others, while remaining secure from danger. It is preferred that community treatment rather than hospital admissions, being achievable with continuity of care using multiple stakeholders. Early intervention supports recovery and enhances preferred outcomes, for this improved access to quality care is essential.
As of 1st April 2016 joint working went live in Scotland with the unity of health and social care being rolled out. Turnbull (2016) reports benefit to patients has already been delivered from the merged services, results being more patients remaining in the community with prodigious social care. At a local level the emergency team was integrated with social care for ten years, offering an e...

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...ce is not a by-product of alcohol but an action that is learned. With that said, there is no doubt alcohol has an effect upon inhibitions, labile emotions and control (Donnelly et. al., 2013). That said, it is well documented in research papers the results of alcohol intoxication and trauma requiring emergency department visits, with intoxication in one form or another accounting for over a quarter of emergency care (Rood et. al., 20016).
Change is a continual loop from pre-contemplation where change is not premeditated, into the contemplation stage when exploration to change behavior has begun. Cognizance in the preparation stage builds confidence and willingness to enter the action phase to achieve the goal set. The maintenance period is about supporting the viable aim, however the process can be restarted and repeated if maintenance is disrupted (DiClemente 2006).

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