Essay about The Secret of Good Writing

Essay about The Secret of Good Writing

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What is it to be smart ? Some people believe that being smart comes naturally and is a trait someone is born with.This all depends on what beliefs a person believes in from what is observed every day from their peers. In my life, I have known some very smart people who can accomplish what seem to be difficult tasks, such as,writing a paper without having to go through any kind of writing process. A writer named William Stafford decided to write an essay titled “A Way of Writing”on a specific topic on writing creatively and how everyone has to use some kind of writing process. Writing is something everyone dreads, but being diligent can go a long way.
Stafford emphasizes the writing aspect of education. Stafford argues that good writers are not born but are made through hard work and creativity. I agree with Stafford that a person can learn more about a topic through hard work and creative thinking. He argues that, careless of failure he rapidly writes things down on the page and a sense of freedom arrives and if it passes his personal standards, accepts. Only one thing can be changed in his own mind. No one else can aid him. He must listen to his inner self and its fast reacting impulses (Stafford 67). Stafford uses these words to show that being creative and working hard can aid during the writing process, but it will take hard work to come out with a good final product.
There are many ways a person can look at this topic depending on the situation. For example, if a person is conducting a job interview and the position is down to two people, which person does the interviewer choose, the hard working and creative thinker or the naturally talented or skilled worker who does not have the work ethic of the first person ? The ...

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