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Where Will I End Up?

Where will I end up? That was the question that ran through my head as a high school student athlete at least a hundred times a day. I knew and was told that I had the natural talent and the work ethic to get to the college level, to play football. It all started my freshmen year, my first year organized football at my high school Grosse Pointe North. Where I was just messing around one day before practice kicking the football around. The kicking coach had taken notice and told me that I had the natural talent and leg strength to become a solid and well-developed place kicker. I had then earned the starting job by my first ever career football game, and have made a great career out of it so far, and hope to keep it going.

I never thought that I would become a kicker I thought that was the pretty boy position on the football team, little did I know that was my ticket to a college football career. I had an average freshmen season, but what do you expect from a freshmen kicker? Most teams at the freshmen level don’t even have a guy that can kick at all. I thought that I was the “man.” By the time that my sophomore football season rolled around I was a much-improved kicker, I worked out mostly everyday all summer long with my cousin who was a pro recruit at the time, he was the one who really taught me what you really needed to know about kicking. All summer we worked on my technique and accuracy.

The first week of my sophomore football season the coaches took immediate notice to my improvement, I was then offered the opportunity to try out for the varsity by the head coach. I was very excited but also nervous at the same time, this was like a dream come true. My high school has a very rich tradition for football, and for a sophomore to play at the varsity level is rare. So the following week I worked out with the varsity and made the team. I was pumped I was looked at differently by everyone some in a good way but also a lot in a bad way, the bad way was that a lot of my friends were jealous of the opportunity that I had and this brought me down a little.
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