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Google And Intelligance. Nicholas Carr 's ' I Google Making Us Stupid

- Google and Intelligance Nicholas Carr’s,” I Google Making Us Stupid” is completely irrelevant. Without the internet learning would be much more difficult. Using the internet helps us learn in a whole new way. We are learning through exchanges of links of ideas that people, scholars and other organizations have come up with. The interent has made society lazy but not stupid. With the help of the internet we are becoming a more diverse and technologically advanced society. Carr says, “I’m not thinking the way I used to think....   [tags: Internet, World Wide Web, History of the Internet]

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Is Google Making Us Stupid By Nicholas Carr

- In his 2008 article Is Google Making Us Stupid, Nicholas Carr, a writer of books, essays and ephemera, claims that the Internet might have negative effects on cognition which could potentially taper our capacity for concentration and contemplation, therefore make us incapable of holding a long attention span. Carr uses vivid imagery, personal examples and voices the views of fellow bloggers who also agree that our way of thinking and ability to concentrate has been altered. His purpose is to address the issue that the simple use of “.com” has transformed our critical thinking patterns and our naturally functioning mind....   [tags: Critical thinking, Bias, World Wide Web, Thought]

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Driving Traffic Out Big Bucks On Advertising

- Driving Traffic to your Site Sandra Prior By Sandra Prior Aug 1, 2008 Driving traffic to your website doesn 't mean forking out big bucks on advertising. We show you how to publicize your site without spending a dime. The Internet. A vast electronic window of opportunity, offering you the chance to expose yourself to millions of people around the world for the cost of a modem and a giant phone bill. The trouble is there are so many sites vying for attention that most just sit quietly on servers, unloved and unnoticed....   [tags: World Wide Web, Search engine optimization]

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How The Internet Has Experienced A Revolution

- The Internet has experienced a revolution in the way that websites can be created, managed, hosted and marketed. In the early days of the internet, a team of web developers would be needed to create a robust website. There were many disciplines that had to be mastered to create a professional website, from coding and layout design to image manipulation and the basic knowledge of server software systems. The Internet has advanced at a rapid pace, and the technological requirements to have an online presence have withered down to the ability to use a mouse and keyboard, click and drag, and enter in text....   [tags: Internet, World Wide Web, History of the Internet]

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How Internet Use Affects Young Adults

- The internet which is primarily used by young adults is used to connect with the whole world, sharing files, entertainment, information and lots of other activities. However, young adults get addicted to the internet and don’t notice that using internet excessively is causing some problems in their daily life. During the last two decades, young adults are unable to control their emotions and the way of thinking due to long hour use of the Internet. (Alam, S. etc. al., 2014). The objective of this study will be to look how internet use affects young adults....   [tags: Internet, World Wide Web, History of the Internet]

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How Information Has Changed Our Education

- Information has been around for centuries in multiple formats from hieroglyphics painted across walls, or tightly rolled scrolls to the printing press, and now the internet. Evolution spurring the advancement, and how humans retrieve information and pass it around. Originally only a chosen few such as the elite, rich or religious held tightly to the information found in written word, then evolution occurred, now more and more people have access. The internet and electronic sources have advanced how humans, receive or give and display information....   [tags: World Wide Web, Website, Library science, Library]

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The Internet Is Closing Our Minds

- “When It Comes to Politics, The Internet is Closing our Minds”. This is the title of a public debate in which two teams were arguing on the subject of whether the world’s most popular Internet sites, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter, are using personalization to show you information that you want to see, based on your personal preferences. Debaters, Eli Pariser and Siva Vaidhyanathan were both arguing for the motion, and they believe that these websites use personalization to show internet users the things they want to see when they search for something, rather than what they should normally see when there is no personalization to their search criteria....   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Web search engine]

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The Hotspot 's Ip Address

- A network hotspot gives people internet access for free if they are in a place that has one, they are great for people that want to write a paper or just browse the internet while not having to pay for a hotspot of their own, businesses use them to attract customers. These Hotspots can also be used for more malicious things such as pirating movies and writing anonymous malicious blogs. “There are two addresses that are utilized to transfer data over the Internet: 1) the hotspot’s IP address and 2) the MAC address of the patron’s laptop computer network card” (Placid, Wynekoop 38)....   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Computer network]

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

- Nowadays, many people express that reading a lengthy book becomes a chore let alone an eight page passage. Why go through the trouble when one can just search up a summary or main idea. But what happens when one relies on the web more than one’s own thoughts. One begins to feel less in control, as if the internet is controlling them rather than them controlling the internet. While we hear about the internet’s benefits for society almost daily, let’s take a moment to view the harmful side of the internet that society ignores and downplays....   [tags: Internet, World Wide Web, Instant messaging]

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The Age Of The Internet

- The Age of the Internet The internet is something that is, faster than expected, being integrated into almost everyone’s everyday life. Most people, nowadays, have access to the internet at the tip of their fingers through their smart phones and even through the use of older flip phones, granted, on a different level. With the internet age came the age of the internet kids, which have a worse reputation than they deserve. When I say internet kids, you may already have a picture of grown men in their parent’s basement, leeching off of their parents and never growing up because they do not have the social skills or the drive to do anything else, but surf the web....   [tags: Mobile phone, Internet, World Wide Web]

