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The Influence of the Russian Language on Russian Culture

- The Russian language belongs to the Indo-European family, along with other east Slavonic languages Belarusian and Ukrainian. The Russian language, fairly young, came from a common predecessor: Common Slavonic, which was divided as the Slavic people immigrated in around the 5th century AD. Brothers St. Cyril and St. Methodius, in 863 AD were sent to Moravia (currently the Czech Republic) to translate the Gospel into Slavic. This script was later known as the Glagolitic script. The old Cyrillic alphabet had 44 letters, including Greek numerals was adopted by the eastern Slavs; it became the script used by Russians....   [tags: Russian Language Essays]

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The History of the Russian Revolution

- The Russian Revolution is a widely studied and seemingly well understood time in modern, European history, boasting a vast wealth of texts and information from those of the likes of Robert Service, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Allan Bullock, Robert Conquest and Jonathan Reed, to name a few, but none is so widely sourced and so heavily relied upon than that of the account of Leon Trotsky, his book “History of the Russian Revolution” a somewhat firsthand account of the events leading up to the formation of the Soviet Union....   [tags: Russian History ]

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Russian Revolution of 1917

- A great struggle went on in Russia in the early 1900s. The Russian people were being oppressed by the Czarist government, just as African-Americans in the early 20th century were being oppressed by segregation. Just as Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, the Russian people dreamed of revolution. One day they might be able to own their own farms and their own cows. They had a chance to make all this happen one day. The city of Petrograd burst with protest, and the workers opened the doors to freedom and prosperity....   [tags: Russian History ]

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The Russian Revolution : A Result Of The Disregard

- The Russian Revolution: As a result of The Disregard For The Voice of the Russian Civilians The Russian Revolution will be forever remembered as a significant part of Russia’s history due to its significant impact on her government and people.It is agreed apon that Russians did revolt against their government because of the deterioration of the overall economic and social strength of Russia. Famine was at an all time high and civilians struggled to receive supplies during World War I to support their families.Simultaneously, the Duma which was part of Russia’s provisional government created after the first wave of revolution in 1905, was experiencing conflict with Czar Nicholas II over...   [tags: Russia, Russian Empire, Soviet Union]

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The Russian Revolution Of The 20th Century

- The Russian Revolution was the most important revolution in the 20th century. This revolution is one of the most important in history. This revolution was against economic oppression meaning the class higher lower and middle were being affected. The main causes of the Russian revolution were the wars that Russia was in which affected the economy. Russia lost most of the wars except for one. These wars caused workers to riot because there pay was low due to the fact most of the money was used for the war....   [tags: Soviet Union, Russia, Russian Empire]

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The Russian Revolution Of 1917

- To fully understand the Russian Revolution of 1917, people should first of all understand it’s reasons. In 1861, the serfdom in Russia was abolished, many people thought of it as a moment of radical changes. However, peasants’ life did not change much: they still were oppressed and had to work for the landowners, pay taxes, and most important they did not own the land that they worked on. Low classes’ standard of living remain extremely poor. The agrarian reforms of the early 20th century had failed and occurrence of revolts started to increase....   [tags: Russia, Russian Empire, Soviet Union]

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The Russian Revolution Of September 1917

- The Russian Revolution The Russian Revolution of March 1917 is one of the most widely studied areas of history. As such, this leads to many discussions of the events surrounding the revolution and leaves a bit of a dispute in how it came to be, as there are many aspects we must question in order to answer this. For instance the role Tsar Nicholas II played in the collapse of his authority in which he exercised poor judgement and an inability to rule during this time (Orlando Figes, pg 19); the extreme discontent from peasants who had long grown tired of the pitiful rations and the oppressive Tsarist regime (S....   [tags: Russian Empire, Russia, Nicholas II of Russia]

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Russian Strategic Submarine Force – Nuclear Deterrence with Uncertainty

- Lurking the depths of international waters, there are strategic ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) waiting to carry out national-level orders to deliver nuclear destruction of adversary targets. Until that chilling moment comes, SSBNs remain five (soon to be six) nations’ most-survivable strategic deterrence delivery platforms. Their role is as much about deterring a nuclear attack as actually carrying out such a launch mission. SSBNs found their place in the Russian strategic triad early in the Cold War, yet today their operational readiness (and role as a deterrent) appears threatened – from their own nation....   [tags: Russian Military]

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The Russian Revolution Of 1914

- Introduction Russia is generally apportioned the benefit of having introduced a political phenomenon that basically provided an alternative for capitalism; communism. Since this concept was only set in motion at the turn of the 20th century, we can therefore deduce that, to a large extent, Russia is, to most people, synonymous with leaders such as Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, and Gorbachev. This supposition is entirely based on the premise that the Russian revolution of 1914 inherently altered the socio-cultural and socio-political direction of the nation, bringing into birth a never before envisioned era where Russia was not ruled by the Tsars, but by simple men; men who spoke to and articul...   [tags: Russia, Russian Empire, Peter I of Russia, Tsar]

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The Russian Tsars' Control of the Kazakh Steppe

- To what extent and in what ways did Russian Tsars control the Kazakh steppe between 1820 and 1890. During political Kazakh khans of three Hordes gave oaths and signed papers of their inclusion to Russian Empire. Although the documents were signed, both sides did not obey them . Empire had not got any actual political power in the beginning of 19th century in Kazakh steppe, and numerous anti-Russian rebellions support this claim. The document of “Ustav o Sibirskih Kirgizah, 1822” made it possible to gain control of the steppe by creating a system with new approach of ‘divide and rule’....   [tags: Russian Empire, Control]

