The Second Semester With My Team Essay

The Second Semester With My Team Essay

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The second semester with my team has shown growth and development individually and as a team. We have all shown development in certain areas, and have come together to produce high quality results. My team members have shown more dependability and focus on finishing assignments and wanting to be the best group.
Estefano Martinez has continued to be a very dependable member in our team, and has developed leadership qualities. He has become a trustworthy teammate, along with being a good friend. He has a difference about him, and he knows when it is time to preform and when we all need to come together. We always keep in contact with each other and with the team to make sure things are getting done on time. He took on hard tasks such as putting the business plan in order, and helping the rest of the team understand the financials. We all did the financials, but Estefano took the time to explain all the parts and make sure everyone was n the same page with what we had. He also has made a great effort to provide constructive criticism to all areas he can to help give each portion of our work the best looking product. The team doesn’t get hurt by his suggestions, but instead we all embrace them and see if that would be a better option by voting as a tem on the issue.
Jake Robinson has been a vocal leader and also has improved in what he produces for team projects. Jake has grown as an individual and has shown leadership through expressing positive messages. He has boosted the team happiness, and always brings a smile to each class. He is also a hard worker and puts the team before anything else. He helped organize the presentation, and even volunteered to start the presentation. He brings great ideas, and constructive criticism to ma...

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...tivity. I have learned that communication helps drive a team to success, and is very important to reach goals. My group for example, without communication through text and meetings, nothing would have gotten done on time. It has also taught me to be able to cooperate and grow as a group. I have now been with a successful group, so I know what to do to make my future groups successful. I can be more creative with my ideas, and gather information to make them better. I think of ideas that could have worked in certain situations, but I did not have a lot of information for them to work. Being more creative can lead to better projects, and cause a more creative atmosphere within team meetings. I can also communicate better to teammates to makesure we are all thinking on the same page. We never encountered and conflicts, but I could have given more in tem communications.

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