Self Monitoring Is A Higher Level Skill Essay

Self Monitoring Is A Higher Level Skill Essay

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Summarizing allows a student to not only indicate main ideas of the text but to show the connectedness and remember what they read. This is most effective because students are required to do this in their own words rather than the authors. Self-monitoring is a higher level skill but very necessary. Comprehension monitoring teaches students to be aware of what they do understand, identify what they do not understand and use appropriate strategies to resolve problems in comprehension. The more effective students are at this the more successful they will be in a testing situation because they will feel equipped to handle any questions they face.
The critical thinking skill of following through with inquiry style lessons has to deal with a shift in the teachers approach as well as the student’s response to it. A shift in the teacher thinking needs to occur, teachers must focus more on thinking than learning, emphasizing the process rather than the output. In the classroom, this may mean posing probing questions, directing students to conduct independent research, encouraging them to question or challenge assertions, and then present their own fact-supported positions (Thompson, 2011).
Teachers can engage students in this kind of learning and observe and monitor between assessments, their level of engagement, ability to come up with possible solutions and willingness to think through the process.
The questioning techniques of teachers is also important to critical thinking. Cognitive coaching trainings instruct teachers that how they frame a question will determine a person’s ability to be able to answer it at a critical level. When teachers ask for possibilities, rather than definite answers, students are more willing to answer. W...

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... needed. Changes will be made and from there the process starts all over again. Changes may come in the form of how students are assessed, how often they are assessed, the strategies used to instruct or even the level of implementation of strategy.
In order to make this plan happen teachers will need two things. The first is Professional Development (PD) in critical thinking, comprehension, and cognitive coaching. The critical thinking training will help teachers to approach things from the right perspective. The comprehension and cognitive coaching trainings will give teachers the skill sets they need to implement the various strategies chosen.
In closing, students showed improvement in test scores analyzed over the spring to summer time frame. I believe it is more than reasonable to expect the gains of this SMART goal in the projected nine month school year.

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