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Yeltsin and Russian History

- There would be no more elections for three years, until the Parliamentary elections of 1999. With the 1998 Russian Financial Crisis and given his old age, it was time for Yeltsin to go. His health had been an issue for years, but he had not been ready to name a successor. Prior to the election, Yeltsin fired his entire cabinet and two prime ministers, eventually landing on Vladimir Putin, who was relatively unknown at the time. After Putin swiftly shut down the Chechen terrorist attack and proclaimed that “Russian Army will chase down the terrorists”, his popularity exploded....   [tags: Russian Financial Crisis, Vladimir Putin]

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Russian Revolution

- Russia had been an autocratic government for 300 years under the Romanov Dynasty before the revolution of 1917. When problems started in the early 1900’s most people were serfs that had been freed about 20 years before. In 1914 during World War One, Czar Nicholas II decided to stay in war with Germany despite what the rest of his country thought. Nicholas posed a distraction from the countries problems. His plan was to keep his soldiers minds off of the horrible living conditions of Russia by staying in war with Germany and starting a war with Japan in hope that he would lead his country to a victory; both wars were lost, giving Russian citizens more to be upset about....   [tags: Russian History]

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Russian Revolution

- During the 1900’s the Russian Government made it extremely hard for the Bolsheviks to progress which made them revolt against the government making this a prime matter for the start of the Revolution. The Czarist government was ostracized by the common people of Russia so Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown by the Provisional Government, whom later on were overthrown by Lenin and shortly after the Bolsheviks took control over Russia. Russia was hard to develop because of the major leaders who had control; Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky....   [tags: Russian History]

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Russian Financial System Falling Behind

- Introduction: A safe financial system is central to the development and successful market economy, and an essential condition for growth and stability of the economy as a whole. This system is the basis for mobilizing and distributing savings and facilitates its daily operations. Therefore, it is extremely important to create a sound financial system. After creation of a well established financial system, money and capital markets can develop especially primary and secondary markets of national government securities....   [tags: Russian Financial System]

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Russian Revolution Research Paper : Russia

- Russian Revolution Research Paper Countries with a considerable amount of resources, weapons and soldiers are most optimal to fight in a war. A government that entered into a conflict at a disadvantage of resources and strategy has a higher chance of a negative outcome. Russia showed to be a prime example of a disadvantaged country, as it was not industrialized compared to its opponent countries such as Germany, which was better equipped and stocked with soldiers and proved to be a challenge for the Russian military....   [tags: Russian Empire, Russia, World War I]

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Russian Bureaucracy

- The growth of the Russian bureaucracy from the Imperial to Soviet era is overwhelming. According to Alekinskii, in 1897, 435,000 civilians worked for the public bureaucratic sector. This means for every 292 members of the populous there would be one public servant plied for representation (Alekinskii, 178). By 1897, the bureaucracy in Russia was no older than sixty years. Prior to the 1830s state bureaucrats did not truly exist; shortly thereafter, seniority dictated which workers would progress upwards in the public institutions in which he or she worked (John Le Dunne)....   [tags: Russian Government, Politics]

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Jewish Population During The Russian Revolution Of 1917

- Life of Jewish population in Russia and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics prior and after the Russian Revolution of 1918. This essay will examine the life of Jewish population prior to Russian revolution of 1917. It will discuss involvement of Jewish leaders in masterminding the revolution as well as post-revolutionary life of the Jewish population in the Soviet Union. Discrimination and dehumanization of Jewish population in Czarist Russia was rampant. After the revolution, the communist leadership claimed equality of all classes of population and some protection was offered for the minorities....   [tags: Soviet Union, Russia, Russian Empire]

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Russian Avant-Garde

- Russian Avant-Garde was born at the start of the 20th century out of intellectual and cultural turmoil. Through the analysis of artworks by Aleksandr Rodchenko and El Lissitzky this essay attempts to explore the freedom experienced by artists after the Russian Revolution in 1917. This avant-garde movement was among the boldest and most advanced in Europe. It signified for many artists an end to the past academic conventions as they began to experiment with the notions of space, following the basic elements of colour, shape and line....   [tags: Russian History, Artists, Russian Revolution]

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What Sparked the Russian Revolution?

- What Sparked the Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution took place during difficult time in Russia. These troubles began before World War I and lasted up until 1930's. Russia's population was made up of mostly poor, starving peasants. A small working and middle class began to rise to help industrialize Russia. But a corrupt government made it difficult for Russia to advance. This added to the turmoil. World War I placed a serious hurt on Russia. Although at first it raised national pride and enthusiasm, it quickly drained resources and poorly trained peasants quickly found themselves fighting with no weapons....   [tags: Russian Russia History]

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Russian Working Conditions in the 19th Century

- Russian Working Conditions in the 19th Century Karl Marx drafted The Communist Manifesto with Friedrich Engels in the mid-19th century after living in Moscow and seeing the strife of laborers there. The document was a reflection on the two men’s belief that the wealthier members of society were exploiting the working class. From his experience in Russian society, Marx became concerned with the way that the majority of the “proletariat” class was living. The filthy and inhumane working conditions, the negligible wages, and the way that the employers disrespected their employees, all led to Marx penning The Communist Manifesto....   [tags: Russian History]

