The Self Fulfilling Prophecy By Jean Cabot Essay

The Self Fulfilling Prophecy By Jean Cabot Essay

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1.Discuss two scenes that illustrate the self-fulfilling prophecy. Be sure to address the expectation set as well as the specific behavior(s) that led to the prophecy being fulfilled.

Scene #1: This scene takes place just as Jean Cabot and her husband are walking towards their vehicle and Jean notices Anthony and Peter two African Americans walking on the opposite side. After getting closer Anthony and Peter observe Jean’s reactions and steal their car.

Expectation: Jean Cabot had the expectations that all African Americans are dangerous criminals.
Behavior: So when the two black men Anthony and Peter started approaching their car she automatically began to get scared and grabbed her husband’s arm.
Prophecy Fulfilled: As a result of her behavior the two men take out their guns aim it at her head and steal their car.
Prophecy Reinforced: After experiencing this event Jean can confirm her expectation that all African Americans are criminals and should be feared.

Scene #2: As Cameron is in his vehicle thinking of his job Anthony and Peter decide to ambush Cameron for his car. When they fully approach the car they notice that Cameron is a black man. Furthermore, as the three of them begin arguing and both men take out their guns Cameron fights Anthony. As the fight moves into the car they begin arguing about who 's car it is not noticing that Cameron is recklessly driving which catches the attention of the cops. The car chase then leads Cameron and Anthony who is hiding in the passenger set to an enclosed street they are surrounded by the cops.

Expectations: The expectation that automatically comes to mind is that Cameron is going to be arrested because he begins to argue with the officers and didn’t follow ...

... middle of paper ...

...rity of the folks that live there are of the same race/color which signifies that white people have populated or dominated that piece of town or city.

8. Discuss one scene that illustrates how culture shapes perceptions.

The way that cultures shapes the way we view others is based on our beliefs, religion, language, and race. In the scene in which Daniel who works as a locksmith is fixing the lock of the Cobot residence. As he is fixing the lock Jean notices the way that he is dressed and how he looks. She then begins telling her husband that Daniel is a gangster due to the tattoos that he has on him. Jean’s belief is that people with tattoos and low pants are all gangsters or gang members. This is what her perception of Daniel is but what she doesn’t know that in reality Daniel is a hard worker to provide for his family and loves his daughter with all his heart.

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