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How Internet Is The Internet

- By the turn of the century, information, including access to the Internet, will be the basis for personal, economic, medical and political advancement. The popular name of the internet is ‘Network of Network’. Whether you want to find latest Wall Street news, exchange information with relatives or colleagues, or join in alive football match, the Internet is a gadget that will take us beyond faxes, telephones and isolated computers to a burgeoning networked information frontier. When internet used skillfully, it shrinks the world and brings information, knowledge, and expertise on nearly every subject imaginable straight to our computer....   [tags: Domain name, Internet, World Wide Web]

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Internet Marketing : An Essential Part Of All Business Models

- Internet marketing is an essential part of all business models. Unless you sell directly on the web, you would like to encourage customers to come to your site and see types of your skills, or join a discussion. Whether you possess your very own business and should try to learn online marketing strategies or you want to pursue a profession in marketing, there are a true number of ways you can gather the skills needed to be an Internet marketing professional. You can decide to join classes, or find out and research the fundamentals of Internet marketing free of charge....   [tags: Marketing, World Wide Web, Website, Internet]

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Online Business Methods Using Devices Available Online Without Spending A Dime

- The huge majority of web-based enterprisers acquire the misstep of NEVER assessing their online business ideas. These people hop instantly in to developing a website or possibly even a product or service, only to uncover that nobody wishes to order it. You should not need to create that mistake simply because assessing your online business ideas is actually hassle-free and rapid. Below is the way you can execute it in 6 actions. One particular critical concept that you really should have to always remember is usually that you shouldn 't be trying to find an absolutely unmarked business category....   [tags: World Wide Web, Search engine optimization]

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The Effects Of Abortion On Mental And Physical Health

- The Effects of Abortion on Mental and Physical Health Sairy Cohen The University of Texas at El Paso There are many ways to prevent pregnancy, but not everyone knows the risks and effects that this may bring to their life. There are about 15 different types of contraceptives, but the most common one is abortion. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Analyzing the Audience and Purpose The audience for this discourse community is women, and teenagers ....   [tags: Pregnancy, Abortion, Fetus, World Wide Web]

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Computerized Promoting Counsel Invest A Lot Of Time Covering The Accurate Tips And Systems That Are

- SEO sites and different purveyors of computerized promoting counsel invest a lot of time covering the accurate tips and systems that are "in vogue" at any given point. One day, the suggestion may be to incorporate a particular number of catchphrase/keywords redundancies in our page 's title labels – the following, the "must do" strategy may include securing a sure kind of backlink. Given the quickness of today 's news market, it 's anything but difficult to get cleared up in these moderately minor changes....   [tags: Website, World Wide Web, A/B testing]

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Social Media And Its Impact On Society

- Social Media Importance The success of a business depends on how it reaches out to the people, and it has been found out that the social media provide a great platform for promoting business products and services. According to Pew Research Center, it noted that in 65% of adults now use social networking sites (Perrin Andrew, 2015). On another report, it stated that eight-in-one online American 79% now use Facebook (Shannon Greenwood, Andrew Perrin, and Maeve Duggan, 2016). However, it has been observed that the social media may also provide a platform for the down fall of a business, especially when a negative review goes viral....   [tags: Internet, MySpace, World Wide Web, Copyright]

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The Technologies That Integrate Within The Mobile Website

- Within this section, the mobile application will review the technologies that integrate within the mobile website. This section will also provide the reasons why certain technologies where chosen for example; sitemaps, portfolio “lightboxes”, and widgets. Adobe Muse platform is the underlining technology but some of the widgets Adobe allows programmers advanced snippet codes already predevelopment and tested for some mobile programmability. Some of the pages developed for this portfolio site have been created with simple navigation and social media enriched capabilities....   [tags: World Wide Web, Search engine optimization]

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The Demographic Information On The Victim Identity Theft

- The demographic information on the victim identity theft is based on the lifestyle exposure theory is which corresponds with the way offenders obtain the information needed to commit identity theft. Offenders of the criminal justice system first starts off by recovering tangible information. This is done by looking through the victim’s garbage, their mail, snatching of purses, or etc. These methods of committing identity theft are both vital for the victim and the offender. The victim suffers each day while trying to recover his/her identity back....   [tags: Crime, Identity theft, World Wide Web, Crimes]

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Article Review : ' How Google ' Wikipedia Have Changed Our Lives For Better And Worse

- While waiting for my bus to warm up this morning, I took the time to check the news, check google calendar for any appointments, shared a flyer for my business advertising a spa party, sent my husband a good morning text, sent my oldest son a text reminding him to ensure the dogs are let out before he leaves. However, I accomplished this in 15 minutes’, have you ever sat back and thought how life would be different, less the internet, how time consuming tasks would be minus, internet. In essence, the school system should still require teachers to teach the former techniques as well as modern techniques....   [tags: Mobile phone, World Wide Web, Internet]

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Google 's Application For Writing A Functional Resume