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The Modernization Of The Russian Empire Economically, Politically, And Socially

- Count Sergei Witte (1849-1915) and Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) had sketched out plans for the modernization of the Russian Empire economically, politically, and socially. Lenin was a Russian Communist Revolutionary, the architect of the soviet state. He used Karl Marx as a foundation for his modernization plans. Witte was not a liberal nor a conservative, and held several positions of power. His goals were to be achieved under the existing Russian Empire. The context to the two differing perspectives originates in the historical background of Russia in the early twentieth century....   [tags: Russian Empire, Nicholas II of Russia, Socialism]

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Tolstoy's Three Hermits, His Tradition, and The Russian Orthodox Church

- Throughout his life Lev (Leo) Nikolayevich Tolstoy struggled with his faith and the teachings of the Russian Orthodox Church. Tolstoy had his own ideas and interpretations of morality, teachings of Jesus, and the nature of God himself. He would implant his ideas, philosophy, and morality into his works. Tolstoy wanted to teach his readers something about how to live your life morally straight. In this paper the theme of the nature of prayer is explored in Tolstoy’s short story Three Hermits. That theme of the nature of prayer in Leo Tolstoy’s Three Hermits does not fit well with the Russian Orthodox Christian dogma of his time period....   [tags: Russian literature, philosophy]

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Logic and Law in Russian and Western Culture

- Logic and Law in Russian and Western Culture ABSTRACT: The purpose of my paper is to compare those texts of Russian and Western thinkers where the relations between logic and law are discussed, and especially to show both the differences and the agreements of their understanding of this connection. Second, I would also like to show and contrast the place of logic and law in Russian and Western systems of education. Third, I propose to clarify some conclusions from my analysis of these relations for understanding the social life of a country and its culture....   [tags: Russia Russian Essays]

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Nicholas Romanov's Role in the Russian Revolution

- Nicholas Romanov's Role in the Russian Revolution "Nicholas Romanov was an ignorant, incompetent and insensitive leader. His character was the decisive factor in bringing on the revolution" "The last Tsar of Russia was a tragic figure a classic case of being a leader in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nothing within his power could have prevented the forces of change from overtaking Tsarist Russia." To what extent do you agree with these explanations of the collapse of autocracy in Russia....   [tags: Russian Russia History]

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Russian Orthodox Church And The Russian Church

- The Russian Orthodox Church under the Yeltsin years of the Russian Federation was still trying to find its legs after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Without any state ideology to stifle the influence of the Church and the practice of the faith, the Russian Orthodox Church worked to reestablish itself as the pillar of Russian identity that it had maintained for centuries. The rise of the Russian Orthodox Church was unavoidable and undeniable, and it soon became impossible for politicians to deny the influence of the Church....   [tags: Russia, Moscow, Vladimir Putin]

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The Russian Avant Garde and the Bolshevik Revolution

- The Russian Avant Garde and the Bolshevik Revolution The Russian Avant Garde began in Russia in about 1915 It was the year that Malevich revealed his Suprematist compositions that reduced painting to total abstraction. and rid the pictures of any reference whatsoever to the visual world. He is credited with being the first artist to do this; that is, forsake the visual world for a world of pure feeling and sensation. This was the first movement originated by Russians and the birth of several other Avant Garde movements....   [tags: Art Russian History]

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The Russian Peasant in Pre-Revolutionary Times

- The Russian Peasant in Pre-Revolutionary Times Russia in the late 19th and early 20th century was riddled with social and economic hardships throughout the countryside and inner cities. The Russian peasant was faced with widespread poverty and poor living conditions throughout their entire life. The economic situation and the living conditions drove the peasants and working class to rebel and begin the Russian revolution that would change the face of the country and impact the world forever. The peasants were the lowest ranking social group in Russia....   [tags: Russian History russia Revolution Essays]

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Contemporary Russian Thought

- Trends of Contemporary Russian Thought (1) ABSTRACT: This paper focuses on the most recent period in the development of Russian thought (1960s-1990s). Proceeding from the cyclical patterns of Russian intellectual history, I propose to name it 'the third philosophical awakening.' I define the main tendency of this period as 'the struggle of thought against ideocracy.' I then suggest a classification of main trends in Russian thought of this period: (1) Dialectical materialism in its evolution from late Stalinism to neo-communist mysticism; (2) Neorationalism and Structuralism; (3) Neo-Slavophilism, or the Philosophy of National Spirit; (4) Personalism and Liberalism; (5) Religious Philosoph...   [tags: Russian Culture Essays]

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Napoleon's Russian Campaign

- Napoleon's Russian Campaign The peace between France and Russia in 1807 lasted for five years but was not satisfactory to either side. The Tilsit settlement was thought of by Napoleon as no more than a convenient truce. In 1807 he had been in no position to invade Russia but there was no way that he could tolerate another European power for very long. Napoleon felt that a war with Russia was necessary ‘for crushing England by crushing the only power still strong enough him any trouble by joining her.’ Napoleon began preparing for the war....   [tags: Napoleon Russian Campaign]

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The Revolution of 1905: The First Russian Revolution

- The Revolution of 1905: The First Russian Revolution We are, however, slightly ahead of our story. The short period of 1900-1906 provides an essential piece of the puzzle to make the picture of the Russian Revolution complete. Russia's Asian policy under Nicholas II took a decidedly expansionist and aggressive tone, culminating in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905. A primarily naval conflict on Russia's Far Eastern frontier, this war brought back the awful memories of the Crimean defeat when Japan's newly modernized army and navy routed the out-dated, ill-equipped Russian forces....   [tags: Russian History Revolution Historical Essays]

