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The Importance of Football in the Movie Varsity Blues

- The Importance of Football in the Movie Varsity Blues Sports play such a huge role in our society; many people form their lives around watching or playing a certain sport. In my house, when football season starts, my dad and brother watch football religiously every Sunday and Monday. On Sundays some of my dad’s friends come over to watch the game, my mom prepares snacks and lunch for “the guys”. When the game is on they are so interested in it, that they have no idea what is going on around them, I try to talk to my dad when the game is on and he always seems to ignore me....   [tags: Varsity Blues Movies Sports Football Essays]

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Cheerleading As A Varsity Sport

- Some states have accepted competitive cheerleading as a varsity sport, but cheerleaders still have to fight for recognition as an athlete because of stereotypical views. Fellow athletes do not see why it should be considered a sport because “it is not as demanding as other sports” ("Competitive Cheerleading Fights"). The definition of an athlete is “a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina” ("Omni Cheer Blog"). As an athlete students must demonstrate their skills in front of a crowd....   [tags: Cheerleading, Cheering]

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Varsity Sports And The Modern School System

- Varsity sports play one of the largest roles in the modern school system. They can one of the most influential parts of a youngling’s experience. However, with that comes great challenges and sociological issues embedded into the sports that show conflict and adversity in certain times. After reviewing some of these issues the true structure of varsity sports may be identified, and possibly reviewed. The first social issue of social division and the ideology of popularity that sport causes in the education system....   [tags: High school, Education, College, School]

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Army Crew Varsity Team Case Study Analysis

- ... Lack of trust and other related psychological issues prevented the Varsity team from synchronizing their rowing even though they were the top individual performers. Following spring break, varsity team members became unhappy and critical of one another. These behaviors were an early indication of a lack of trust needed to be addressed immediately. Trust is paramount in crew. It is important for team members to trust others to correct mistakes, allowing the boat to regain balance and maximum speed (Snook & Polzer, 2004)....   [tags: a coach's dilemma with an underperforming team ]

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My Last High School Varsity Basketball Game

- It 's the day before my last high school varsity basketball game as a senior… Wow four years went by this fast who would have imagined this day would have came. All day I was thinking about the season ending. This game meant everything to me, it wasn 't any ordinary game. It 's a section game. Win or go home.. With it being my last high school game I wanted to close the chapter knowing I gave it my all. Practice was probably the most intense it 's ever been for me. Emotions were flaring and we were all on the grind....   [tags: Basketball, High school, Free throw, Play]

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Varsity Girls Soccer (Worland vs. Powell)

- What seemed to be a very long and difficult game, the Worland High School Varsity Girls come through to winning the game against Powell. Still remaining number one in the 3A division in the state of Wyoming, Worland has put up a fight regarding their loss against Lander last year at state soccer in Jackson, Wyoming. Worland’s very first game of the season this year in 2014 was against Jackson. The defending state champions were demolished by the Warriors, and Jackson also did not score a single goal....   [tags: being a family in a sport]

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Personal Narrative- Varsity Volleyball

- Personal Narrative- Varsity Volleyball I first started playing volleyball at a very young age. I was in the seventh grade when my volleyball career started. My sister started playing in the seventh grade and I just wanted to follow her footsteps. My seventh grade year was ok because I had just started out and really didn’t know the game. There was A team and a B team, where A team was better than the B team. I tried my best to be on the A-team, but guess where I ended up, on the B team. No matter what team I was on I never gave up....   [tags: Personal Narrative]

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My Experience At The Varsity Team Captains Of America, Volunteer Projects, Friendships, And Diversity

- I am lucky enough to say that I have had a variety of leadership opportunities and experiences in my life that have led me to be the person I am today. Many of these experiences came from involvement in wrestling, Boy Scouts of America, volunteer projects, friendships, and different employment opportunities. I recurrently underestimate the degree of impact these experiences have had on my life. Although a considerable amount of these have been positive experiences, some of them have definitely been quite challenging....   [tags: Leadership, Skill, Management, Decision making]

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The Varsity Volleyball Team And How We Interact With Each Other

- As I sat there on Saturday morning and watched my team play at the Jonesville dig pink tournament, I noticed many things. I noticed that even though we are a team, we weren 't a team. This was the first time I had looked deep into my team and what I found, was quite sad. There are many reasons why people act the way they do in different situations or just in general. In this paper I will talk about the varsity volleyball team and how we interact with each other throughout the day during a tournament....   [tags: Game, Play, Games, The Black Wall Street Records]

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Basketball Is The Most Important Sport

- Throughout my high school career, I have participated in two Varsity sports: basketball and track. Basketball is the most important sport that I participate in out of the two because I enjoy it the most. I have been on Varsity in track ever since I started the sport Sophomore year. I run track to keep in shape and due to the other athletes in the sport. I have been playing basketball since fourth grade. It has become a major part of my life and has made me the person I am today. I have learned many life lessons from this sport and about being a team player....   [tags: High school, Basketball, Varsity team]

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Why Is Nothing Is Worse?

