Self Observation : Behavior Management Dimension Essay

Self Observation : Behavior Management Dimension Essay

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Self Observation: Behavior Management Dimension
For this assignment, I filmed myself teaching a mid-unit Math lesson on ‘money’; the lesson included reviewing the goal and scales of learning, a smart board review of the concept and a hands-on activity. I chose to assess myself with the Behavior Management portion of the CLASS assessment tool because I feel that as a beginning teacher, this is the area that I wish to improve most upon. I believe that successful and effective classroom management will facilitate learning, class climate and instructional delivery, therefore, I am mostly focusing on improving this skill throughout this semester.
I chose to record myself during the math lesson, primarily, because math is my least favorite subject. Admittedly, I hated math as a student and I think that my feelings stem from a handful of teachers who made their loathing of the subject very well known. For these reasons, I have vowed to change my own attitude towards the subject and make every lesson a fun and accessible experience for my students. Even with this resolution in place, I was still very nervous to watch myself teach a lesson comprised of several goals and manipulatives that could easily be turned into toys in the hands of disengaged second graders!
Clear Behavior Expectations and Proactive:
As I played back my lesson, I was happy to notice that my previous internship in pre-k has greatly prepared me for giving clear and sequenced directions and to also have the foresight to possible distractions or opportunities for misbehavior. I started the lesson by covering the goal and asking students to rate their learning according to the scale; this helped me engage the students and give them a purpose for learning and particip...

... middle of paper ...

...h yes!) gently reminded students of my expectations while also regaining their engagement. Some students called out answers out of turn, but I feel that was due to my sometimes-unclear directions of who was to answer my questions. Although this did not halt or hinder the lesson, it is something that I plan to work on. For this reason, I believe that I scored in the middle range of the domain, at a level 5.
Finally, I feel that the lesson went well and that my classroom management skills have greatly improved from when I started Seminar back in August. I also feel like there is room for improvement but understand that effective classroom management is born from hard work and experience. I plan to continue my focus on this domain and hope that I effectively internalize all of the great management skills and strategies that I am observing from my cooperating teacher.

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