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Russian Revolution

- Russian Revolution Between 1861 and 1917, Russian society had undergone many changes. It is safe to say that every aspect of that society had been some how modified. These changes led up to the Bolshevik revolution in November of 1917. Given the nature of Russian society, was the Bolshevik revolution unavoidable. Among the changes Russian society had undergone, one starts off the whole chain of events. This was the emancipation of the serfs, in 1861, by Czar Alexander. The emancipation freed 44 million peasants....   [tags: Russian Russia History]

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Russia And The Russian Union

- (U) Since the plummet of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), reports of political controversy and conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation have been made in regards to Crimea. On February 28, 2014 Russian Federation Troops assisted by pro-Russian local militia occupied important Crimean sites. On March 21, 2014 the Russian Federations President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty officially making Crimea a part of the Russian Federation. There are many reasons pertaining to why President Vladimir Putin felt the need to annex Crimea from Ukraine....   [tags: Russia, United States, Ukraine, Barack Obama]

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Russia And The Russian People

- When people in America mention Russia and the Russian people, it usually does not come with a positive reaction or have any relation to positive feelings. During the 2016 presidential election in the United States, we had a candidate that was very anti-Russia and a candidate who was very much pro-Russia. Leaders have a great influence on how we view other Nations in relation to our own country. Our now President Elect Donald Trump has positive views on Russia that might begin to change the views of those that relate to Russia in a negative way....   [tags: Russia, United States, Soviet Union]

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Russia And The Russian Orthodox Church

- Since the days of Peter the Great, the Russian Orthodox Church was directed by a religious governing body known as the Holy Synod. Representatives of the Holy Synod were appointed by the Tsar; however, Tsar Nicholas II’s reign was considered so draconian the Orthodox leaders encouraged the revolution. For years, the Russian Orthodox Church had a continuous relationship with the Tsars in opposition to the liberals. Perilously, the Bolsheviks were persistent in their antagonism toward religion. Included in their atheist ideology was a rejection of religion, which, in the words of Karl Marx, was “the opiate of the masses.” The revolution of 1917 proposed religious freedom, hence the church saw...   [tags: Russia, Soviet Union, October Revolution]

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Russia And The Russian Revolution

- In the European belligerent states by 1917, political turmoil was being caused as a result of the total war. Many states feared that they were coming close to a collapse of their government, especially Austria-Hungary. Besides Austria-Hungary’s government being close to a collapse, the Russian government actually experienced a governmental collapse. Russia’s government collapse led to the beginnings of the Russian Revolution, whose impacts were widely noted throughout Europe. The Russian Revolution first started when the Revolution of 1905 failed to bring any changes to Russia....   [tags: Russia, Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin]

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The Russian Revolution And The Soviet Revolution

- The Russian Revolution consisted of two revolutions fought in Russia in 1917. The first revolution was fought in February 1917 at the same time as WWI which caused Russia many setbacks within their army. Soldiers families were suffering back home and many of the soldiers went back home to help them which led the Russian army into a state of mutiny. The second revolution was fought in October that same year due to continued unrest in the cities of Russia and its government. The Russian Revolution had a great impact on the government and people of Russia, and also the relationship between Russia and the Allies during WWI....   [tags: Soviet Union, Russia, Vladimir Lenin, World War I]

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Analasys of Russian Fairy Tales

- Fairy tales, as we call them in english are stories we read to small children. This title however, is actually quite misleading. While some of the stories do, in fact have fairies in them, many of them revolve around the doings of giants, ogres, imps, kings and whatnot, and never even mention a fairy. In Russian fairy tales, however, they are a bit more honest. These Russian stories are divided up into many categories. The word skazka means "story". In russian, they have lshebniyi skazki, or “magical tales,” skazki o zhivotnykh, or “tales about animals,” and bytovye skazki, or “tales of everyday life,” to name only a few of the many categories russian "fairy tales" can be titled under....   [tags: fairy tales, Russia, ]

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The Sociocultural Values Of The Russian Culture

- The Three Kingdoms reads like a typical fairy tale, and a cursory glance reveals the usual cast of characters: a brave prince, damsels in distress, a magical villain, and supernatural helpers. A prince must rescue his mother from a magical being, then must face three trials to prove himself after being betrayed by his brothers. A closer inspection of the tale reveals numerous indications of cultural values embedded within the story: some are obvious, but many others are subtler. The elements and devices in The Three Kingdoms reveal the sociocultural values of the Russian culture....   [tags: Family, Culture, Fairy tale, Russia]

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The Russian Revolution Of The 20th Century

- At the beginning of the 20th century the Russian Empire had experienced enormous changes. After the October Revolution of 1917-23 it became the first socialist state in the world, taking up around twenty percent of the land area. With arrival of new authorities the policies implemented the country and as a result of began the progress of rapid and widespread industrializations – building factories, laying railways, digging channels, and installing electrification across the whole country. At the same time these changes drastically affected the cultural sphere....   [tags: Soviet Union, Russia, October Revolution]

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Russian Prince Peter The Great