- Nothing is worse than spending countless hours listening to the clock tick and tock back and forth while studying for the huge midterm at the end of the week. Trying to cram 18 weeks worth of information in one night, memorizing ten different formulas, along with seventy vocabulary words, and wondering why it’s necessary to know these things. That is, until the nerve racking moments, that are filled with anticipation, as the teacher slowly hands back the graded tests one at a time to anxious students who are hanging on the edge of their seats by a thread....   [tags: Failure, Success, Varsity team, Education]

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My Leadership Skills By Sharing New Skills

- If you graduated high school you remember the fast whirlwind of senior year. College applications alone are like a hurricane that won’t give up until it takes everything out of you. They judge you based on grade point average, ACT/SAT scores, and extracurricular activities. Not everyone can have a four point oh grade point average, multiple varsity letters, be president of different organizations, have time for friends and family, and still somehow be a teenager. If you look at a person based solely on their title there aren’t that many leaders....   [tags: High school, Leadership, Learning, Varsity team]

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Graduation Speech : High School

- Going into 9th grade, 8th grade summer I anticipated high school to be this new scary place that I was going to be afraid of. I only knew two people coming from my middle school and one other girl coming from a different school, who I knew from elementary, but had not talk to in a long time. Lucky for me one of the people was my best friend, Khyli. I was beginning high school as the new girl, which I was not excited about. The first year for me wasn’t so scary after all, I made new friends, became friends with Briana again, and simply enjoyed life....   [tags: High school, Friendship, Sophomore]

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The Buddy Field Hockey Program

- Ever since I was seven years old I had been a part of the Hopkinton Buddy Field Hockey program. I started at the youngest age possible without knowing how to hold a stick correctly and worked my way to being a captain of the varsity team my senior year of high school. My seven-year-old self would have never imagined being one of the big girls and being named captain of the varsity team. When it came time, during my senior year, to pair the buddies with the varsity team members, my coach decided to make myself and my co-captain assistant coaches for the youth team instead of pairing us with an elementary student like she normally does....   [tags: Leadership, Communication, Training, Coaching]

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Graduation Speech : My Motto For The Night

- Go big or go home is my motto for the night. Everything I do at this tryout will affect the rest of my junior year and all of senior year. “Hands on your hips, a smile on your lips, spirit in your heart, let’s start,” plays through my mind as the judges stare at you and the person with whom you are trying out. This journey begins several hours before, at the beginning of the day. For several people, it was a typical Thursday. People were thinking about how close it was to the weekend and what they were going to do....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, Cheerleading]

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Personal Narrative : The Story Of Me

- The Story of ME. Basically all of my life I had been a cheerleader, well since I was 5 anyways. My mom was a cheerleader, my nana was a cheerleader, and my sister is going to become a cheerleader, so one could say it was kind of a family tradition to be out under those Friday night lights. When I first started I loved it. I was absolutely one hundred percent committed to that hair bow and those pom-poms, in fact I hardly ever left home without them. I am talking trips to the grocery store, nana’s house, even the doctor’s office....   [tags: Cheerleading, High school, Cheering]

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My First Day Of My Freshman Year

- Dania Fadel Block:7 Junior varsity...Whatt?. On the first day of my freshman year I met my friend Elizabeth...I could 've sworn her name was Elizabeth, she looked like and Elizabeth but her name was Isabella which only took me two weeks to get. It didn 't take long before our friendship got a lot stronger and we soon began to do everything together- homework, shopping, and even sports. Badminton, a sport I have never played but have seen people play it....   [tags: Debut albums, English-language films, Game, Play]

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Turning My Failures to Success

- Traditionally, failure is seen as a negative concept and is defined as lacking success. I, on the other hand, try to put a positive spin on everything in life. I see failure as obstacle that is experienced by all, but it does not define an individual. Failure in essence will force an individual to be more receptive to their surroundings and actions and also will force an individual to mature. Looking back on my childhood years I can now pinpoint the areas where I failed and I can confidently say that I have grown and prospered due to those failures....   [tags: mature, attention, management, anti-social]

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The High School Football Level

- There are many things in life that have their unique differences. Every level of Football has its 's differences, but there are some differences that matter the most. Different things have to be done from the high school level to the college level, and to the national level of football. There are different requirements needed in a players ' arsenal to develop a certain football leveled skill-set. This essay is about the difference between the high school football level and the professional football level....   [tags: National Football League, American football]

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The Balancing Act: A Journey into the Life of a Student Athlete

- An average day for freshman football player Greyson Felner consists of an eight hour school day, three hour sports practice, two hour homework load, and maybe, if he has time, an one or so hour block of free time. However, these are just statistics, and they vary far and wide depending on the particular student. This then begs the question: How does a student manage both school and sports. What are their universal thoughts and worries and joys in relation to this. When asked, each student athlete is more than capable of listing a slew of joys they experience in relation to being on a high school sports team....   [tags: managing school and sports]

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How Baseball Has Changed My Life