- Google Upgrades Google uses multifaceted mathematical processes or algorithms to provide users with the best search experiences (Yu, 2016). Hummingbird, which is semantic search ability, takes into consideration, intention, as well as content. Consequently, Hummingbird scrutinizes why consumers are searching particular words or phrases, and next produces content to address their needs (Yu, 2016). This document will analyze two Google search results for writing a functional resume. Google Hummingbird Algorithm As a part of the Hummingbird algorithm, Google search includes RankBrain, a machine learning, artificial intelligence system algorithm designed to return information considered the high...   [tags: Google search, Google, World Wide Web]

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The Impact Of Internet On The Internet

- The internet has been around for about 25 years or longer, but in that short amount of time it has drastically changed in many ways. The internet back then did not have cookies or virus that go onto your computer that take crucial information. The point being is nowadays a lot of companies take your privacy, and advertisement companies can buy into it by paying a monthly fee to have their ad on the social media pages or any other pages.This would ultimately go other companies your information easily....   [tags: World Wide Web, Website, Internet, MySpace]

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The Impact Of Internet On The Internet

- On this century the internet became in something necessary and useful, and everybody have at least occasional Internet access on a computer or smartphone. The amount of pages and web sites that we can use for our benefit and our entertainment, it is unimaginable. Even thought that all things in the life have a part that can be corrupt for a bad influences, and the fact that we can do whatever we want on the internet, with any name because in a lot of web sites where you do not need any confirmation of your identity or a background check, also famous web sites are suffering attacks from hackers for example; Carphone Warehouse whose 2.4 million customers might have had their personal details i...   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Website, MySpace]

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Child Pornography And Its Effects On Human Trafficking

- In today’s society, you can find just about anything using internet search engines such as Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. There tend to be many hidden illegal sites that consist from anything of piracy, child pornography, drug trafficking or even human trafficking. Although, when most of these sites are found, they are immediately taken down, but these sites are constantly being put up that it is difficult to take down every single site. In my search, I found a website called that is commonly known as an escort service, which allows clients to call and set up an appointment for sexual favors either at a hotel, their home, or any desired destination....   [tags: Crime, Gang, World Wide Web, Prostitution]

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Online Reading : The Enemy Of Books

- "The enemy of books" is what many parents and teachers perceive the internet to be and also believe that it is more of a con than a pro. They also believe that it is more of a distraction than a helpful tool when it comes to researching important information. In the article "Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?" author Motoko Rich writes strong evidence as to why online reading is not considered reading, how there are many pros compared to cons, if adults should interfere with students and the internet....   [tags: Education, Internet, World Wide Web, Website]

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A Report On Malaysian Mobile Activities

- Figure 7: Indonesian Mobile Activities, January 2016 Figure 8: Mobile Activities in China, January 2016 From this 2 figures above, we can see that China has more percentage in all the mobile activities than Indonesia. Figure 9: Web Traffic in Indonesia, January 2016 Figure 10: Web Traffic in China, January 2016 Most of Indonesian now access the internet using their mobile devices, with the share of web traffic from mobile phones is about 70% of web page views versus 28% for laptops and desktops....   [tags: Electronic commerce, World Wide Web, Internet]

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What Do Companies And Businesses Need?

- What do companies and businesses need. People need a website to access information at any time of day. A website should function on both PC and mobile devices without interfering with the way the website works. Model Websites have a lot of utility to connect people to a company or business. Headhunters Hairstyling designed a website that is easily accessible, visually appealing, information and universal in terms of purpose. Headhunters Hairstyling designed a model website that is incredibly versatile while in use. Firstly, a website is accessible, accessibility means the ability to be accessed by certain people and things....   [tags: Web page, World Wide Web, Website, Web design]

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Is The Internet Harming Our Thinking Abilities?

- Kristie Prudent Sister Baker FDENG 101 November 19, 2015 Is the Internet Harming our Thinking Abilities. The impact of the internet on thinking may be crucial in this age. Although the internet is helpful, new assertions pose that it may be causing problems in the way people think. This mental short may be due to the amount of time that is spent “surfing the net.” Bernie Machen, President of the University of Florida stated, “The world doesn’t need your passion so much as it needs your depth of thought” (342)....   [tags: Internet, MySpace, World Wide Web, Mind]

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The Problem Of The Internet

- The internet has been around for about twenty five years or longer, but in that short amount of time it has drastically changed in many ways. The internet back then did not have cookies or virus that seize crucial information. Nowadays a lot of companies take one’s privacy, and advertisement companies can buy into it by paying a monthly fee. When the companies pay for spots they can gather all the information from the website. This would ultimately give other companies access to his/her information easily.Nicholas Carr, an american writer, thinks that websites are taking our information and letting other people get a hold of it easily....   [tags: World Wide Web, Website, Internet, MySpace]

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Search Engine Optimization / Seo

- Abstract Search engine optimization is basically the technical regulations that allow search engines to browse web pages more efficiently and accurately. It is usually abbreviated as SEO. With the widespread use of internet, SEO is gaining more importance day by day. Being aware of this fact, webmasters are determining their strategy in consideration of SEO. Therefore it is important to have a grasp of SEO in order to better understand and use the internet search engines. This paper aims to demonstrate the basics of this popular phenomenon SEO and by this way the reader will have a better comprehension of internet search engines....   [tags: World Wide Web, Search engine optimization]