- Despite the considerable effort put in by Russian Monarch Peter the Great, Russia remains to this day in many ways separate from modern Europe. This is mainly because of the influence of prominent Slavophiles, who were deeply concerned with the preservation of Russian culture in the aftermath of a time when Peter and the Monarchs who followed after him were concerned with the Westernization of Russia. These Slavophiles came into direct conflict with people known as Westernizers who felt that the best way to improve Russia was through the enlightenment teachings, which were at this time popular among scholars in Western Europe....   [tags: Russia, Western culture, Western Europe, Europe]

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The Political Police And The Russian Government

- Waller focused on the political police in Russia in his article to show even people that are supposed to protect can be bad. During the time of 1912 and on the Russian political police took the importance of the Russia government to the head and became known as the most ruthless, skillful, and comprehensive that it become the standard for totalitarian movement around the world (Waller, 2004). The political police sought to punish but mostly kill those who went against the Russian government (Waller, 2004)....   [tags: Soviet Union, Cold War, Russia, World War II]

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Vladimir Lenin And The Russian Era

- Vladimir Lenin “One man with a gun can control 100 without one.” Vladimir Lenin lived an adventurous life full of determined goals. He was well educated and had radical plans to re-organize the Russian Empire. Although many did not support him, he was very successful in his works. During his rule he created a 3 year civil war that took many innocent lives, but he was still able to bring good out of it. Lenin was ruthless and did not care about the bridges he had to burn to achieve what he wanted....   [tags: Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, Russia, World War I]

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Anglo-Russian Agreement of 1907

- Countries are entitled to their own individualized feelings concerning situations involving control but what is troubling is that there is an overwhelming influence that can affect an individual state. It may be hard for them because control requires rigorous and thoughtless decision making in regard for innocent people trying to live their lives. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Britain did not see the need to become a part of the entente with France and Russia. This was the start to many problems that arose during this time....   [tags: conflict, persia, russia, india]

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Russian Revolution

- The Russian revolution of February 1917 was a momentous event in the course of Russian history. The causes of the revolution were very critical and even today historians debate on what was the primary cause of the revolution. The revolution began in Petrograd as “a workers’ revolt” in response to bread shortages. It removed Russia from the war and brought about the transformation of the Russian Empire into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, replacing Russia’s monarchy with the world’s first Communist state....   [tags: Russia, peasants, working class, agriculture]

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- Russia’s Adoption Ban International adoption started in the 50’s, but was not regulated until 1961, by the Immigration and Nationality Act. It will take until 1993 for the Hague Convention to establish safeguard in the child’s best interest in international adoption. Sixty eight countries will participate, but Russia refrains from this protection act for orphan children, and allows international adoption to go on without it. Ironically, on January 1st, 2012, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, bans Americans from adopting in their country....   [tags: Sergei Magnitsky, Americans in Russia]

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The Russian Civil War And The Revolution Of 1917

- The Russian Civil War began in the aftermath of the October Revolution of 1917. While the Revolution itself was almost bloodless, the Civil War that followed was one of the most tragic periods in Russian History . Russia was ruled by a small group of Revolutionaries known the Bolsheviks, whose leaders would inevitably change Russia. The struggle between the Bolsheviks and their enemies shaped the new soviet state and its later development. The causes for the Revolution are deeply rooted in Russian History....   [tags: Soviet Union, Russia, Vladimir Lenin]

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Russian Intellectual Society in 19th Century

- The end of the 18th century was a period of drastic changes in the political life of Europe. In the 1789, the French Revolution occurred and became a turning point in the history of Europe. Prior to the political changes, the intellectual Europe was engaged in a movement emphasising the importance of reason and rationality. The historical period associated with that time was named the Age of Enlightenment. At the same time, in the second half of the 18th century, Russian intellectual society was also involved into the discussion about the contemporary situation and the future of the people....   [tags: novikov, enlightened russia]

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From the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union

- It was not until after World War I that Russia began to undergo a series of changes. Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, the former Russian empire that had existed from 1721 up until then collapsed, and the Soviet Union was introduced. The geographic renaming of Russia from the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union also brought about many gradual changes. There were also changes in religion, as the new government replaced the role of the Orthodox Church. There was an increase in nationalism because of the conflicts that had existed between the Reds and the Whites....   [tags: Russia after World War I]

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The Russian Economy And Its Impact On America

- The Russian economy was crippled, the military was in shambles and, Eastern Europe was in the middle of many changes. This was the world not twenty years ago, much different from what it is today. A divided Balkans, a Eurocentric Poland and an economically strong and militarily strong Russia. Since the fall of the CCCP we have seen the face of Europe change, from on the brink of war to the brink of economic dominance. There is only one opposing team to this German led economic powerhouse, Russia....   [tags: Russia, Soviet Union, United States, Romania]

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The Causes and Consequences of the Russian Crisis of 1998

- The causes and consequences of the Russian crisis of 1998 The period 1995 to mid-1997 was boom time for Russia’s financial markets. The value of the Russian bonds and stocks soared, with the participation of foreigners in these asset markets increasing rapidly. International investors’ optimism about the country’s future was lifted by stabilization policy that followed the advice of Western institutions. Russian crisis of 1998 were caused due to a number of factors, the investor risk aversion by foreign players, fall in oil prices put the ruble under a drastic downward trend....   [tags: Economics Russia History]

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The Russian Revolutions Of 1917 And The French Beginning

- The Russian Revolutions of 1917 and the French beginning in 1789 were more similar than many would expect. In both revolutions, the unhappy oppressed people wanting more political rights, the use of terror in and attempt to force the people to join them, and the struggle of power in the country during the transition. The February Revolution in Russian occurred for many reasons, some being that Russia was losing WWI, there was a weak Czar in power, and that the people lacked of political rights....   [tags: Russia, Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin]