- Exceeding Expectations Everyone in this world has that one thing that they are very passionate about. Being passionate about something is taking the time and effort to better yourself in that particular thing. The thing that I am most passionate about is baseball. Two important things that baseball has taught me in life is to never give up, and to never take anything for granted. I have played baseball since I was 3 years old. Since I have played the sport for so long I have had many ups and downs....   [tags: Baseball, Major League Baseball, Manager]

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The Day Of A Game

- It was a cold winter morning, and I was feeling very tired. The only thing that I knew was getting me through the day was the basketball game. I was walking through the halls going to my classes thinking about what would happen tonight. I had many mixed feelings going through my head from being scared, to super excited. I knew that whatever happened tonight would change everything. The day of a game was always one of the most exciting days. I wanted to be a basketball player. It was getting closer to game time....   [tags: Basketball, Game, Luck, Warming up]

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Logos, Ethos, And Pathos

- Analysis essay Pictures say a thousand words. In the art of persuasion, a picture can give tremendous aid to get acertain point across. Political cartoons show the problems a nation has through just a picture and a few word bubbles or in a series of pictures. Politics is a hard subject to wrap ones head around because there are so many problems in a nation and citizens have different opinions on what 's right or wrong, or even what is more important. Artists use cartoons to cleverly persuade and inform othger with the use of Aristotle’s three appeals....   [tags: United States, Rhetoric, Isis, Osiris]

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American Cheerleader: The Icon, The Stereotype, and The Truth

- Many have seen her. Many know her. But who is the American cheerleader. Is she a blond haired, blue eyed sex symbol. Is she a drug-addicted girl with no brains and even fewer moral values. Maybe she is just your average, pretty, girl-next-door with a loud voice and lots of spirit. What is clearly true is that cheerleading and cheerleaders have evolved greatly over a century-long history. What started as one bold college student has turned into an activity with over 3 million participants (Brady 1); one that is backed by a $150 million industry (Williams 2)....   [tags: Sports ]

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Personality As Defined By The Merriam Webster Dictionary

- Personality as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “the set of emotional qualities, ways of behaving, etc., that makes a person different from another person”(Personality). Personality can refer to intellectual qualities like intelligence, way of speech, thinking and reasoning abilities and also to social characteristics like sociability, generosity, and kindness, etc. Certain characteristics judge people as to having strong or weak personalities, good and bad personalities. But what is it that makes someone have a strong personality....   [tags: Leadership, Personality psychology, High school]

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Taking a Closer Look at Michael Jordan

- Michael Jordan I chose Michael Jordan for my report because he is an inspiration to me and is the greatest basketball player ever. He was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. His parents names are James and Deloris Jordan. James Jordan made a living as a mechanic and Deloris made a living as a bank teller(world biography). Michael has four siblings, two were boys and the other two were girls. His brothers names were James R. Jordan jr. and Larry Jordan. His sisters names were Deloris and Roslyn Jordan(Google)....   [tags: all time NBA superstars]

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The Literacy Narrative Rd 1

- Literacy Narrative RD 1 As most children did, I had the choice to play whatever sport I wanted. Considering my height, 5’10, most would assume that I played either basketball or volleyball. No one expected me to play tennis, and was surprised when I said that I did. During my elementary years, I played softball for seven years, and when I hit eighth grade, I decided to play tennis. My decision came about because of my sister. I had always followed closely in her footsteps because I looked up to her a lot, so when I saw she was playing; I wanted to try it out too....   [tags: High school, Ninth grade, Tenth grade]

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My Application For A Scholarship

- I would like to start off by thanking you for taking the time to consider my application for this scholarship. I am currently a senior at Keystone High School and will be graduating at the end of May. With graduation approaching, I am getting closer and closer to becoming a full member of society and doing my part to help the community. However, in order to be a productive member of society it is wise to further one’s education at college or technical instituted. I have decided that it would be best for me to attend college and obtain a degree....   [tags: High school, Higher education, College]

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Derek Jeter: Before A World Champion

- The Life of Derek Jeter: Before a World Champion "Derek Jeter, a professional ballplayer for the Yankees…" are the exact words Derek Jeter, himself, used in his eighth-grade yearbook (Jeter xvi). For as long as he could remember, Jeter has longed to be a New York Yankee. Fifteen years after predicting he would be a professional ballplayer for the Yankees, Derek Jeter is now more than a Yankee. Jeter isn't only a Yankee; he is a family guy and a World Champion. His career started when he was five years old, and everything has evolved from there....   [tags: Biography Biographies Bio]

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Why I Join The Basketball Team

- Although I have not considered myself an outsider in many circumstances, I can think of some certain situations where I have felt different or left out in some way. Many times going to a new school or joining a new sports team causes you to feel a little overwhelmed. Taking on so many new things can lead you to feel quite out of place at times. When I decided to join the basketball team my freshman year of high school this was exactly the case. I had just began my freshman year which, is enough stress and struggle as it is....   [tags: High school, Basketball, Sports terminology]

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How I Exhibit the Four Pillars of the National Honor Society