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The 4 Wcag2.0 Guideline Principles

- The 4 WCAG2.0 Guideline Principles includes Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust. On this paper, I will reference and will try improving the site and make it more accessible to users. I will support my choices with some more information on the subject. First principle is, Perceivable. A web site needs to be able to fulfill and satisfied any type of users with different preferences and needs, no matter the circumstances. The user should be able to browse the site and find the information needed and be able to execute whatever task he or she wants to perform....   [tags: Website, World Wide Web, Programming language]

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Marketing Methods Of Internet Marketing

- 8 Entrepreneurial marketing Describe several different methods of Internet marketing. Give examples. Nowadays internet has become one of the primary source of getting information. Many businesses are turning to the online model. More and more people now prefer to shop online. Thus it is very important for a business to have correct online marketing strategies. Online marketing is different from the traditional marketing. It enables a business to create awareness of it’s products/service across the globe....   [tags: Marketing, Internet marketing, World Wide Web]

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Is The Next Big Thing?

- SEO has never been easy. We get to see changes every now and then and when we see it, a sudden change will have to occur in the process. It does not matter whether it has a negative or positive effect to a website. What matters is you have to embrace it no matter what the impact will be and move on. It is either to applaud your effort for positive results or make your way for the better. Since we are starting over again in 2016, a lot of expected changes will happen again throughout the year and before you get smashed down to the ground, preventing it beforehand is definitely the best thing you can do....   [tags: World Wide Web, Search engine optimization]

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Privacy And Privacy Essay

- As technology continues to grow and become incorporated in more and more of everyday life, one cannot help but wonder, can privacy and technology coexist. Privacy, along with technology, is very important, so it is critical that the two be able to coexist. There are different types of private information. These include private communications, privacy of the body, personal information, and information about one’s possessions. Yes, technology does allow private information to be stolen or seen by unauthorized persons on occasion, however, technology has also protected just as much information, if not more from being stolen or viewed by someone it was not meant for....   [tags: Identity theft, World Wide Web, Information]

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Education And Internet Among Children

- Education and Internet amongst Children The internet has changed the way we think, communicate and learn. Everyone has some sort of device that involves the internet. Those who are influenced more than ever is the children of this generation, but is the internet making them smarter and more sociable. The internet is causing us to be lazy, and we must do something about it. The internet is a way of communicating with those we love via social media. Although, it is leading to irresponsible use of technology devices....   [tags: Learning, Education, World Wide Web, Sociology]

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How Internet Is The Internet

- The Internet is a huge network connected to other networks. Internet can be used for a lot of things such as finding for information, communicate with another people from other places and a lot more. The Internet is also good for people that have a company but they do not see that. They think that the Internet is just for entertainments and communication but what the owners of the companies do not know is that the Internet also benefits them. They can set up a website for their business. There are a lot of advantages of setting up a website for a business and below are just some of the advantages....   [tags: Computer security, Internet, World Wide Web]

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The Uses Of The Internet

- The use of the Internet offers a variety of benefits to everyone. Firstly, the internet makes it easier to search things and find out information within seconds. This helps us to know what is happening in the world and around us. Furthermore, I typed the title of the newspaper article in the search engine. The only thing I had to do after that was to click on the website. Without searching about the latest news. I had been given the headlines of the day already. Also, in the olden days the process would have taken longer and people would have been given the information a few days later....   [tags: History of the Internet, Internet, World Wide Web]

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Online Courses On Online Course Websites

- The first reason why is, if the internet is free people can do online courses which would make people more knowledgeable since online courses help people learn at their own pace by letting people can choose when to watch a video when they want. They can watch a video on Monday, friday or maybe never. Some online course websites like let the viewer change the speed of the video or some online course websites like let the viewer choose how fast they want to go through the entire course since all the content is released at the same time....   [tags: Website, World Wide Web, Internet, MySpace]

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Benefits Of Scholarships For College Students

- In Nigeria today, scholarships are becoming a great way to get free money for university degree. But most of the time, students appear to have a little knowledge about how they can get the scholarship. Students believe scholarships can only be given to meritorious students. Internet has proved to be a great source of finding a variety of scholarships. There are scholarships for all kinds of student. Finding scholarships on the Internet requires some tips and suggestions, so that students or parents do not turn out to be a victim of scholarship scams....   [tags: Internet, World Wide Web, Advertising, Website]

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The Distribution of Ink-Printed Text Versus Hypertext

- The Distribution of Ink-Printed Text Versus Hypertext While browsing Radiohead's website ( one particular page of hypertext caught my eye. This page displayed was what looked to me like a scanned-in copy of ink-print text, which read: How To Construct a Dadaist Poem by Tristan Tzara. I had heard of Dadaism previous to this discovery, but hadn't the slightest idea about the man who had authored these simple instructions on how to construct a dadaist poem. So with the help of my mouse and keyboard I quickly erased the Radiohead URL (Internet address) and typed in that of a search engine called Hotbot (   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Advertising And Censorship Of Advertising