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A Discussion Of The Events That Inspired A Russian Masterpiece

- Ahkmatova’s Requiem: A Discussion of the Events that Inspired a Russian Masterpiece Few authors can convey the raw emotion of world changing events in such a moving and simplistic fashion. Anna Ahkmatova is able to capture this through her almost tangible use of imagery. Her words can transport the reader through time, allowing them to feel the same pain and fear she survived in Russia during Stalin’s reign of terror. Ahkmatova’s writing is known for its abrupt changes in point of view, and quickly shifting stanzas....   [tags: Russia, Soviet Union, Saint Petersburg, Poetry]

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Vladimir Putin, The President Of The Russian Federation

- The U.S. has always had an awkward relationship with the Eurasian country of Russia in the past, so when the leader of that nation personally addressed the American people, many (Americans) were indeed caught off guard. The land of the free never hesitates when it comes to lending other nations a helping hand, but when it comes to the Syrian government, the citizens don’t exactly appreciate their efforts. Vladimir Putin, the elected President of the Russian Federation, published an article through the New York Times stating his opinions regarding the United States’ involvement with the Syrian civil war....   [tags: United States, Russia, Vladimir Putin]

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Russian Revolution Leaders: Grigori Rasputin

- ... (“Grigory Rasputin”) In Rasputin’s early days he had very little education, Rasputin left school at the age of eight and was unable to read and write. Grigori Rasputin found himself at the Verkhoturye Monastery. Rasputin was never a monk, Rasputin attended Verkhoturye Monastery, but left and returned home by the age of nineteen and never completed the training in time. Rasputin was known as “The Monk” and certainly “The Mad Monk” even though Rasputin never became a monk. Rasputin went to Verkhoturye to become a “strannik” which is a pilgrim or wonderer....   [tags: t sar, russia, siberia, holy man]

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The Russian Revolution

- The Russian Revolution Czarist Russia was a terrible place to live in, controlled by a power hungry csar named Nicholas II. Nicholas II was a power hungry ruler that didn’t care about his people in his country. He became ruler in 1917, before him the Russian royal family had controlled the throne for over 300 years. He would let emotion come in the way of ruling. On May 18, 1868, in Pushkin, Russia Nicholas II was born. He was originally named Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov. He was educated by a string of tutors, which included Konstantin Pobedonostsev who was a high-ranking government official....   [tags: power hungry, alexander III, tyrant]

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The Russian Revolution

- I once asked a friend what made Sitmar Cruises special and without missing a beat she replied, “They serve mixed nuts to the last night!” It was that high level of service which distinguished Sitmar among its competitors. Even now, almost thirty years after they merged into Princess Cruises, former passengers still talk of the attention to the small details that made Sitmar unique. Yet, despite its reputation for service and luxury, Sitmar’s origins were very different. Russian-born businessman Alexandre Vlasov, who had fled Odessa at the time of the Russian revolution, got his in the shipping business transporting coal from Poland to Turkey, Greece and Italy....   [tags: Ship, Cruise ship, Holland America Line]

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The Russia And The Russian Man

- 1. The Russian states to Marlow that “I had gone so far that I don’t know how I’ll ever get back.” Literally, it means he had gone so far by distance from Russia that he is not sure how and when he will go back to his own country, Russia. The Russian man originally started his journey “with a light heart and no more idea of what would happen to him” but after he met Mr.Kurtz, now, he ended up being in a deep jungle in Congo. Symbolically it means, he had gone so far in Kurtz that he doesn’t know how he will get out from him....   [tags: Africa, Colonialism, Europe, Heart of Darkness]

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Russia: A study in redefining polity since 1905

- As Russia entered the year of 1905, with Nicholas II still in power, a revolution erupted. The Revolution of 1905 was ignited by acts of repressive government violence that had occurred in response to the insurgency experienced during the Russo-Japanese war. Russia was overrun with fighting, which resulted in a ‘shut down’ of the Russian empire. The Revolution of 1905 brought the Russia empire into a period of pseudo constitutional monarchy, as seen with the issuance of the October Manifesto. The October Manifesto was seen as a forced document in order to provide some peace in the face of calamity....   [tags: Russian History, Russian Politics]

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Russian Culture : Hernan Zuniga. Flint Hills Technical College

- Russian Culture Hernan Zuniga Flint Hills Technical College   Introduction Russia has been the largest country in the world. It stretches from Eastern Europe all the way to the shores of the Pacific Ocean (Magocsi, 2000). There are two parts to Russia. One part is present- day Russia which is inhabited by ethnic Russians (Magosci, 2000). The other part was once a part of the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union (Magosci, 2000). Much of European Russia was part of Kievan Rus a medieval state (Magosci, 2000)....   [tags: Russia, Soviet Union, Russians, Ukraine]

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Hegel and the Russian Constitutional Tradition

- Hegel and the Russian Constitutional Tradition ABSTRACT: This paper advances the idea that Russian constitutionalism developed through a reinterpretation of Russian history in terms of Hegel's concept of the World Spirit. Russians implicitly viewed their nation as the embodiment of Hegel's World Spirit, which would have a unique messianic mission for humanity. However, the specifics of Russia's historical development diverged from Hegel's critical stage of ethical development, in which individuals would be mutually recognized as free beings....   [tags: Russia Government Philosophy Papers]

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The Russian Revolution Was A Success Or A Failure?