- The National Honor Society is based off of four pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. School is an extremely important part of anyone’s life, and I feel blessed that I have had the opportunity to attend Lutheran schools from Kindergarten until the present. Our Shepherd Lutheran and Lutheran High Northwest have helped me to grow in my faith and to continue to grow academically as well. Attending these schools has also allowed me to participate in many different extra-curricular activities such as Varsity Soccer in my freshman year, Varsity Track my sophomore year, Pit Band for school musicals, Jazz band, and Pep band....   [tags: Leadership, Scholarship, Service]

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Why I Started Playing Basketball

- Generally speaking it is every freshman dream to play varsity. In my case, however, it is quite the opposite. I started playing basketball in the seventh grade. For me a the time it was just a way for me to pass the time and stay in shape of track. I ended up playing into my eighth and freshman year or high school. Its was a lot of fun and I was having a good time. As soon as the summer going into highschool hit, things made a complete one eighty. I went to work under the varsity coach. He was a tough man to work under....   [tags: Learning, Play, 2008 albums]

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Biography of Michael Jordan

- Biography of Michael Jordan Michael Jordan was born on January 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York and was raised in Wilmington, North Carolina. He has two brothers, is married, and has three kids. He is considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time (Kornbluth). My focus will be on his hardships, accomplishments, and people who influenced him. First, I would like to touch on some general information about Michael....   [tags: Papers]

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Application Essay for Deerfield

- First of all, I want to go to the same school with my brother. Being twins, I feel like a half piece of me is in California and another half in Massachusetts. It is not normal for twins to be separated, they should be together. Phillip and I have been so close growing up. He is my best friend. I miss my brother a lot because he lives 2,987.1 miles away. Thanksgiving Breaks and Christmas Breaks are precious to me because I get to enjoy time with my twin brother. It pains me to wave goodbye to Phillip at the airport because I will not see him for another 2 or so months....   [tags: education, tutor, academics]

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tough choices

- I was asked to think back about something memorable and to write an essay about a life’s lesson learned. In high school, soccer was very important to me. It was my favorite sport. My freshman year I decided to pick and focus on only one of the many sports I had played in the passed. I came to the conclusion that I should play soccer considering it was one I was strongest at. I also enjoyed soccer more than the other sports I had played because it was a tough sport, which was a challenge to me....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Policy Of Cutting Students From High School Sports Versus The No Cut Policy

- The policy of cutting students from high school sports versus the no-cut policy has been a highly discussed dispute. Regardless of the requests of some parents to stop cutting kids in high school sports, evidence from Barry Temkin in the Chicago Tribune suggests that cutting high schoolers from sports should be an action taken by high school coaches. Some high schools struggle with managing money (add more)... Not only would cutting kids be necessary and beneficial, it gives students an opportunity to work harder or discover a sport that is perfectly fit for them....   [tags: High school, Basketball, College, School]

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Can Having your First Job as a Teenager Really Change your Life?

- ... However, keeping a job can be one of the most challenging parts of any teenager’s life, especially while being in school. In the beginning of my sophomore year of high school, I started working as a paid-intern at the Newark Museum. My main duties are to scan papers and library books, post upcoming events on the Newark Museum’s website, give tours throughout the main exhibits of the museum itself, and participate in events held at the Newark Museum, serving nearly 20,000 visitors annually. During the school week, I work four to eight hours a week, in addition to attending weekly meetings....   [tags: memories and experience, college basketball]

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Michael Jord The Greatest Basketball Player Of All Time

- Everyone knows that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, and the “Flu Game” is a perfect example as to why Jordan is. He had to battle the flu in a very important playoff game. Michael Jordan had so much ambition and aptitude in him that he was able to battle through it and make the game winning bucket. Jordan is a prime example of a kid working hard to achieve his life goals. Michael Jordan pushed himself to greater heights and this proved to people that he was such a great player....   [tags: Michael Jordan, National Basketball Association]

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Communication Is The Most Important Tool When Building Relationships

- Communication is the most important tool when building relationships. The term “it is not what you say, but how you say it” should be applied to everyday life. As humans we are constantly building relationships whether professional or social. In order to better understand the key components of communication, we will look at the types of feedback, the appropriate channels to be utilized, noise, and context. This information will supply the tools to utilize the communication theory the in order to sustain healthy relationships....   [tags: Communication, Nonverbal communication]

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The Stellar Attitude and Career of Michael Jordan

- “If somebody says no to you, or if you get cut, Michael Jordan was cut his first year, but he came back and he was the best ever. That is what you have to have. The attitude that I'm going to show everybody, I'm going to work hard to get better and better” (Magic Johnson). The quote above couldn’t be any truer. Michael Jordan epitomized that. Jordan is an influential person of the 20th century because of his determination to play, success in the NBA, and the legacy he left. Michael Jordan was a hard worker from the beginning of his life to today....   [tags: basketball, legacy, all-star]

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Can a Job Really Change Your Life?