- Companies now have a difficult decision to compose about how they advertise. A few companies do not know if they should still use print advertising in fear that internet advertising is taking over and they also do not know whether internet print advertising or internet advertising will excel. There are a copious amount of pros, cons, and differences between their history, price, and how much they will be seen. When print advertisements started, merchants “...were far from convinced that the press was the best advertising medium, as hundreds of thousands of Britons did not read newspapers” (Advertising Age) but, as more Britons started to become more educated, merchants relied further upon pr...   [tags: Advertising, Marketing, Internet, World Wide Web]

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How Internet Use The Internet

- Introduction To keep business owners and managers up to date on the use of the internet, Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce has asked a research consultant to perform an analysis on how internet use can affect small - to medium - sized businesses. Internet use has grown substantially in the last decade. More people are using the internet now than have in the past. The question is, how can businesses use this to their advantage. The purpose of this report is to find ways for small - to medium - sized businesses to benefit from this increase in internet use....   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Social media, Website]

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Exploring The Activities That Occur During The Darknet

- This chapter seeks to explore the activities that occur in the darknet. First, there is a need to understand what is the darknet and where it is located. This information explains why certain online activities have chosen to operate in the ‘underground’ network. It explains why certain activities have purposefully migrated to the darknet. The Internet has two different web spaces, primarily the surface web and the deep web (Bergman, 2001 p. 2). The surface web contains publicly indexed web pages that are easily accessed by the masses through search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, and etc....   [tags: World Wide Web, Deep Web, Terrorism, Surface Web]

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The Importance Of A Good Business Organisational Website And The Responsibility Of One Handling The Website

- Ever since, websites have become an important aspect of a business in order to promote, advertise and connect clients with their companies for any service and facilities, which they provide to the customers. A website is a page owned by any company or an individual and website designing is a process of creating a website exhibiting their speciality. In todays’ world, technologies are being evolved rapidly, hence all those business companies using websites should be really quick in the topic of website designing and during the race of being competitive, and they may have numerous problems which may affect their business as well as their customers, creating a huge loss....   [tags: World Wide Web, Website, Web design, Web page]

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Smart Phishing Url Detection Using Association Rule Mininga Seminar Report

- Intelligent phishing url detection using association rule miningA seminar report submittedtoMANIPAL UNIVERSITYFor Partial Ful llment of the Requirement for theAward of the DegreeofBachelor of TechnologyinInformation TechnologybyHriddhi DeyReg. No. 130911388September 2016 AbstractPhishing is an online criminal act that occurs when a malicious webpage im-personates as legitimate webpage so as to acquire sensitive information from theuser. Phishing attack continues to pose a serious risk for web users and annoyingthreat within the eld of electronic commerce....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Web search engine]

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Technology And Its Effect On Children

- !!!What Is An Applet An applet is a tiny program that is used within a main application to enhance a user 's interaction within that application. Typically, it is embedded in web browsers and is designed to perform specific tasks using less code. This makes a web page more dynamic and less of a screen full of monotonous text. Applets provide sound, graphics and animation in various forms and formats for web pages. They are used in games, gaming consoles, commercial websites, learning tools and many more....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Web browser, Plug-in]

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Designing A Making A Perfect Website

- INTRODUCTION Businesses only make one chance to make a first impression. With so much of business functioning in the online world, the front page of that website is vital. At iForest, we use the latest in web page development to make sure the customer is impressed with the site. Using technology such as HTML5, the platform will remain inexhaustible. At iForest, we know that every project has its own unique requirements; however, every project starts at the beginning. At iForest, we want to know everything about your company....   [tags: World Wide Web, Website, Web design, Web page]

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What Exactly Is Web2.0 Technology? How Is It Different From Web1.0?

- What exactly is Web2.0 technology. How is it different from Web1.0. How could Web2.0 be used by Kiwi Experience. Within a short 15 years the Web has gone from websites made of static HTML pages, which is referred to web 1.0, to a new generation of websites that allow people to collaborate and share information online, referred to as web 2.0. What exactly is Web2.0 technology. Web 2.0 is the “writable” saying of the Internet with interactive information. Web 2.0 enables interaction between web users and web sites and allows users to intermingle with more freedom with one another....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web 2.0, Website, Web page]

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Step Steps For The Process Mapping And Analysis Process

- Step 5 – Recommend Appropriate Changes to the Process The fifth step in the process mapping and analysis process is to recommend appropriate changes to the process (Swink, Melnyk, Cooper & Hartley, 2014, pp.103). Based on the inefficiencies that were pointed out in the previous step, it was determined that the organization needed to develop a place to house all of the information that is produced in the organization and communicated to the various customers around the site. A web page for the organization seemed like a logical place to store the information so that is was easily accessible at any time to anyone on site that might need the information....   [tags: World Wide Web, Website, Web page, Web design]

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Data Mining Procedures For Establishing Such A System

- This paper introduces an original websites classification method which classifies websites and forecasts if a particular website is going to turn malicious or not in the future. The authors of this paper adopt several machine learning as well as data mining procedures for establishing such a system. The authors gauged this novel system over a numerous web sites consisting of a large number of web pages. In order words, the principal impact of this paper is to put forward, carry out and investigate a universal technique to recognize vulnerable webservers which have a high possibility of turning malicious before they actually do turn malicious....   [tags: Website, World Wide Web, Web page, Web design]

