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The theme death has always played a crucial role in literature. Death surrounds us and our everyday life, something that we must adapt and accept. Whether it's on television or newspaper, you'll probably hear about the death of an individual or even a group. Most people have their own ideas and attitude towards it, but many consider this to be a tragic event due to many reasons. For those who suffered greatly from despair, living their life miserably and hopelessly, it could actually be a relief to them. Death affects not only you, but also those around you, while some people may stay unaffected depending on how they perceive it. Death is often displayed in literature, showing how people would react towards it. Whether it's in "The Story of An Hour" by Kate Chopin, "The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allan Poe, "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson, or even "The Garden Party" by Katherine Mansfield, death appears to be unavoidable. Although these are different short stories, death is applied, but the author's interpretations differentiate. Within "The Story of An Hour", Chopin talks about death and illustrates the significance of it. This story implies that death may actually be a blessing under certain circumstances. The narration begins with Louise gets informed that her husband had passed away in an accident. She's no ordinary women, but someone with heart disease. It leads the reader into thinking that she would be in great pain, suffering from the loss of her other half. Surprisingly, Louise's reaction was the exact opposite with her feeling a sense of comfort, but why? In exchange of her husband, she had gained freedom. The feeling of joy was being suppressed holding it down with her own will. Now that Louise is independent,... ... middle of paper ... ...ldn't escape death, nor could anyone else supporting the idea that death is unavoidable. The relation between these stories and the theme death tend to occur over and over again. In conclusion, death is a tragic event that applies everywhere, whether it's in the stories or reality, but for some people it could also be a relief which all depends on how one perceives it. Each author has their own forms of writing and ways of expressing their ideas, but it all led to the same ending. Death seems like a natural process because it happens every day, even if you don't actually witness it. Nobody is immortal, so eventually you'll end up dying sooner or later. The only difference is the way you die, but what difference does that make? When that day arrives, you will only be a body without any feeling or emotion just lying there. Who knows if death is really the end of life?

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