- ... She knew I would be an excellent candidate for the program, would be able to balance my schoolwork along with being on basketball and arriving to work, and would have a lot to give in the workplace and the community. The fact that I had my first job at age 15 meant that I was no longer a kid and I was making progress towards success. I started working at the Newark Museum during my sophomore year. I’ve been on several field trips and college tours, met a lot of people, and made new friends. There were many wonderful opportunities offered during this paid-internship Science Program which I’ve taken great advantage, such as collaborating with the head director of the Newark Museum, working...   [tags: work, teenager, money, community]

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Norman A. Fennell Memorial Scholarship Recipient Letter

- As I watched my older siblings board the school bus, I could not wait until it was my turn. Since the first day of school, teachers always asked if I was Ashley, Dan, Steffany or Chris’ little brother and that was okay for a while. I am outgoing and competitive and it comes from being the youngest of five children and wanting to leave my own mark. I proudly admit I was that kid that other kids looked at and thought, “This is only gym class, not the Olympics”, because that is how I tried to approach things; all or nothing....   [tags: Student, High School, Example]

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Multiculturalism : The American And Mexican Culture

- Ismael Aguirre Multiculturalism in the US Class: 702 Instructor: Sarah L. Colome “Identity” In today’s society there are many words that are used or said without giving it complete thought. For example, the word “identity” is something to which I have never really given much thought or even considered how I identify myself. I am a young Mexican American male growing up in the United States. I identify with both American and Mexican culture. Culture to me is what made you the person that you are today and will also have a major impact in your future....   [tags: Mexican American, United States, New Mexico]

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High School Athletes Should Not Be Banned

- The emotion is intense. Everyone in the gym is on the edge of his or her seat. Time is expiring as the final shot for the win sails through the air. The buzzer sounds… Athletics are a critical element of high school lives--whether it be playing for or supporting one’s team. In order to accomplish success in a season, these supporting individuals are forced to rely on a select few of premier athletes. From day one of tryouts, these athletes are crafted and molded based on their hard work as well as their ability to play in accordance with the coach’s style....   [tags: High school, Learning, Bench, Play]

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Big High School Vs. Small High Schools

- Big High Schools vs. Small High Schools Population ranges from town to town; a place could be very big or quite the opposite. Stephenson, Michigan, is the little town in which I have done a majority of my growing up. In this little town I have made memories to last me a lifetime. These memories range from adventures out and about to many simpler, yet important, ones that I have made during my 11 years at school. Resembling the town, Stephenson High School is also small. There are many high schools that could resemble my own; there is also others schools that could be much smaller....   [tags: High school, Teacher, College, Education]

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Why Procrastinators Procrastinate By Tim Urban Procrastination

- The world is filled with billions of people. Each one of them being unique in their own way none of them are the same. Although they are all different there is a unique characteristic that they all share or in other words have in commun. what is amazing about it is that they don 't even notice it. right now you might be thinking to yourself what exactly is that characteristic that makes us humans similar to one another in a way. Well you see no matter what race, culture ethnicity, skin color, or even the language you speak, we are all “procrastinators”....   [tags: Time management, Procrastination, Perfectionism]

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Greatest Basket Ball Player: Michael Jordan

- Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known as MJ, is a person everyone has heard about sometime in their life. Many consider him the greatest basketball player of all time. With his attributes and wits, he never lost hope. “Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation” (“Michael Jordan Quotes”). Which is what he was good at otherwise he wouldn’t have 6 National Championships. One example of his attributes was on June 11, 1997, Michael Jordan had come down with the flu. He was not supposed to show, but at pregame warm ups he was there....   [tags: mj, attributes, biography]

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A Brief Biography of Micahel Jordan

- What makes a champion. Michael Jordan is one of the greatest champions this world has ever seen. He is recognized for his remarkable dunks, ball handling skills, and achievements that he received while playing in the NBA. Michael is considered to be the best NBA player of all time. What is it that made him such a great player and champion. (Espn.go/nba/player/bio/_/id/1035) Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963 in the city of Brooklyn, New York. At the age of one him and his family moved to North Carolina....   [tags: basketball greats, sports superstars]

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Personal Statement : Practice Makes Perfect

- “Practice makes perfect” was a phrase that I heard ever since I was able to walk and dribble a soccer ball with feet. At a young age I learned soccer was my passion, and it just so happened to be my fathers too. I’ve always been an average sized, athletic built girl. I’ve been torn down, built back up, and torn back down again by my father. He always wanted me to be the best, not just in his eyes, but everyone’s. That is a lot of pressure for a young woman, who is trying balancing a social life, school, and sleeping all at the same time....   [tags: Association football, Football]

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Playing Time : High School Athletes

- Playing Time The emotion is intense. Everyone in the gym is on the edge of his or her seat. Time is expiring as the final shot for the win sails through air. The buzzer sounds… Athletics are a critical element of high school lives--whether it be playing for or supporting one’s team. In order to accomplish success in a season, these supporting individuals are forced to rely on a select few of premier athletes. From day one of tryouts, these athletes are crafted and molded based on their hard work as well as their ability to play in accordance with the coach’s style....   [tags: High school, Learning, Bench, Play]