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People Today Depend On The Internet For Making Informed Decisions

- People today depend on the Internet for making informed decisions. This includes potential homeowners who start by researching online. Important among their considerations is understanding the rules of the homeowners ' association as well as getting a sense of the community. It is in the conveyance of getting a sense of community that an exceptionally designed HOA website can make a big impact. The Importance of Community Getting a sense of your community is essentially a first impression which is quickly formed at the subconscious level....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Website, Web design]

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The Analysis : Wireframe Rational. Layout Elements I Made Within The Wireframe

- Wireframe Rational Layout The choices with the layout elements I made within the wireframe are simple but effective for swift navigation throughout prevent any delays along with captivating the user as the website will have an interesting colour scheme relating to binding with the purpose of compelling the user to interact. It is noticeable the sidebar is missing, this is ideal to free up space as there was only a miniature amount of information that could be placed in the sidebar area with the possibility of moving onto another page to prioritise business information, give a crisp display and a modern perspective....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Website, Web design]

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Google Analytics : Internet Site Information Provider

- 1. What is Google Analytics Google Analytics is a service supplied by Google that provide certain insights about any website visitor, traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. It is quite likely one of the most broadly used internet site information provider. The elemental service is gratis and a top rate version is available for a fee. Google Analytics can track viewers from all referrers, together with serps and social networks, direct visits and referring web sites. It additionally tracks display promoting, pay-per-click networks, e mail marketing, and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents....   [tags: World Wide Web, Website, Web page, Web browser]

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Online / Pc Data And Reporting Systems

- I have entered the sites into online/PC data and reporting systems. I will be providing you with both emailed text information and online detailed reports. This will be a longer email than normal, I prefer voice for in depth and/or debatable discussion topics. In this situation, there is much that needs to be known yet little that needs to be discussed. So the data info and facts are all coming in bulk up front. The main landing page for the online reports and the example of live ongoing reporting I can provide in a visually useful fashion....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Report, Static web page]

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Positive And Negative Impact On The Website

- Bounce Rates are an important analytic tool to deem whether a website is being used to it’s full potential. Software tools such as, Google Analytics, allows a content creator to monitor the bounce rates within their site. There are many factors that can make a bounce rate increase and decrease. A high bounce rate simply means the website does not retain its visitors, whether new or returning. The lower the bounce rate, the more visitors are navigating throughout the website. By analyzing bounce rates, a content creator can find solutions to decrease the bounce rate for their website....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Load, Web analytics]

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A Website For A Football Club

- This report has been written as a documentation for a website designed for a football club (Oyigbo football club) to meet the present-day professional web standards. Prior to this time, most businesses were not carried out using the internet, rather businesses were ran using the file-based method. Nonetheless, the introduction of new technologies such as the internet and database management system, have made business organisations realised the importance of using these technologies for business purposes and have resorted to online businesses....   [tags: Website, World Wide Web, Web design, Web page]

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Cost Of Analytics Tool And Vendor Professional Services

- Various studies have shown that while almost all Fortune 500 companies have invested in "Web Analytics", they are still struggling in taking actionable decision. Majority of them have the same complain, that is there is so much data that they are unable to look through the clutter and find actionable insights. This is where the 10/90 rule comes into play. According to this rule, for every $10 spent on a web analytics tool, we should spend $90 on the people to analyze the data. • Our Goal is to extract the highest value from Web Analytics implementation....   [tags: Web analytics, World Wide Web, Google, Page view]

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Yepme : India 's Largest Online Fashion Brand

- INTRODUCTION: Yepme is India 's largest online fashion brand, Launched in August comes under online fashion retail businessso it is a online e-tailing comapany. It provides service in over 1000 cities monthly as against most offline retail fashion brands, which serves only 75 cities, Yepme delivers close to 500,000 units to its customers every month. Yepme 's mission is to democratize fashion in India. The brand targets style conscious men & women between the ages of 20-29 years, in India....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Internet, Domain name]

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Designing A Website For Consumers

- One would think in this day in age, the designs created for the websites seen on the internet would bring in the largest number of customers as possible. However, upon searching the internet, the results concluded to prove otherwise. There are hundreds of websites that either use incorrect font size, use outdated servers, causing the web page to load slowly, or either has too much or too little “eye candy” to draw in consumers. This case study will start by first focusing on a website I found that is an example of some of these traits....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Website, Web server]

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The Privacy Policy Of

- Privacy Policy has embraced this Privacy Policy keeping in mind the end goal to show to you our dedication to protection and to educate you of our arrangements regarding data gathered on this site. By going by or utilizing this site, you recognize and consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. considers client security important and endeavors sensible endeavors to ensure your protection. For every guest to our Web website, our Web server naturally perceives just the buyer 's area name, however not the email address....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Web server, Website]

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( Adhd )