- The Russian Revolution was a historical moment that had occurred during the 1900s. It all started when the Czar of Russia was overthrown from his throne and was executed. Ever since, Russia 's government, economy, and society has changed. Five texts were provided to portray whether the French Revolution was a success or a failure. This paper will only focus on three of the sources, including Animal Farm, by George Orwell, “Education, Literacy, and the Russian Revolution”, by Megan Behrent, and “the Reasons For The Failure of The Russian Revolution”....   [tags: Soviet Union, Communism, Nineteen Eighty-Four]

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Russian Homophobia: It Needs To Stop

- ... In 1933, Article 121 was added to the criminal code. Article 121 outlawed male homosexuality. There was no mention of female homosexuals. In 1936, Justice Commissar Nikolai Krylenko declared at the anti-gay law was aimed at "the remnants of enemies ... who do not wish to admit that they are doomed by history to finally concede their place to us." In 1958, the Interior Ministry sent a secret memo to the law enforcement, saying that they should enforce the anti-gay law more strictly. In 1991, a poll that was taken of Chelyabinsk reveled Russian thoughts on homosexuality....   [tags: lgbt community, homosexuality]

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The Current State on Russian Orphans

- ... While many natives don’t wish to care for these children and take them home, many American couples are so desperate to have these children as their own and love them just as much as these neglected children wish to be loved. In one article by author Mary Gold, Gold talks of the condition she found her young Russian daughter in when she went to go pick her up from the orphanage in Russia. Many of the children have never seen daylight and spent all day and night in their cots. The babies and infants were kept multiple to one cot and were rarely picked up....   [tags: adopted, ban, rate, prosering, disease]

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Karl Marx and The Russian Revolution

- ... Leon Trotsky played a major role in the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks. He was second in importance only to Vladimir Lenin at the beginnings of soviet rule. Trotsky was first a member of the Menshevik faction, but eventually joined the Bolsheviks and is attributed to his role in the communist appropriation of power. After Lenin died, there was a power struggle between Trotsky and Stalin for leadership of the Soviet Union. Trotsky lost and was exiled, then assassinated. Bolsheviks were members of a section of the Russian Social-Democratic Worker’s party....   [tags: communist league, socialistic views]

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A Cultural Examination of the Russian Federation

-   Introduction In 1991, the great social experiment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics dissolved. The empire spanning almost five centuries, from the remnants of the Golden Horde to Stalin's "new Russia" (Hoskins, 1997) from Poland to the Pacific disappeared, leaving a political-sociological void that is only now moving towards resolution. Still the largest nation in the world (Shultz, 2000), Russia spans two continents, multiple time zones, and a land area that diminishes that of the United States....   [tags: cultural markers, Hofstede Centre]

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Syntax of Negation in Russian Language

- Syntax of negation in Russian Different languages express negations in different ways. In this paper we will try to see how negation system of the Russian language can be interpreted within the boundaries of syntax. In modern Russian language negation is primarily expressed by the negative marker ne, which normally precedes the verb. However there are some exceptions when an adverb can be inserted between ne and a verb: Mi ne vsegda hodim v trenazherniy zal. We NEG always go to gym....   [tags: ne, verb, negative marker, semantics]

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The Russian Era Of The Soviet Revolution And The Opening Of A New Page

- “October 1917 marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution and the opening of a new page in the history of human society. It is to this social revolution, rather than to the technological revolution, that the basic element of Russian architecture are tied.” El Lissitzsky writes this passage. It stated the truth that the revolution in architecture accompanied with political revolution was happening in Russia, which gestates the advanced era of Russian architecture call Russia avant-grade. One of the most influential and wide range movement of modernism art work in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union is the Russian avant-garde, during the period of 1890s to 1930s....   [tags: Russia, October Revolution, Soviet Union]

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Changes Brought by The Russian Revolution

- The Russian Revolution Made a immense change for the best for its people. The Everyday sadness of the people of Russia grew as the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. With World war l taking place and Russia being involved many Russians were being killed by the Germans. Millions of casualties and starvation all across Russia caused the Russian people to become frus-trated. Under the control of Czar Nicholas II the people were hoping for a change. Russian be-came furious wanting Nicholas out blaming him for what was going on in their country without getting assistance by their ruler....   [tags: rich, poor, The Bolsheviks ]

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The Russian Ice Cream Industry

- 1. Which segments of the general external environment, if any, are relevant to the Russian. Cream industry. Why. One of the favorite snack and desert of Russians since 1900s ice cream was considered one of the best in the world. The popularity had grown since and in 1990 the per capita consumption of ice cream by Russians was 6.95 pounds mainly distributed through kiosk, supermarket, grocessary store, restaurants and cafés. The Russian ice cream industries were facing lot of completion and global pressure to meet up with the benchmarking that the American franchise Haagen- Dazs and Baskin & Robbins has set....   [tags: Ice cream, Marketing, Brand, Soviet Union]

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The Russian Tsardom Of 1860

- The Russian Tsardom of 1860 was increasingly desperate of reforms and more so the creation of an Imperium was necessary since western historian and soviet scholar believed that the feudal world was becoming inevitable. In fact, researchers such as Smith have shrewdly pointed that within the soviet culture and achievement of reforms of the 1860s; have been less highly valued than in our bourgeois world 176. The great reforms aimed at balancing interests of different social groups – feudalism even though this failed and in fact, capitalism took place....   [tags: Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, Marxism]