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Women Vs. Female High School Sports

- Is laying out a girl okay if it is on a football field. Most males are taught never to hit a female, so why should we force young males to be put in a situation were they have to hit one. Would it be okay to hit a female off the field. This could stir up some problems with the males when they get older. Men fight with other men because they were allowed to hit each other on a field. If we allow the females to get hit by the males on the field would they think they could do the same when they are not playing....   [tags: Female, Gender, Male, Sex]

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Graduation Speech At Chancellor High School

- In 2011, I tried out for competitive fall cheer at Chancellor High school,as a result I made Varsity. I freshman on a Varsity Competitive cheer team. I was very special, but I didn 't know what I was getting into. When I first became a varsity cheer team teammate, my coach decided that I be an alternate. Despite the fact I was enjoying my journey of an alternate, It didn 't last long before she actually put me on the mat. Just like all the other new cheerleaders, I believed that cheering was just prancing around school and yelling chants about my school 's football team....   [tags: Cheerleading, Cheering, Confidence, Flip]

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William Blake 's ' Blake '

- “Beep, beep, beep” goes the alarm as Blake rolls over, shaking his head. It was the first day of his senior year in high school and he was already looking forward to his last. As he rushed to throw on a pair of jeans and a hoodie, he heard his moms voice echo up the stairs, “Blake. Breakfast is ready…Hurry up so you’re not late on your first day!” Within the next 10 minutes, he managed to eat breakfast, throw on his backpack and head out the front door. Blake lived 5 minutes from the school so he was never in a rush....   [tags: American football, High school, End zone]

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The Importance of Overcoming Failures

- ... To fix this matter, I requested the help of a tutor. With my tutor’s help, my grades improved. At first, I was self-conscious about how others see me and thought that I would not succeed at anything with the way was doing at school. But as I worked hard in school, my self-conscious nature decreased and I began to believe in myself academically. Since my early childhood, I would often isolate myself in my room all day. Although I was content with this, my family wanted me to enjoy life. They encouraged me doing sports but I had no interest at the time....   [tags: learning from mistakes, personal reflection]

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Brave New World Vs. U.S

- Who knew that in 1932 Huxley would be able to predict our world today basically for what it is but in a less realistic manner. When writing Brave New World 80 some years ago he predicted the increase in drug addictions, the more advanced way of life, as well as the lack of emotions the world would have after all those years. He knew that not only the world would grow cold but kids and adults would’ve unattached from one another like we have. While reading “Brave New World” you wouldn’t think it sounds much like our society today, but when looking at the basic outline of how things are in the book and how they are becoming now you see that there are more similarities than you would think base...   [tags: Aldous Huxley predicted our world today]

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What Playing Basketball Taught Me

- “Our deepest fear is not that were are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?” This is one of my favorite quotes to which I associate with greatly. It derives from the book A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles" by Marianne Williamson. Now because of hard work I have overcome adversity and almost reached the point in my life where I am content with myself....   [tags: college essay]

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My Elementary And Middle School

- My Elementary and Middle School years were characterized by a consistent and dedicated work ethic, which was critical in maintaining good grades. While my high school years are highlighted by many accomplishments, which I regard with a higher sense of pride, as they were all accomplished despite any obstacles my disability imposed. During my first year of high school, I did not have as solid of a start as I would have liked. I maintained a good GPA as an honors student, but also received my first disappointing grade....   [tags: High school, Secondary school, Middle school]

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The Baseball Of Stillwater Baseball

- Stillwater Baseball can be defined as a hard working unit, of which all the components want the same thing, a state championship. Stillwater Area High School has a great tradition of baseball and has had many great collegiate and some professional players come out of it’s program. One of these legends is, Glen Perkins, an all star pitcher that was in the class of 2001. He is a role model to many players not just at Stillwater, but all over the state. Stillwater’s baseball tradition runs deep through its current players but as well in former players....   [tags: High school, College, Secondary school, Baseball]

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Paul Walker's Life and Movies

- “If one day speed kills me, don’t be sad because I died smiling” Born in California in 1973, Paul Walker made his debut in the 1986 horror spoof Monster in Your Closet. After appearing in a couple television shows in the 1990s staring Charles in Charge, Who's the Boss, The Young and the Restless, Walker gained attention with a role in the film Varsity Blues, and his TV days were officially in the past. After working in movies like She's All That and The Skulls, Paul got his role in 2001 with The Fast and the Furious, which would become his star vehicle and keep him busy through four sequels....   [tags: paul walker, fast and furious, speed]

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My Greatest Moment

- I remember one of the greatest moments of my high school career. I have played lacrosse since seventh grade and every year I’ve gotten a little better, or at least I hope I have. My first year I understood most of the rules, could catch, throw, and pick up ground balls. My second year I understood all the rules, could pass well and put my shots where I wanted them. My third year of lacrosse was the first time I had played a high school sport so I think that I developed my skills much more than ever before....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Dancing With the Heart

- My fluid movements allowed for no mistakes. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, were going to watch my every move. Dance with your heart. I muttered these words under my breath. This was a pivotal time in my life. I had waited for this moment all season. I wanted to execute each move perfectly, to dance my heart out, not only because of the crowd, but because of something greater which linked my heart to this dance. During my sophomore year at Hotchkiss High School, I joined the Hotchkiss Varsity Dance Team....   [tags: Personal Experience ]

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Who is Walter Payton?