- WebMD; Meeting the Criteria With the Internet always just a click away it is easier than ever to find medical information that people seek. There are plenty of Web pages that offer facts and statistics that are health related. One of many Web sites to get such Information from is WebMD. WebMD offers Web pages to cover many medical concerns including concerns about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). WebMD offers information about signs/symptoms, types, diagnosis, and treatment. Many readers who utilize these Web pages do so in hopes of receiving reliable up-to-date information....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, Website, Domain name]

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The Usage Of Networks And Its Effects On The Business

- Introduction:- With the introduction of Web 2.0, the frequent usage of networks makes web applications vulnerable to a variety of threats. In a recent survey by Cenzic in 2014, 96% of tested applications have vulnerabilities. According to a Cisco survey that was also conducted in 2014, 50,000 network intrusions are found on a daily basis. Hackers can take different types of paths through our application to cause risks to our business. Therefore the threats need to be evaluated. Firstly, we need to identify the threat agents, security measures, its technical impacts and thus finally evaluate the impact of the threat on the business....   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Web 2.0, Client-server]

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List Of Specific Resource On The Internet

- URL could be regarded as an address that is used to identify the certain web page on the Internet. URL could accurately locate one specific resource on the Internet. Basically, the URL consists of two components: protocol and domain name. Firstly, there are many different protocols that are used to access different kinds of resources. For instance, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is used for hypertext documents. Protocol will lead you to the homepage of that web file. But if you need get to some detail things such as an image or a post in one of the particular categories, you should look at the domain name....   [tags: World Wide Web, Internet, Domain name, Web page]

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How Marketers Have A Love Hate Relationship With Google 's Pagerank

- Marketers have had a love-hate relationship with Google’s PageRank for as long as it existed. In early 2016, Google finally killed Google Toolbar PageRank, a metric that had become synonymous with the company’s search engine algorithm. In the absence of PageRank, one may find it difficult to study the performance of websites from a search marketing standpoint. In this article, we will study a few alternate metrics that marketers may make use of to analyze their website. Moz Domain Authority Domain Authority, or DA for short, is one of the two most popular alternatives to PageRank....   [tags: World Wide Web, Web page, PageRank, Domain name]

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Analysis Of Is Google Making Us Stupid

- A Rhetorical Critique of “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr Every day there is some new technological advancement making its way into the world in an attempt to make life easier for people. In the article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”, author Nicholas Carr explains his thoughts on how he believes the internet is running the risk of making people full of artificial knowledge. Carr begins by explaining how he feels that the web is causing his focus issues, how he can no longer be completely immersed in a book, and the reason why he gets fidgety while reading....   [tags: Rhetoric, Mind, MIND, World Wide Web, Kate Winslet]

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Improving Internet Governance

- Introduction The Internet has become a vital utility allowing for a global exchange of knowledge, communication and commerce. To date, the internet lacks a unified global entity able to provide regulation and enforcement of web related issues. This is a major concern given the internet’s great importance and global influence. The United States should create an international joint body to control and govern the internet. There are several key issues that such a body would need to address. These key issues include; spyware problems, the downside of freedom of speech, illegal file sharing/distribution, regulation of adult material and hacker/terrorists attacks on the internet....   [tags: Internet World Wide Web WWW]

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Sir Francis Bacon's Advancement of Learning and Information on the Internet

- Sir Francis Bacon's Advancement of Learning and Information on the Internet In the book of Ecclesiastes we are told, "Of making many books there is no end; and much study is weariness to the flesh." (Eccles. 12:12) If we compare web sites to books, then it follows that there is no end to the amount of information put onto the Internet, and that studying, or, browsing the Internet is tiring. Additionally, we read, "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he who increases knowledge increases anxiety." (Eccles....   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Radiohead and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign

- Radiohead and the Jubilee 2000 Campaign When the music group Radiohead first burst on to the music scene seven years ago, it became immediately evident through information means such as music articles, album covers, and an extensive website, that this particular band was not just another long-haired, head-bobbing grunge group only out to sell as many albums as they could. This band had a much greater mission than that. It was to inform as many people as they could of their political, social and economic convictions through their personal website....   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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New Media Artists on the Internet

- New Media Artists The enormous success and popularity of the Internet and new media as a whole have changed society in many ways. Artists have begun to use new media to deliver their works. As the artists use new media such as the Internet, the medium in which the work is delivered has become part of the artwork itself. In old media the book in which a story was printed is not part the literary piece of art. Ed Falco’s “Self-Portrait as Child with Father” and Olia Lialina’s “My Boyfriend Came Back From The War” are examples of McLuhan's message that the medium is the message....   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Using Gopher to Navigate the Internet

- GOPHER The Latest and Greatest on the Internet. In April 1991, Gopher was developed at the University at Minnesota Microcomputer, Workstation and Networks Center. It was created to help users fins answers to their computer questions. (Nickerson, 53) It didn’t take long for this utility to replace the existing campuswide information systems (CWIS) at the university AND to become one of the hottest Internet resources available. (Hahn, 429) Why is Gopher so Grand. This utility lets the end user easily locate information using keywords and phrases....   [tags: Internet World Wide Web WWW Protocol Gopher]

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Communicating Information in Radiohead's Music Albums