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The Iranian Revolution and the Russian Revolution

- The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was a religious uprising that involved the collapse of the longstanding Monarchy in Iran. In this essay, I will compare and contrast the background and ideology of the Iranian Revolution with the Russian Revolution of 1917. I will then outline the major differences and similarities between the two. In the 1970’s Iran, under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a very centralized military state that maintained a close relationship with the USA. The Shah was notoriously out of touch with working class Iranians as he implemented many controversial economic policies against small business owners that he suspected involved profiteering....   [tags: Compare&Contrast, Social Unrest]

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Tsar Of Russia And The Last Of The Russias, Grand Duke Of Finland And King Of Poland

- Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, Grand Duke of Finland and King of Poland; The final Czar of Russia and the last of the Romanov dynasty that lasted 300 years. Nicholas’ rule saw the end of the Russian Imperial Empire and the beginnings of would become the Soviet Union. How responsible was Nicholas for the end of monarchal rule. Could Nicholas have prevented it. Due to his conservative policies, much like Nicholas’ father before him and his inability to enact any serious reform during his rule furthered Russia’s inability to advance in a large scale way into the industrial age....   [tags: Nicholas II of Russia, Russian Empire, Russia]

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The Italian Mob And The Russian Mafia

- When people think of organized crime, they think of the Italian mob and the Russian mafia. They are the ones that they see in movies and on television, and the ones that they hear about the most. However, they were created a couple centuries after their Asian counterparts, the Yakuza in Japan, and the Triads in China. These Asian syndicates were founded in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. They consisted of merchants and other people in what was basically the middle class. They were just groups of poorer people who were just looking for protection or were trying to help other people....   [tags: Organized crime, Mafia, Yakuza, American Mafia]

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Russian Revolution and Social Change

- Throughout history, revolutions have developed in response to a variety of conditions. These revolutions have often resulted in significant political, economic, and social change. As the 1900’s rolled in, European nations were at peace, that is until the darker forces were pushing Europe toward war. Those darker forces included nationalism and alliance systems that would help fuel the Great War or World War I. The effects of World War I were massive including the Treaty of Versailles and the enormous amount of human casualties as well as economic losses....   [tags: war, comminist, economy]

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The French, Russian, and Scientid Revolution

- During the French Revolution 1,800 people were beheaded at the Guillotine. Guillotine is where people watch other people get beheaded, this action lead to the reign of terror. The reign of terror lasted 10 months, most of the killing happen because Robespierre was ordering it (Reign of Terror1). You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves” (Joseph Stalin) does represent a powerful statement resulting in a violent revolution. During the French revolution the storming of the bastille happen on July 14th, 1789....   [tags: revolution, violent, change]

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Russian Oil And Trade Policies

- According to Forbes Magazine, Russian Oil is the number one oil producer in the market today. Just last year, Russia beats out China in oil sales and thus earned their spot as third behind America and Saudi Arabia. Now, Russia is first on the list of the top oil producers with China in second, the United States in third, and the United Kingdom in fourth. President Elect Donald Trump has stated his plan for American-Russian Energy and trade Policies. In this extract, Russian Oil Companies might suffer losses due to Trump’s Energy and Trade Policies....   [tags: Costs, Economics, Marginal cost, Variable cost]

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The Russian and Ukrainian Conflict

- Conflict occurs when there is disagreement among individuals, groups, communities, and countries. There is a risk to their need, interests or concerns as a result of a disagreement. This is a condition in which people receive a threat such as physical, emotional, political, status and so on. On the basis of their values, culture, beliefs, experience, and gender they filter their perceptions. It is possible to recognize new opportunities by transforming conflict into a creative learning experience....   [tags: single economic deal, EU, disagreement]

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The Russian Revolution And The Soviet Revolution

- In February of 1917, the Russian Revolution began. The tsar abdicated the throne in March and was put under house arrest. Vladimir Lenin denounced the provisional government and by October the Bolsheviks were in control of the country. Stalin worked as the most senior member of the Bolshevik party in Petrograd, Russia until the arrival of Lenin who was exiled before the fall of the tsar in Switzerland. He served on the first Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party. During this time he oversaw the people’s commissar for nationalities....   [tags: Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky]

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The Russian Revolution of 1917

- I recollect as a child how I cherished the way my mom took care of me and made all my executive decisions. I recall getting excited about my weekly allowances and about her picking out my clothes for school. However, when I became a teenager I wanted my independence. I know longer wanted her to buy my clothing and I wanted to financially support myself by getting a job. I was so tired of her telling me what to do and how to do it that I revolted. At first it was difficult trying to establish independence in my mother's house, but after a while it seemed as if I had won the battle....   [tags: History Soviet]

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Russian Intolerance of Homosexual Behavior

- Although homophobia exists in nearly all societies, Russia has recently gained notoriety for its intolerance of homosexual behavior. In a world that is becoming more and more accepting and tolerant of homosexuality, Russia seems to be moving backward when it comes to LGBTQ rights, existing in a tightly conservative macrosystem. Many Russian’s hold a constructionist view of homosexuality, meaning outside forces are responsible for influencing “untraditional” behaviors, rather than the contemporary essentialist view, meaning homosexuality is an inborn trait (Welch, 146)....   [tags: homophobia, conservative macrosystem]

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