- Walter Payton was born in July 25, 1954. Son of Peter and Alyne Payton, Walter Payton was born in Colombia, Missouri. Walter’s father wasn’t really into football as much as people thought, Peter Payton was a semi-pro baseball player. Walter was had one older brother Eddie, who was born 3 years before Walter but in the near future wasn’t the one to be a football star. Eddie learned a lot about football from his dad, but when Walter was born, he knew he would have competition. At a very young age Walter and Eddie would have pickup games in the backyard....   [tags: AMerican Football, Running Back, Chicago Bears]

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The Stepping-Stones to Life

- When I first joined the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps at my new school, I had no idea what I getting myself into nor what my future would entail. One day, my close friend of mine suggested me to attend one their practices – so I did. Upon my entrance, my eyes were opened to a completely different environment, something that I had never experienced before. The moment I open the door, I saw both males and females screaming at the top of their lungs in their attempt to do as many pushups their body would allow whilst their partners were valiantly cheering them on....   [tags: naval junior reserve officer training corps]

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Michael Jordan: The Legend

- The 1970s were the most enigmatic years in the NBA’s first half century, best noted for its parity. According to many sports fans and critics, Michael Jordan is one of the most notoriously talented athletes of the twentieth and twenty-first century. His success and accomplishments on the basketball court helped to turn the spotlight towards the NBA during the eighties and nineties. Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York (Michael Jordan). He was the fourth of five children born to James and Deloris Jordan....   [tags: basketball, player, court, sports]

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Cheerleading is a Sport

- Because some cheerleading squads don’t compete, society thinks of it merely as a physical activity. Even though cheerleaders’ main purpose is to support other athletic activities, cheer squads whom compete, follow all physical criteria to be considered a sport. Cheerleaders put forth an incredible amount of determination. They practice tirelessly to show off their skills, with little or no recognition for their efforts. Cheerleading is a sport because it requires physical fitness, skill, dedication, and stamina....   [tags: competition, all-star squad, hazardous]

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Water Polo Fictional Story

- About : Winner plays for the varsity water polo team for the YG Institute of Music. When they play their rivals, EXO of SM Academy, Winner is confronted by players that not only rival them in skill but also in love. Prologue: Seungyoon threw his bag down on the pool deck, squinting from the glare of the sun off the water. Taehyun followed close behind, setting his bag down next to his hyung's, holding one hand to his forehead, shading his eyes. "SM Academy today?" he asked. Seungyoon nodded, casting a glare over to the other team....   [tags: Sports, Pool]

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Biography of Michael Jordan

- Michael Jeffrey Jordan is a person everyone has heard about sometime in their life. Many consider him the greatest Basketball player of all time. With his attributes and wits he never lost hope. “Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation” (“Michael Jordan Quotes”). Which is what he was good at otherwise he wouldn’t have 6 National Championships. One example of his attributes was on June 11, 1997, Michael Jordan had come down with the flu. He was not suppose to show, but at pregame warm ups he was there....   [tags: basketball player, nba]

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Problems With Looking ?un Neat? On The Playing Field

- Problems with looking “un neat” on the playing field As a sophomore on the Cocoa High’s Varsity girl soccer team, I can truly say that our appearance on the field looks revolting as a whole. It simply ruins our reputation, even before we compete. Everyone, even our own school assumed that we have little or no chance winning the game. We get no support at all. That really upset my team and me. Joking around about out school record can go but too far. Yes it’s true that we don’t have a strong girl soccer record....   [tags: essays research papers]

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My Personal Support Group (Cheerleading)

- My Personal Support Group Honors I am often sorry that my parents did not take it upon themselves to enroll me in any recreational activities in my preadolescent years. I believe that sports are an integral part of growing up. They provide an opportunity to meet and interact with peers. Numerous occasions I can recall feeling excluded from the group because of my lack of involvement. Although I have to admit, I am not a tough girl. Most likely I would not excel in any contact sport. Cheerleading tryouts proved to be a revelation....   [tags: essays research papers]

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College Sports - Do We Need More Women's Soccer?