- Radiohead It is an important feature of the ideological system to impose on people the feeling that they really are incompetent to deal with complex and important issues: they'd better leave it to the captain. One device is to develop a star system, an array of figures who are often media creations or creations of the academic propaganda establishment, whose deep insights we are supposed to admire and to whom we must happily and confidently assign the right to control our lives and to control international affairs..." --Noam Chomsky, The Chomsky Reader Pasted on the inside of a Radiohead EP, Chomsky's quote serves as a reminder to the point these musicians are attempting to make: the esse...   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Avatars Will Replace Faces And Profiles

- I never thought when I started blogging that I would receive over fifty thousand views from one website alone. That is a big compliment for an old guy that lives in Brooklyn. I guess whatever I have to say must be stimulating. The lack of comments that I and most other male writers receive is not a sign of poor writing only a sign that women are not interested in a mans individuality or creative ability. I have seen many extremely boring and frivolous articles written by women receive over fifteen compliments....   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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The Evolution of Communication

- The Evolution of Communication Since the earliest of years, communication has been an important part of life. The term communication is defined as a means to give or interchange thoughts, feelings, information, or the like, by writing, speaking, gesturing, etcetera ( Stein, 298). Communication allows humans and other life-forms to interact with each other and transfer important information. The information transferred could be comprised of anything from a nearby food source to the discovery of fire....   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Information and Electronic Commerce

- Information and Electronic Commerce The communication revolution, industrial revolution and now the electronic revolution have all made life easier for us. Electronic commerce is a small ingredient that has helped this electronic revolution get started, but does it really accommodate the entire population. Electronic commerce itself has had a major impact here in the U.S. with both its people and its economy. It has made us look at trading in a different way, besides traditional trading of concrete materials, "[it involves world trade] of entertainment, information services, technical information… now accounting well over $40 billion of U.S....   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Information Theft

- Information Theft The world grows continually smaller. Each passing day interconnectivity amongst personal computers becomes increasingly normative. These electronic bridges are at the foundation of the networks of networks which comprise the Internet, which was initially a concept developed as a means by which both communication and vast archives of information could be preserved in the event of a nuclear war. The design was simple: a system of information exchange which was indestructible in its redundancy....   [tags: Internet Net World Wide Web Media]

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Semantic Web: An Enhancement of the Current Web

- The vast content of the World-Wide Web is used by millions. Many users employs a search engine to begin their Web activity. The query is usually a list of keywords, and the result returned is also a list of Web pages that may or may not be relevant, typically pages that contain the keywords [4]. The web of today lacks metadata which can be read by other computers. Metadata is data about data, such that, it would be possible to distinguish between 1984 (a number), 1984 (a date), 1984 (a film starring John Hurt) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (a novel by George Orwell)....   [tags: web of tomorrow, search engine, query]

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Knowledge Representation Using Semantic Web Techniques

- The emergence of the World Wide Web (WWW) has brought exciting new possibilities in information access and electronic business. The WWW has grown to be the largest distributed repository of information ever created. Current estimates reveal that the Web currently contains about 3 billion static documents and being accessed by over 500 million users from around the world [6]. Web content consists largely of distributed hypertext and hypermedia, accessible via keyword-based search and link navigation....   [tags: Semantic Web]

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The Unknown World of Web Design

- ... This deep seeded hatred lead to a new project to bring HTML back. The results of this project were finally seen by the public in 2004 with the release of HTML5. HTML5 brought back the simple days were not every line had to be perfect and where shortcuts were a thing. HTML5 was also designed in a way that was more flexible than the original and could move with time. HTML5 brought the next generation of computers with new multimedia integration allowing for web developers to use new levels of multimedia....   [tags: career choices, career opportunities]

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The Gentle Art of Web Pages

- The Gentle Art of Web Pages For the last millennium, adventurous souls have been accessing new and unfamiliar frontiers in search of adventure and a taste of the exotic. The last decade ushered in with it an appeal to the more intrepid members of this small group of people: The Internet. Access to this particular medium has hit an all-time high in the 1990's, and every tekkie has his own celebration of self occupying space on it. However, not all of the sites on the Internet are shameless celebrations of self....   [tags: Web Internet Design Essays Papers]

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Web Page Analysis

- Web Page Analysis While browsing the enormous variety of sites and home pages on the World Wide Web, it is difficult to compare and contrast items that do not have anything in common. How can we say the "Wall Street Journal page" is better than "Joe's Page of Craziness?" Therefore the first step in critiquing web pages is by determining their purpose. The goal of a web page can vary from presenting factual information such as the "CIA Page," or displaying one's own computer generated art. Hence, the only way to judge a page is by examining what it tries to accomplish, and how it achieves its goal....   [tags: Web Design Analysis Essays Papers]

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Web Filtering

- Web Filtering As the Internet continues to grow, so do the vast amount of information and resources that are available. The Internet is the driving force of the information super highway. From online banking to creating your own company to getting historical information about the American Revolution, virtually anything can be found on the Internet today. But because of the mass amount of information that is available there is also material that is not suitable for one to see. From online pornography sites to how to make a bomb these are just the few types of objectionable subject matter that can be found on the Internet....   [tags: Web Internet Censoring Computers Essays]

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