- We Need More Women's Soccer.    The sport of soccer is taking the country by storm. Whether being played on beaches, in parking lots, in alleyways, or on regulation "pitches," soccer has finally been embraced by Americans of all ages. More specifically, women's soccer has soared to new levels in the past fifteen years. "Women's [college] soccer is riding an expansion boom that shows little sign of letting up. By 2004, there will probably be more Division I women's programs than men's programs" (Kennedy 9)....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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President George Bush

- George W. Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut on July 6, 1946. Just like other presidents, he had his good times and his bad times. He was the forty-third president of The United States. Because of those who had preceded him in The Oval Office, he understood the importance of being the Commander in Chief. In all of the events that happened during his presidency he never gave up on his country (Biography; Gale: Vol 21). The Bush family moved to Texas when George was only two years old. George Herbert Walker Bush, George’s father, had just graduated from Yale and wanted to attempt a living in the oil business....   [tags: leader, commander, chief]

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The Impact of Michael Jordan

- December 21, 1891- The birth of basketball. It has been changed from simply shooting a soccer ball into a peach basket to dunking a seven pound, leather ball into an iron rim. In the early years of the game, basketball was not as popular as other sports. In the 1985 NBA draft all this would change with the emergence of a 6'6" basketball phenomenon from Wilmington, North Carolina. Although going third in the draft, he recreated the game and is known as the best player to ever touch a basketball; he is Michael Jordan....   [tags: Basketball Michael Jordan]

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Parents Pay For Crimes

- Where Will I End Up. Where will I end up. That was the question that ran through my head as a high school student athlete at least a hundred times a day. I knew and was told that I had the natural talent and the work ethic to get to the college level, to play football. It all started my freshmen year, my first year organized football at my high school Grosse Pointe North. Where I was just messing around one day before practice kicking the football around. The kicking coach had taken notice and told me that I had the natural talent and leg strength to become a solid and well-developed place kicker....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Tom Brady 's Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates, You Never Know What You 're Gon Na

- Forrest Gump once said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. Even though Forrest was not the brightest star in the sky, he most definitely knew how to describe life. Siddhartha leaves his family and goes on an adventure to find himself. Just like I plan to do very soon by leaving my family and going to college. As a young boy I always dreamed of being an NFL football player. Much like Siddhartha looked up to the buddha I looked up to someone that has achieved what I wanted achieve....   [tags: American football, High school]

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Lessons I Learned From The Cradle Of The Grave, Life Never Stops Overwhelming Us With Information

- From the cradle to the grave, life never stops overwhelming us with information. What we hold true today, may be irrelevant tomorrow. Despite constant advancements in science and technology, a few lessons will stay with us forever. We each learned nine times nine is eighty-one, and the Fourth of July will always be Independence Day. What of the lessons we learn through hardship, from the kindness of classmates, lessons not found in the teacher’s lesson planner. Throughout our educational lives, we learned myriads of facts, but specific experiences influenced us and made us who we are....   [tags: Learning, Education, High school, Failure]

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Difference Between Team Teams And Team Members And The Degree Of Attractiveness For Team Employees

- Cohesion in teams is defined as the closeness of interpersonal bonds within team members and the degree of attractiveness for team members for the team itself. Also, cohesion in team is defined as a dynamic process that is described by a group’s tendency to stay together until the task is achieved. During my tenure at BHS I have experienced many athletic endeavors as well as coached many different types of teams. The team I would like to discuss today is our football program from last year. From a cohesive standpoint, this team is completely different and far more successful than any other team I have coached in the past....   [tags: Team, The A-Team, Sociology, Cohesion]

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I Am A. A Firm Believer That People Are A Product Of Their Environment

- To really know somebody you have to know where they came from. I am a firm believer that people are a product of their environment. I am from southeast Washington DC. It was rough growing up but it really made me who I am. My mom did everything she could to make the most out of the situation. I must have went to at least four different elementary schools from pre-kindergarten to kindergarten, but my oldest sister had it the worst. She had to ride multiple trains and buses in order to get to her high school....   [tags: High school, College, Academic term, Maryland]

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Why I Am A College Scouts And A Scholarship Offer From Wake Forest University

- Early childhood I was involved in playing two sports which were basketball and football until the time came that I had to choose one. My initial decision was basketball until I was influenced to switch sports by my closest friends just when I thought I was committed in playing basketball. My parents were not very keen on me playing sports, but had tons of support from my friends and siblings. The high school I attended which was Alief Taylor high school had a very strong recruiting system which was because of the coaches we had and talented athletes....   [tags: American football, National Football League]

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The League Of Legends Is A Fast Paced, Competitive Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

- In 2012, 8.2 million people huddled around their monitors tuning in to watch a tournament. One year later, 32 million fans tuned in to witness the same tournament, with a peak of over 8.5 million people watching at the same time. That’s a 390 percent growth in audience in the span of one year. This tournament was the League of Legends World Championship. In perspective, 26.4 million people tuned in to watch the NBA finals in the same year. League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive multiplayer online battle arena, combining the tactical intensity of a real-time strategy game with the character development and ability-based combat of a role-playing game....   [tags: Game, Play, Video game genres, Video game]

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Notes On The ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

- The pressure was on as the timer beeped for all basketball players to come back on court after half-time. Richmond Spirit and my team, the James River Eagles, were tied 11-11. The crowd waited in anticipation; no one would have expected us to tie with the top team in the league. It was clear something was different about our team of merely eight. As I reflect upon that game, I had always thought it was our physical strength. Yet, as I write this, I have come to realize it was not our skills that lead to our previous wins and tying with Richmond Spirit....   [tags: Basketball]

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